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30 Best Apps & Software to Be Aware of When Going Freelancers

Guest Writer
Guest Writer

Table of Contents

As compared to other types of work, freelancing has some unique perks as well as some perils. What lures many skilled people to go freelance with their skills are flexible work timings, self-management, freedom to work from home, comfort, etc. These perks are so rewarding that 75% of the freelancers say they wouldn’t shift to any other type of work.

What about the remaining 25% of freelancers? They might have faced the perils of freelancing. Sometimes, it becomes challenging to manage tasks when dealing with multiple clients; hence, freelancers often miss the deadlines. Subsequently, they receive harsh, demotivating feedback from the clients for not meeting the deadlines.

Much to their dismay, meeting deadlines is not the only struggle freelancers face. Those who provide services via a private website may face hefty fines if their website is non-compliant with various data privacy laws of different countries.

Similarly, the list of such struggles goes on, varying according to the service a freelancer is providing. However, some sort of software is available on the internet to help with their efforts.

The outstanding freelancers know which software to utilize to their advantage that gives them an edge over others. It is also one of the reasons that some freelancers stand out in their performance while others struggle to reach their level.

Today, we have unraveled the solutions to your problems from task management to time tracking to invoicing process, so you don’t have to wander for them on the internet. This article has mentioned the top 5 software that you must be aware of as a freelancer. These tools will push your freelancing career to the next level, making you earn more and sustain in the market:

1. Osano

Many beginners are usually unaware of their obligation to make their websites compliant with the data privacy laws required by many countries. Hence, they end up being imposed hefty fines. The beginners and many prominent businesses, including Amazon, Google, British Airways, etc., have been penalized in the recent past.

In 2021, Amazon, one of the giant eCommerce platforms, revealed that it was fined €746 million for breaching the European Union’s GDPR. Seeing a dominating platform being penalized with such a colossal amount indicates the vigorous enforcement of data privacy laws.

To avoid these fines, we present Osano, your one-stop solution to the compliance of all data privacy laws. With the help of a data privacy compliance platform such as Osano, you can ensure your website is compliant with data privacy laws such as GDPR, CCPA, etc. It’s easy and affordable and will save you time and money, and keep you from running into legal trouble. Features consists of Consent Management, Data Subject Rights Management, and GDPR Representative.


• Developer plan: Free

• Business plan: $99.99 per month

• Business+ plan: $199.99 per month

• Enterprise plan: Custom pricing

2. Bonsai

Many freelancers are unaware of the fact that they must make a legal contract with the client. Otherwise, if the client is a fraudster in disguise, the freelancer cannot take legal action against them.

Sometimes, the freelancers render the services for which they don’t get paid by the clients because the client doesn’t need them anymore. In this scenario, although the client is exploiting the freelancer, the freelancer can’t sue them unless a legal contract is in place.

If you are worried about making a contract template, we present you Bonsai, the heaven of many pre-made editable contract templates. Besides contract templates, Bonsai’s suite of products can automate many of the tedious tasks that plague entrepreneurs, small business owners, and freelancers, so they can focus on what they love.

Bonsai is the single solution for freelancers’ needs like project management, invoicing, and accounting. It has all the features you need to run your business but will also automate them so you can focus on what matters. Features coinsists ofProposals, Contract, Time Tracking, and Invoices.


• Workflow plan: $19 per month

• Workflow Plus plan: $29 per month

3. Hubstaff

Depending on the nature of the job, the client may hire you at a fixed or hourly rate. The former option allows freedom of time to manage the work; however, things get a little complicated with the latter option.

Hubstaff, a time-tracking software, simplifies the latter option. Hubstaff follows the traditional time clock system. You can start and stop the timer whenever you need to do something else.

It’s great for freelancers who have been hired at an hourly rate and need to track their time. However, as proof of work, the application only captures activity rates, app, and URL tracking, and screenshots when you’re tracking time. Features consists of Time tracking, Employee Monitoring, and Online Invoicing.


• Desk Free plan: $0 for one user only

• Desk Starter plan: $7 per user per month

• Desk Pro plan: $10 per user per month

• Enterprise plan: Customized pricing

4. ClickUp

When working with multiple clients, it becomes daunting to keep track of tasks. Moreover, collaborating on specific tasks also becomes an unpleasant process. However, we have found the software to help you with that.

ClickUp, a project management software, allows you to organize all of your tasks, stay on top of deadlines, and collaborate more effectively. With ClickUp as your project management tool, you’ll be more productive and have less stress. Features consists of  Tasks Management, Documents Builder, and Goals.


• Personal use plan: Free

• Unlimited plan: $5 per member per month

• Business plan: $9 per member per month

• Business plus plan: $19 per member per month

• Enterprise plan: Customized pricing

5. Evernote

When handling many clients simultaneously, a freelancer may sometimes forget important notes from them and get into trouble. Evernote, however, can save you from this trouble.

Evernote is an excellent app for remembering everything and accessing it from your computer or phone. For example, if you have a project to work on, you can use the app to create a task list and a schedule to know what steps you need to take. Features consists of Sync and Organize, Web Clipper, Tasks, and Calendar.


• Free plan: $0

• Personal plan: $7.99 per month

• Professional plan: $9.99 per month

6.Time Doctor

According to Cool Club, you can increase your productivity by 22% by using Time Doctor, a time tracking software that includes powerful customizable reports that include web and app usage, screenshot monitoring, and more. Using Time Doctor’s reports, you can find out which websites are being accessed and for how long. 

Pricing :

Basic: $70 user/year
Standard: $100 user/year
premium: $200 user/year

7. Rescue Time

Anyone who needs to manage their time efficiently, from freelance copywriters to it freelancers, can benefit from this app. Every week, the app generates a report showing which tasks are stealing time and limiting productivity.

Pricing :

Free trial premium plans start at $6.50 a month

8. Remember the Milk

An application like this can ease the burden of managing tasks across multiple devices and bring unity to operations. Additionally, the app uses reminders to keep oDesk freelancers updated on their progress.

Pricing :

Remember The Milk will always have free accounts available. You can upgrade to a Pro account for only $39.99 per year, and get a whole bunch of sweet stuff.

9. Toggl

Due to heavy loads of different projects, this app is for those who take time tracking apps seriously.

For convenient time management, the software provides an alternative to time sheets.

Pricing :

Team: Ideal for small teams that need simple work management along with visual project and resource planning $8 user/per month
Business: Ideal for teams that work with external stakeholders and need to export project data for reports $13.35 user/month

10. Pocket

This tool is essential for saving relevant information for later use, so it can save time on research by keeping a list of important links and resources. A freelancer is always on the right track with his research with Pocket.

Pricing :

Free account
Annual membership: $44.99/year
Monthly Membership: $4.99/month

11. Workflow

A workflow tool enhances time-saving by allowing multiple tasks to be completed simultaneously.

For example:

Smartphone users can set up a chain of commands within an app to perform three actions at once, such as adding a note, saving a link, and opening a video file.

Pricing :

Resource Price per month
Internal steps
First 5,000 steps Free
Steps after 5,000 $0.01 per increment of 1,000 steps
External steps
First 2,000 steps Free
Steps after 2,000 $0.025 per increment of 1,000 steps

12. Clear

The freelance iOS app allows its users to organize their daily tasks into specific groups for a convenient, customizable interface. Clear is only available to Apple fans.

Pricing :

According to NerdWallet, The standard price for an annual Clear membership is $189. Unlike government programs such as TSA PreCheck and Global Entry that offer several years of membership with a single fee, Clear’s fee is annual. On the surface, $189 is a huge price to pay for a little convenience.

13. Clara

Clara is the perfect companion app to schedule and coordinate meetings, to sift through multiple emails and find the perfect time for a meeting between two parties. Clara on each email to facilitate the filtering process.

Pricing :

Clara Essential: $99/month/user
Clara professional: $199/month/user
Clara Executive: $399/month/user

14. Todoist

According to The Guardian, Todoist’s clean and simple design is a major reason for its popularity. As a freelancer, you can use Todoist to manage lists, set reminders, and keep an overall track of your productivity.

Pricing :

Free For starters US: $0
Pro For power users US: $4 per month, billed annually, US$5 billed monthly
Business For teams US: $6 per user per month, billed annually, US$8 billed monthly

15. Mind42

Mind mapping is not a practice that everyone uses, but a mind map application can help dabble in it. By using it, freelancers can organize their thoughts and processes associated with assignments and therefore become more clear about what needs to be accomplished.

Pricing :

Miro Team: $8 per user per month (billed annually)

ClipUp: Free

Lucidspark: free

16. MyLifeOrganized

For people who provide freelance services, organization is the key. Several reasons make MyLifeOrganized great: it’s automated, can create a variety of to-do lists, and prioritizes urgent tasks.

Pricing :

MLO for Windows

Current Version: 5.1.4 (Apr 22, 2022)

Requires: Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP

Pricing: Standard: $49.95* | Professional: $59.95*

MLO for iOS (iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch)

Current version: 3.3.15 (Apr 22, 2022)

Requires: iOS 9+

Pricing: FREE | Professional: $29.99

Cloud Sync Service

MLO syncs across all your devices.

Low cost paid subscription required.

Pricing: Year: $14.95* | 6 months: $9.95*

MLO for Android (Phone and Tablet)

Current version: 4.1.1 (Jul 12, 2022)

Requires: Android OS 4.1+

Pricing: FREE | Professional: $29.99

17. SyncBackFree

File management software helps freelancers (especially IT freelancers) back up, synchronize, and restore files in case of emergencies, such as SyncBackFree can save time both now and in the future.

Pricing :

Pro V10: $ 60.99
SE V10: $ 44.34
Free V10: Free

18. Invoicely

You can use this application for tracking deadlines, calculating expenses, and even getting to know their car mileage. Invoices can also be paid through the tool after they have been issued.

Pricing :

Free plan: $ 0.00 per month
Basic plan: $ 9.99 per month
Professional plan: $ 19.99 per month
Enterprise plan: $ 29.99 per month

19 . Wave

Wave Using this tool, anyone from a freelance translator to a freelance illustrator can invoice customers, estimate payments, accept credit card payments have one dashboard, and able to manage all accounting operations using only one tool.

Pricing :

Invoicing: $0
Accounting: $0
Banking: $0
Bank Payment 1% per transaction ($1 USD minimum fee)
Self-service states: $20 USD monthly fee
Accounting & payroll coaching $329 USD one-time fee.

20. Shoebox

This tool can be of great help to freelancers who cannot manage receipts. Shoeboxed allows scanning and organizing of receipts and the generation of subsequent expense reports.


Startup: $23 $18/mo* (Billed Annually)

Professional:  $47 $36/mo* (Billed Annually)

Business: $71 $54/mo* (Billed Annually)

21. Mint

This application allows users to enter all financial accounts into one tool which will store them and further provide accounting assistance. Mint is also very popular because it is free.

Pricing : 

Elorus: Price starts from $0
invoice home: $9/user per month
Jocata GRID: $100000 per year
Names: $375 one-time payment
WhistleblowerSoftware: $70 per month

22. FreshBooks

This app is for freelancers who can’t use a complex interface for their accounting needs, it has a simple design. Suitable for expense and time tracking, credit card payments, and increased convenience.

Pricing : 

Lite: $4.50/month
Plus: $7.50/month
premium: $15.00/month

23. Due

Due is an app that provides freelancers with a secure way to manage their payment and invoicing systems. track time for either individual freelancers or even entire teams.

Pricing : 

Basic: Free

Premium: $10

24. Trello

A flexible project management application for optimizing collaboration is Trello. This tool allows the sorting and filtering of relevant tasks. Freelance companies can use Trello to manage freelancers.

Pricing : 

Free: $0USD

Standard: $5 USD per user/month if billed annually ($6 billed monthly)

Premium: $10 USD per user/month if billed annually ($12.50 billed monthly)

Enterprise: $17.50 USD Per user/month – billed annually ($210.00 annual price per user)

25. Meister’s Tasks

This tool is one of the newest project management applications, allowing users to create lists and dashboards using bright colors to increase productivity. Apart from that, this app is for task management and creation.

Pricing : 

Basic Core task management features for single users: FREE

Pro Simple, collaborative task management for teams: $4.19 per month

Business Extended collaboration features for larger teams $10.39 per month

Enterprise For large companies with specific requirements Custom

26.  Infinit Storage Platform

This application allows fast and efficient file sharing across multiple devices and even operating systems. This application uses point-to-point technology that allows users to share files in just four seconds.

Pricing : 

$0.001 User Per Month
  • Up to 5 users per project
$11.000 NA MONTH
  • Full access to all features in our software 100% Web-Based Software Secure Access with Daily Backups Free future updates and new features Integrated with ProPay Payments Cancel Anytime, No Contracts

27. SHAREit

Use SHAREit to send files to other devices in seconds without having to deal with size limitations, so it’s much faster than Bluetooth. The user simply selects the content to share, selects the recipient, and then presses the send button.

Pricing: free

28. BitTorrent Sync (Resilio Sync)

This app is for fast and smart file synchronization without needing to face the vulnerabilities associated with the cloud. This tool can find the fastest and easiest route to transfer files between devices and avoid the cloud, allowing iPhone to share files with Windows mobile devices.

Pricing : 

Resilio Sync 2.4 is available for download here.
Buy the Pro version now for $19.99 (expires Nov-11)

29. SuperBeam

SuperBeam allows users to share files without connection as it uses Wi-Fi direct technology for data transmission. We can mount the device using a QR code or share key. As a rule, the transfer speed is 20-40 Mb per second; though, high-end devices like the iPhone can reach speeds of up to 75 Mb per second when sharing pictures, music, and other files.

Pricing : 

Free: free

Pro Version: Just $1.99

30. Pushbullet

Pushbullet to connect all the devices between each other and create the feeling that there is only one and not three or four. For example, Pushbullet creates a browser extension for the desktop, which allows sending links or files to multiple devices at the same time. This application is compatible with all operating systems and browsers Freelance opportunities and local freelance positions are always difficult for beginners.

Pricing : 

With Pro, which costs $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year,

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We have familiarized you with the best apps and software you must be aware of as freelancers. It is essential to know that you have various options as a freelancer and to be mindful of the software you need. If you implement the software we’ve outlined, you should make a good living and be successful as a freelancer.

Many thanks for reading this article. We hope you have a successful freelancer ahead of you.

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freelancersAtreyee Chowdhury works full-time as a Content Manager with a Fortune 1 retail giant. She is passionate about writing and helped many small and medium-scale businesses achieve their content marketing goals with her carefully crafted and compelling content. You can reach her at atreyee.c@gmail.com for any content writing/copywriting requirements.

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