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Best 2021 Presentation Design Template: Ultimate

Ulfah Alifah
Ulfah Alifah
Best 2021 Presentation Design Template: Ultimate
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Table of Contents

Best 2021 presentation design, everything at all, are full of blows and surprising journey to discover more and more. New become old-timey and old become more popular again, we can say that “design trends are come and go.” Our designers always modify the overall concept with new compositions, styles, and motions. However, this year may be challenging for keeping our presentation design still in trend. Some products are purchasable, while some are not. Truly, we are not alone to struggle this stumbling block.

We want to say that 2020 is the tough year we have ever faced and is definitely not a joke. It is so strange when the situation has turned topsy-turvy due to this outbreak hitting us. Like it or not, we must deal with this so-called “New Normal” by working from home, keep reaching virtually, and so on. No matter how miserable this condition, our designers still improve their capabilities and have already started showing a new light for future design trends. It is the right time to get our power back on track. With our togetherness, there must be a rainbow after the rain that is possible for us to create something more innovative, engaging, and useful for the better pitch deck.

Through this write-up, we will catch you up on the upcoming presentation design by our designers to bring new personality and flair for the year 2021. Now, we are ready to begin again.

We Introduce You 2021 Ultimate Presentation

We can see that flat icons, slide transitions, geometric shapes, and serif fonts will continue to be popular in the next year. Besides, you will see other trends like business portfolio, mock-up slide, social media slide decks, calendar, data visualizations, and testimonials that highlight all the effectiveness and modernity of any projects. Let’s get to know the ultimate masterpiece we already made for you:

Best 2021 Presentation Design 1: Have your own space to add smart portfolios

A portfolio’s use is to select a suitable material that highlights our achievements and generally show how we use our skills to solve problems, for the examples:

▪ Copies of certifications

▪ Lists of accomplishments that involve problem-solving

▪ Performance evaluations

▪ Letters of recommendation or from employers and clients

▪ Relevant reporting samples

▪ Photos of products

▪ News or articles about our projects

▪ Prizes

▪ Business reports

As with all portfolios, we can use these five slides to include up-to-date information, and make sure our portfolio is tailored for the specific business material we are pursuing.

1. Image overview

A presentation with photos is better than a textual presentation. The images make our information clear and create a lasting impression on the audience’s mind. Make sure to use relevant images.

2. Company’s profile

Best 2021 Presentation Design

Show your company’s profile by adding a resume, outlining its biggest achievements and goals. We can include all the data our potential clients and customers need to grasp. Also, we should make our company profile more appealing with good prospects.

3. Agenda room

Best 2021 Presentation Design

Do we really need an agenda slide in our presentation? Well yes. If we perform at a conference with many topics, the audiences will have a little idea already of what key we will light on. It is also like a bit of warm-up for the audiences. Besides, it gives a structure to our discussion, which otherwise can become a sprawling matter.

4. Product images

Best 2021 Presentation Design

Sometimes, we may want to showcase our product package when creating a sales or marketing presentation. If we’re going to pitch investors or target customers, we may also showcase our certification or awards. Now you can stick the best product image on your slide by using this design idea.

Best 2021 Presentation Design 2: Improve mobile-friendly by using mockup slide

Best 2021 Presentation Design

Are you a software developer, a product manager, or an entrepreneur for a mobile app or a website? You probably spend your time designing mockups, and you want a slide deck to show your project for clients. No worries, we have it for you.

Best 2021 Presentation Design 3: Boost your campaign with a social media slide deck

Best 2021 Presentation Design

Social media can connect us to a broader world. It also comes up in our storytelling. Indeed, great storytelling in our presentation will keep our audiences captivated from start to finish. Then, use the slide deck to present the outline of our story and illustrations. Use this customizable social media presentation template to boost your product campaign famously.

Best 2021 Presentation Design 4: Various data visualizations to perform your data effectively

Data visualization in a presentation is a big buzz word these days, but what does it mean for our presentations? Well, the reason is that we are living in a time where a lot of data is always being circulated. The data are the primary quantitative evidence of almost every single business decision. Basically, the data are the facts, figures, percentages, and measurements to support our qualitative data for proofing validity and reliability. The goals of any data visualization are to make complex data easy to read. To make it readable, we need to find creative ways to make it user-friendly for our audiences. So, here are where the art of data visualizations come in.

1. Diagrams

Best 2021 Presentation Design

A tree diagram is a planning tool that draws the hierarchy of tasks and subtasks needed to complete. The chart displays a similarity to a tree, with a trunk and multiple branches. We can use it to break down large categories into more precise levels of detail. Using the tree diagram helps us to think step by step from general to specific.

Best 2021 Presentation Design

A comparison chart is suitable for two sets of values that need to be compared. We can use it to compare the previous performance with the newest performance with a standard that the company has.

Best 2021 Presentation Design

This diagram is designed with arrows flying from the pencil. Use this template to perform a four-step list. It also has editable elements with text and icon placeholders.

Best 2021 Presentation Design

This diagram is a concept diagram slide for the theory of achieving goals. We can see that the template holds the iceberg illustration to present the performance and improvement of the business.

Best 2021 Presentation Design

Fishbone diagram, also called Ishikawa or herringbone diagrams, helps us to analyze cause and effect. A simple and effective fishbone diagram is a great enhancement to any presentation. Use it to learn how to design a fishbone diagram in your PowerPoint.

Best 2021 Presentation Design

Using this diagram can highlight the importance of keeping the personal data within our company’s protected server. This security diagram is a set of two fully customizable graphic elements that we can change the colors, text, and icons.

Best 2021 Presentation Design

Hexagonal is never dying. This diagram comes back with elegant nuances. We don’t need to worry when using this old geometrical. Old is not a bad thing, but it is very gold. Moreover, this is a good way to explain the step-by-step concept by adjusting the size and height.

Best 2021 Presentation Design

This lamp diagram is a quarter-height scheme of bulbs. We can explain the necessary concepts connected with the four ideas. Think like a lamp to light up your business goals.

Best 2021 Presentation Design

It is the most familiar diagram we have ever known. What is the flow chart? The flow chart is a symbolic portrayal of a process or workflow that we can create using popular tools like PowerPoint. Each step is drawn by a different symbol, including a short description of the process step. This diagram is also connected with arrows pointing to the process flow.

Best 2021 Presentation Design

Thanks to PowerPoint’s SmartArt, formulating a Venn diagram is very simple though it is the easiest diagram. We can get the whole thing finished in about 10 seconds. Why not learn how to design a stunning Venn diagram instead?

2. Simple and clean infographics

Best 2021 Presentation Design

A pyramid chart has the structure of a triangle, with lines separating it into segments. A related topic or idea is set in each unit. Because of the three-cornered shape, each part has a different width from the others; this width shows a hierarchy level among the topics.

Best 2021 Presentation Design

The aim of map infographics is to send information quickly based on areas visually for people to read, understand, and engage with. Like other infographics characters, we want to come up with a story with an interesting angle.

Best 2021 Presentation Design

Creating a brainstorming on an infographic is like arranging business strategies in our head. It is fascinating how our designers create this chart using the brain concept. Happily, we can keep in touch with our brain through these slides.

Best 2021 Presentation Design

Road infographic is widely used in presentations as visual metaphors, like the words “road to success.” The road patterns are great to illustrate your ideas, a timeline, or a process, or even for a matrix.

Best 2021 Presentation Design

This line infographic makes it easier than ever to design infographics. Those line filled icons are all editable. We can change their size, color, etc., and rotate them. Plus, this diagram also provides many other infographic components for various uses.

Best 2021 Presentation Design

Similar to other infographics, this silhouette type is very versatile for presenting your data. It is a literally simple style but still stunning and not monotonous with the help of gradient.

To create a professional presentation related to the step by step process of business development, we can use this layered infographic template. The layer bricks are in a horizontal and vertical layout. Still, it shows each stage in different compositions and structures.

Infographics can give essential and informative data about our brand, products, or services through engaging visual content. Therefore, effectively use SEO strategies can gain more organics rather than just promoting our brands.

3D shape infographic is a shape diagram professionally designed for presenting six components in one concept. Further, we can use it for a presentation related to security issues or problem-solving. The keyhole is useful for finding solutions and defeating barriers. It is also a symbol of moving towards better opportunities such as entrepreneurship and innovations.

Funnel graphics are perfect for visualizing multi-level concepts. A funnel diagram explains how elements come together to set the whole. And with fantastic editable funnel charts, we can illustrate a variety of ideas quickly.

Do you need to present your data or any other sort of complex information? Infographics are the right way. Speaking of which, our designers are back with this template full of puzzle infographics. Also, puzzle diagrams help us to create a visual presentation like puzzle pieces

Impress your audience with rocket infographic. The slides cover a flat design illustration of a flying rocket surrounded with icons. Use this template to present a startup business, project management, or to communicate our marketing strategies. These infographics are just ideal for any presentation topics.

The arrow infographic helps us in performing easy to understand project flows and events. The customization features enable users to make alterations in design to meet their needs. Edit text placeholders, change colors, and effects without asking designers.

Mind-map infographic is an easy process to brainstorm ideas organically without worrying about layout and structure. It lets us visually structure our ideas with analysis and recall.

Best 2021 Presentation Design 5: Manage your schedules with calendar slide deck

If you create a presentation that requires participants to think about the upcoming dates, a calendar slide deck is a perfect choice. PowerPoint has several calendar templates from which to pick. But we have our own version you can select.

Best 2021 Presentation Design 6: Give testimonials

As a professional, we need to provide a solution to a client’s problem. However, selling services is also selling a connection. People only buy products from those they love, know, and trust. Of course, we can tell what benefits and outcomes can be required from our business. 

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Final words

The world of graphic design is a world that is experiencing tremendous growth, a world in which we have to keep running if we want to be on top of everything. Flavors change and technology moves forward. Perhaps it is not that easy, given how our crews have to adapt and drastically change the way we live and work. But, we will never forget how this year gave us many valuable lessons to still work more productive. Finally, we have done to create this big project at the end of the year. Our Ultimate presentation template is here for you to see, to inspire, to start on the right path, to argue about, and to kill the complete inconsistency; it’s up to you. So let’s look forward and push on.

Let’s visit RRSlide to download free PowerPoint presentation templates with many categories. But wait, don’t go anywhere and stay here with our Blog to keep up-to-date on all the best pitch deck template collections and design advice from our PowerPoint experts yet to come!

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