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2022 New Year Presentation Design Style: Minimalism, Claymorphism, Brutalism and the Future of NFT, VR, and Metaverse

Ulfah Alifah
Ulfah Alifah

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2022 new year’s presentation design style is an exciting year for presentation specialists, designers, educators, and many more — the introduction of Metaverse compelled quite a disruption in the creative industry. Many assumptions from this 2022 presentation design trends have become more than just a trend — and many of them evolved into something completely new.

Let’s see what this new year will bring to a designers’ table with our 2022 new year presentation design style suitable with PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides.

Brutalist Theme: Urban Style Presentation Template

2022 new year presentation design
Urban Style Presentation Template

One of the trends from this new year is on the rise. Brutalism appears to be a counter-trend for all the presentation designs full of gradients, shades, and beaming 3d characters.

Brutalism embraces futuristic design, strong outlines, contrasting colors, bold typography, and natural/life photography. It utilizes all other characteristics but works to a more standard layout, often seen in other presentation design styles. Yet, this new iteration of Brutalism refrains one of its significant clarifying aspects— the absent grid.

This year, one of the most recent examples of brutalism presentation templates is Urban Style. This style is hard to forget, so you should grab this 2022 new year presentation design style right here.

You can download Urban Style PowerPoint Template right here.

Minimalism and Simplification: Membrane Presentation Template

2022 new year presentation design
Membrane Presentation Template

Take a look at the most notorious presentation design style, leading tech enterprises, and you can spot a robust selection of simple, informative, minimalist interfaces. Year by year, this trend is getting bigger and bigger. More brands are starting to use it. We introduce you to one of the tech-minimalist items, Membrane.

You can download Membrane PowerPoint Template right here.

Neo-Futuristic Obsession: Cybertron Presentation Template

2022 new year presentation design
Cybertron Presentation Template

Neo-futurism is also a movement in this 2022 new year presentation design style characterized by shapes and structures made potential by new technology. In some cases, a new design process drives the design aesthetic. Often, computerized components are spotlighted instead of hidden.

It is mainly an architectural trend but is also a part of the design, fashion, and fine arts.

An easy way to visualize this is to think about how 3D printers can create volumes that were impossible to make until now. And certainly would have been structurally unsound.

It responds to post-modernism, which used many metaphors and whimsy to create forms. It tends to be honest and straightforward in its use of materials and form language, but not as simple as mid-century Bauhaus or modernism.

This Cybertron Presentation Template will be the best futuristic product design you have ever seen in this new year.

You can download Cybertron PowerPoint Template right here.

Aurora Backgrounds: Brisk Presentation Template

Brisk Presentation Template

You likely recall this trend from the previous year – it became trendy and even got a proper name in one of our items, Brisk Presentation Template.

It’s more visually attractive. Nuanced, multicolored, blurred splashes of color look very satisfying, warm, and organic. Those splashes can be used as a whole background or just a power under some essential UI elements.

You can download the Brisk PowerPoint Template right here.

Holographic/Neon: Behold Presentation Template

Behold Presentation Template

This cyber holo/neon style appears to work well into the era of Metaverse, VR, and hologram interfaces. Presentation designers are inspired by all the new opportunities that the virtual worlds have to show. Vibrant, glowing colors, abstract, round shapes, and hologram-looking textures are typical of this 2022 trend.

We present Behold Presentation Template to you with a Holographic theme. It is a way to show how holographic slides play their role in futuristic interfaces.

You can download Behold PowerPoint Template right here.

Eco-Conscious “Cardboard” Style: Embrace Presentation Template

Embrace Presentation Template

As consumers, we are getting more and more environmentally aware every year. Most of us are glad to choose eco-friendly resolutions on an everyday basis. It looks like you can combine that “eco” look and feel into useful digital products, like this Embrace Presentation Template.

W are seeing more and more brands keeping up with this 2022 new year presentation style that reminds me of “paperboard and splash” — backgrounds are usually greyish to reach reusable cardboard. Typography is just tiny in manner. But, the contrast is high. Colors are pretty rigorous and seem “darkened.” There are no cute 3D objects this time — this style embraces real-life photography, real-life textures, and doodles.

You can download Embrace PowerPoint Template right here.

Wild Typography: Flax Presentation Template

Flax Presentation Template

Typography dominance was far more rigid ten years ago. Right now, it seems that you can do whatever you want with your presentation slides and some pictures in there. Mix fonts with shapes, photos, and emojis, put a texture on it, choose a font that is very sophisticated in its form — and experiment with the grid as you like. It’s entirely up to you and your creativity.

It can result in a fascinating, eye-catching effect, but it can also be wholly unreadable and irritating. We would still recommend keeping the user’s comfort in mind and the first place when designing a perfect PowerPoint template.

You can download Flax PowerPoint Template right here.

NFTs and Art Democratization: NFT & Pop Agency 2022 New Year Presentation Design

2022 new year presentation design
NFT Presentation Template

You may understand it, but NFTs are assumably the biggest internet craze this new year.

NFTs have given almost everyone a new possibility of earning money – if you can create something visual online in this new year, you can sell it as a piece of the perfect template. “Democratization of art” means that, honestly, everyone can sell their live product demo copyright online and that almost everything can be identified as art (from pixel kangaroos to 3D avatars). This also means that you could hypothetically sell your new year’s eve PowerPoint templates. And more popular templates.

You can download NFT Point PowerPoint Template right here.

2022 new year presentation design
Pop Agency Presentation Template

We can see the art nuance spread along with the slide by looking at both presentations. Of course, this 2022 new year presentation design style is created to mesmerize the audience, too, instead of adapting the NFT trend.

You can download Pop Agency PowerPoint Template right here.

A Glimpse into VR and Metaverse: Virtual Space 2022 New Year Presentation Design

Virtual Space Presentation Template

Virtual reality has moved from plump, discomfiting, and more into the mainstream with the new devices from Meta and a wide range of apps coming to the platform.

While the idea for the Metaverse itself is a more romantic, Web3 based concept, in reality, it will likely be the big players who will control that entire cake through more Web 2 style means.

The Apple Glasses are still unannounced, but it seems like a style for VR and AR has emerged, with gesture-based window control, eye-tracking, and holographic, 3d shapes.

You can download Virtual Space PowerPoint Template right here.

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Happy new year! Which 2022 new year presentation design seems the most promising to you?

New year presentation design movements are more than forgettable trends: they reflect a year’s worth of constraints and clichés being upended for something new. Because imagine how boring life would be if design remained the same without fresh ideas.

Those new year presentation styles—like an echo of the near palindrome- represent a tentative second wave of the 2022 unique year presentation design style. The world is slowly but surely picking itself up from a lasting pandemic. Fashions from across the decades are being presented a second life. And a few experiments are returning the old with the new. Our new year journey promises nothing short of unexpected, as we’ll discover in the following nine new year PowerPoint templates.

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