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10 Best Online PowerPoint Design Agencies, Must Check!

Ulfah Alifah
Ulfah Alifah
powerpoint design agencies
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PowerPoint design agencies have a vital part in this digital era. There are tons of them, then no wonder the competition is tight between them. Each presentation design agency creates its leading products to fulfill clients’ satisfaction for worldwide business in particular. Are you stuck in choosing one that fits your needs? Worry not, below are our curated list of the 10 best PowerPoint design agencies:

PowerPoint Design Agencies 1: Buffalo 7

powerpoint design agenciesBuffalo 7 is a PowerPoint design agency based in the UK. This team has been working for over ten years to help clients in creating a dynamic presentation design and experience. Without a doubt, their projects are entrusted with thoughtful and hard-working individuals.

How they work:

Buffalo 7 facilitates their clients with the full discovery which matters for the business outcome: ideas, truths, and goals. Additionally, they can create narrative content for your presentation since they are capable of business storytelling. 

Their services and specialties:

1. Making data and statistics more compelling with seamless chart

2. Stylish pitch decks and expert storytellers

3. Up-to-date template products

4. Conference keynote designs

5. Finance and marketing presentations

PowerPoint Design Agencies 2: Ethos 3

powerpoint design agencies

Ethos 3 is another alternative agency based in the US that is quite similar to Buffalo 7. But, they have a public speaking training service to help you build confidence as a speaker.

How they work:

In creating a top-notch presentation, this agency applies a 3-step process including visual development, interesting design making, and content delivery tricks. You may visit their website by leaving your personal contact to start ordering.

Their services and specialties:

1. Insightful presentation-kit starts from $29

2. An online presentation training course

3. Presentation assessment

4. Monthly newsletter

PowerPoint Design Agencies 3: RRGraph Design

powerpoint design agencies

RRGraph is a reliable design PowerPoint agency for making a well-crafted and energetic presentation slide. Their line-up consists of young and passionate designers. This company is based in Malang, Indonesia, and has been helping more than 5000 businesses and startups globally.

How they work:

Their service sets up a kinship value, and they truly know how to build a strong bond with their clients. After putting up such a close relationship, then the best design quality will come hereafter. How to reach its design services? Fill the e-form with your personal identity and send your project to be proceeded, as simple as that. 

Their services and specialties:

1. PowerPoint, Keynote, Googles slides redesign services

2. Everything start from $3/slide

3. Freemium monthly templates

4. Weekly insightful articles

5. Valuable tips and tricks on Youtube

PowerPoint Design Agencies 4: Presentation Studio

powerpoint design agencies

Presentation Studio offers amazing services that are produced for generic purposes in NSW, Australia, such as training people to write, creating a design, and public speaking. Thus, their approach to giving the service is slightly different from other competitors. 

How they work:

Pitching for business owners, motivating clients, and delivering a Keynote speech. From beginning to end, they can help you to get satisfactory results. Submit your project here to make it meaningful and memorable.

Their services and specialties:

1. Writing and proofreading service

2. Train people to write and design

3. PowerPoint design and formatting

4. Public speaking trainee 

PowerPoint Design Agencies 5: SlidePress

powerpoint design agencies

SlidePress brings high-level design service to every industry at a low cost which is located in Munich. SlidePress provides presentation graphics for the business and marketing using PowerPoint slide designs and Keynote.

How they work:

Give your submission project by uploading it here. After receiving the draft from you, they will do the styling for your presentation in a jiffy. You also can free drop feedback or revision and can get a fully editable file.

Their services and specialties:

1. Start from €29/slide

2. Premium stock icons & images

3. 1-5 days for full presentation delivery

4. Redesigning charts and diagram

PowerPoint Design Agencies 6: Presentation Experts

powerpoint design agencies

Are you thinking to use on-trend slides quickly but no ability to create them? Then all you need is a ready-made PowerPoint presentation design. Presentation Experts give you a wide choice of fantastic slide ideas. And just so you know, their studio is based in the London area.

How they work:

This agency starts will bring you into a discussion before starting their design processing. Afterward, you can make the deal with an agreeable cost. Try their service here.

Their services and specialties:

1. PowerPoint redesign

2. Infographic and data design

3. Sales and conference presentation

4. Pitch decks with extra XML and vector elements

PowerPoint Design Agencies 7: Crealo Design

Crealo Design is a presentation design agency from Melbourne. They have been around since 2009 and one of the game-changers to inspire the world with presentations. This agency is focused on visual communication for thought leaders in business, education, and government.

How they work:

They transform information into visuals, inspire the audience with a sharp slide, and use live sketching. Find more about them here.

Their services and specialties:

1. Visual presentation design

2. Graphic recording

3. Useful infographic 

4. Strategic narrative

5. Free consultations

PowerPoint Design Agencies 8: PokeSlide

PokeSlide is a creative agency based in France specializing in graphic layout for PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slide presentation. They can turn static designs into animated PowerPoint designs.

How they work:

Their team genuinely impresses the audience with impactful design, optimizes your time, and creates a trustworthy and durable relationship with their clients. Click here and find out about them.

Their services and specialties:

1. Animating slides 

2. Awesome business presentation

3. Infographic design 

4. Editable presentation slides

PowerPoint Design Agencies 9: Presented

Presented, located in the UK, has a slide designed for multi-purposes. They craft the great-looking slides and add communication science to bring out the best potential of your presentations.

How they work:

Project discussion is a must before dealing with their customer. Worry about the high-cost? They will estimate your budget first with the recommended product before processing your order. Get acquainted with their product here.

Their services and specialties:

1. Slide makeover

2. Motion graphics and videos

3. Word and Excel design

4. Designing brochure templates

PowerPoint Design Agencies 10: Shufflrr

Are you looking for creative animation and unforgettable graphs? Then Shufflrr is your solution. For more than 12 years, they have become a presentation development that helps their clients find an outstanding PowerPoint presentation in New York.

How they work:

Their in-house designers will attract you through their effective workflows. They possibly turn your business more convincing. Explore their portal to learn more.

Their services and specialties:

1. Free trial for one month

2. Start from $25 for basic slide

3. Presentation management

4. Financial services

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Those are the 10 best PowerPoint design agencies that 100% you must check. So, which one do you prefer the most? Drop your comment below! Click here if you are interested to watch other stuff to improve your knowledge in PowerPoint design.

Let’s visit RRSlide to download free PowerPoint presentation templates with many categories. But wait, don’t go anywhere and stay here with our Blog to keep up-to-date on all the best pitch deck template collections and design advice from our PowerPoint experts yet to come!

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