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An Interview: Making Punctual Presentation Order

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Table of Contents

 When we talk about time management, he’s the most punctual of all.
-Larasita, RRGraph Marketing Strategist

Last year, we finished around 878 presentation order projects. Behind those projects, there’s a number of designers who work day and night for the best progress. Behind those designers, there’s this one guy who brings the belt as our most favorite employee from the order’s team. Call him Egga. This food and animal lover is one of a kind, most importantly with his speed and efficiency. Thus, it’s not by chance that he could claim 5 “Order of The Month” title last year, as it was so easy to him.

You’re known by the ability in time management. How fast do you work? Do you have any particular routines?

The fastest record I can reckon by now, I’ve ever finished 35 presentation order slides in a day. That’s quite an accomplishment for a slacker like me. I work as usual. I start the day with breakfast, arrive in the office by 8 a.m., go home by 4 p.m., and I occasionally play a football game on the computer before going home. During the weekend, I just loathe around or get some munchies with my girlfriend. I am such a normie.

What does it like to be a designer?

Frankly, my ears still not familiar with that title. A designer. I’ve never imagined being one, that’s why I might say I neither am an idealist nor perfectionists. And that is the hardest part of becoming a designer. I have to let the clients take control.

I wish I had known that working in this position is full of restrictions. I thought I am going to have such privilege to spill creativities. Turns out it doesn’t work that way. It’s such a scam when someone says being a designer means having freedom. They’re so guilty to say such a thing.

Not everyone can be in your position, how possibly you make this far?

I am a competitive person. I have a high-ambition. Let me tell you the truth before I became an employee at RRGraph, I had no idea about design whatsoever. So, it’s my debut. During the early months, some co-workers made fun of me. I was cool with it. Until at some points, that their crappiness has gotten so weary.

From that moment onwards, I started to push my limit. I worked over-time, I went to the office every Saturday, aimed to overlap another designer’s competency and skills. By then, the way they perceive me becomes quite different. Thanks for the bullies.

And yet, I won’t stop. I keep struggling that now I become the senior designer and won that yearly award.

Do you subjectively have any aesthetic ideals?

Not even a bit. Maybe the one and only idealism that I have is: to put client’s wants over everything. Perhaps it’s because I am authentically not a designer, as I told you before. Speaking of which, how can I throw my preferences to my work? There’s a team leader who has given the guide-lines. When talking about presentation order, I literally have no authority to take over.

What matters the most in presentation design service is lowering my ego. So, I’d call a valuable design as something that brings good for both parties, which are myself and my clients.

Would you mind to tell about your process of retrieving an order?

I create my own shortcut, some sort of maneuvers that the others barely consider. In the other way of saying, comparing with the others, I barely craft my design from nil. I use the foregoing orders (Thankfully they’re documented pretty well, so it’s handy to navigate), and crave for inspirations from there. I won’t mind if somebody says my work is less original. Well, we need to distinguish between corporate and artistry works. The deadlines are tight, man.

Secondly, among other designers in the office, I find that they also rarely use keyboard codes such as Alt+F2, Alt+K, Alt+A, and forth. To me, that’s practically the best option for saving time. I don’t know whether my technique could work for the others. Perhaps everyone just needs to be as lazy as I am, so that they will manage to work efficiently.

What’s the hardest type of scope to design? Is there a particular presentation order you don’t like?

Among 295 projects that I’ve completed so far, I don’t like something either with lots or lacks of content. Sometimes it comes through finance-themed presentation order. Something that’s related to accounting, marketing, and numbers. Their presentation is overwhelmed with tons of data, which possibly decrease their slides’ aesthetic.

Picture this, you’ll retrieve such order. Every day you get to fiddle with 4×4 placeholders, monotonous fonts, and tedious infographics. I dare you. Luckily my team leader can understand this perk, so he will transfer this kind of order to someone else.

How to deal with tight deadlines?

I do the order outside of normal working hours. Aside from the shortcut I’ve mentioned before, I guess with increasing my duration I can dodge those obstacles. If you don’t want to risk losing your clients’ orders, you need to risk losing your most intimate of time. Sacrificing when you shall have a rest isn’t as easy as I say. But after years doing the same stuff, I suddenly get used to it. For me, now the given task by the clients is more likely a mother calls their kids to dinner.

What’s your opinion about revision?

We’re all need to change our mindset in seeing revision. It’s not a burden, but a way to bring satisfaction to the clients. We shall get driven by it, not run away from it, because it makes us better at some points. Moreover, our salary depends on our productivity, right? I simply make it a motivation.

Another way to see revision, you need to kick hesitate and indecisive out of your mind. I mean, you need to discuss your problems. Don’t try to be “Jack of All Trades”, sometimes revision can come because we naturally are not suited to handle it. Also, don’t be shy to admit if you’ve worn out, just tell to whom with authority, they’ll understand. It’s okay to step back before taking another leap.

What’s your own future plans?

I am still too young for such things. I was born in 2000. I can’t make it clear at this time, doesn’t necessarily mean that I am not confident. I am just not ready to say it. Yet, given this circumstance with these people, I am so grateful to do a designer job. Working with a computer is such a tiny little dream that I always wanted to do.

I remember when I was 5 when I was eagerly played my dad’s PC. Though I didn’t know what I was doing, I clicked the keyboards like a crazy scientist, undoubtedly fun. And that very moment always pops in my head when I get bored with routines, to remind me how I begin.

How to stay motivated? Does everyone see you as a very positive person, any tips?

Hmmm. As its finest, I need to stay in the mood. And one of my favorite ways is through eating. Yeah. I love any kind of food. When I am in trouble, I need something inside my mouth to get chewed and swallowed. Afterward, I can come back and focus again.

It’s always a good feeling to satisfy my tummy, is the center of my energy. To reassure it, I choose good food over good music. You have to try eating lots of food to boost your mood, really. It will work better than any top-charts Billboard music in your ears.

Even just a slight, hopefully you can learn something from his story. To end this interview,  WE SELECT EGGA’S BEST PRESENTATION ORDER IN 2019 :

presentation order
Nature-design presentation order.
presentation order
Fast-fashion themed presentation order.
presentation order
Multipurpose creative industry presentation order.

Want to get done your presentation design by Egga’s creative hands in a jiffy? You just need to click here and start your project with us.

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