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13 Best Places to Learn Presentation Design

Nurma Febriana
Nurma Febriana

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Best place to learn presentation design is that we can follow it.

Presentation design is a part of the presentation that interests an audience or client and gives information in various methods, such as audio, video, text, animation, graphics).

Presentation design can affect audience engagement, and you can convey the goals of the company or industry well. You will need expertise in presentation design across a wide range of sectors and your roles.

So, how can you learn the skills you need to make an excellent presentation?

The first thing is that you can learn tricks to learn presentation design. Then, the second step is to explore the best places to learn presentation design.

An increasingly engaging, interactive presentation can avoid audience boredom. We must make presentation designs that meet high standards in the business. 

Fortunately, there are the best places to learn presentation design to take your presentation to the next level, and you can enjoy it with a cup of coffee.

Let’s take a moment to find out the best places to learn presentation design.

The best places to learn presentation design

Here are the best places to learn presentation design. Could you take a moment to study it?


Lynda is the best place to learn presentation design. Later, you’ll find tutorials on creating awesome PowerPoint and Keynote designs and endless tips and tricks for achieving all your public speaking goals.


Skillshare is the best place to learn presentation design. Skillshare is a second learning resource that offers online lessons for various topics, including presentation design. Then, you can learn all sorts of presentation design details, such as how to create the most effective cohesive icons and typography, as well as knowledge of how to design a slide deck.

Creative Market

The Creative Market is where people can develop their creative skills. The innovative marketplace offers a wealth of information to improve on the latest design trends, tips and techniques, and hints for designing inspiring presentations. So, the creative market is one of the best places to learn presentation design.


The Udemy is the place to master the art of PowerPoint presentations. And also, It is one of the best places to learn presentation design. Udemy covers the topics of designing slide animations, composing business stories, and how to improve presentation delivery. In Udemy, you’ll find information on effective PowerPoint presentations.


The Ethos3 also offers more help with practical and creative presentation design. And also, Ethos3 is the best place to learn presentation design. Understanding people’s strengths is a baseline to all great presentation training. This is why Ethos3 created a first-of-its-kind assessment that gives them an inside look into who we are as a presenter and communicator at the root level.

The ability to deliver great presentations hinges on having many tools in our toolbox. Their 7 module framework will equip us with the tools needed to present to any audience in any environment. Besides, they will be here long after our last meeting to ensure continued growth as things change. Whether that change happens in our role, platform, or goals, their team is here for us.

Principles of Presentation Design with Domestika 

Katya Kovalenko is a presentation design specialist and delivered an affordable design presentation design course. He makes presentation design by considering beginners. 

You will learn how to design a beautiful and effective presentation from scratch in this Domestika. Then, you will learn some of the following:

  • We learn about Presentation structure.
  • We learn about goals and some key presentations.
  • We can design by considering your inspiration and mood.

The final assignment is an opportunity to practice all the learning. First, you choose a topic, create a narrative structure, and develop your slide design – putting it all together to create your professional presentation. You can complete the course at your own time and pace. You only need a computer with presentation software.

The course delivers 18 lessons online. The course price is still under $50. 

So, based on the description above, Domestika is one of the best places to learn presentation design.

Presentation Design: Create a Professional Template with Domestika

The Domestika is one of the best places to learn presentation design. You know how to create a presentation template. You will create a custom presentation template that is professional – follow the guidelines or style of your own choice. This course is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a more in-depth explanation of design and presentation templates. The presentation style that we learned in this course is modern and minimalist to create the latest design. You will also learn about colors and typography presentation. Then, The final task is to practice all that learning. You can create a professional custom presentation template – follow the brand guidelines or use your style.

The course delivers 18 lessons online. You’ll need a computer with a presentation program like PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote. The course price is still under $50.

Slide Design Online Course with Duarte

Duarte is one of the best places to learn presentation design. Experts create design courses in Duarte to help beginners. Usually, beginners feel stressed and frustrated when using PowerPoint.

In this course, you will learn some points, such as:

  • We know the primary PowerPoint interface and understand the various tools that PowerPoint offers.
  • The SPACE method is a way to simplify, plan, organize, achieve consistency, and place the proper emphasis in your presentation.
  • You will create professional slides and communicate your ideas more effectively at the end of the course.
  • You can read the reference guide in making a presentation.
  • You can access the course at any time on a variety of devices.

This course’s learning duration is 90 minutes with l23 interactive video presentations. There are various videos, quizzes, and exercises that we have to complete. During the whole year, we can access the course anywhere and anytime. The course price is $129, with discounts for teams and multiple students.

Design a Compelling Presentation with LinkedIn Learning

John McWade, a graphic designer and teacher, created this Linkerd course. Beginners can use this course to compose a presentation and don’t know where to start.

John shares his ideas for color palettes, typography, and making every image count. Then, he gives tips on creating presentation designs to create an emotional connection with the audience.

John McWade delivers this course in under an hour in a series of engaging and easy-to-understand videos.

So, based on the description above, LinkedIn learning is one of the best places to learn presentation design.

Presentation Skills: Designing Presentation Slides with Coursera

This Coursera is one of the best places to learn presentation design. Coursera for the basics of PowerPoint or Keynote. In this course, you will learn about things like:

  • The main principles of slide design.
  • Color theory and typeface.
  • Data visualization and presentation to engage your audience.

This course conveys learning with videos, texts, and quizzes. And also, it takes approximately 307 hours. You will get a course certificate upon completion. Coursera courses are available on a subscription – $399 per year or $59 per month.

PowerPoint: Designing Better Slides with LinkedIn Learning

This LinkedIn Learning Course is one of the best places to learn presentation design. This LinkedIn Learning Course is for business professionals and educators with no design experience. In this course, you will learn about things such as:

  • Learn why you should avoid bullet points in presentation design.
  • Learn why white space is so important.
  • Learn how to use hierarchy, repetition, and contrast to affect your presentation significantly.

This course conveys learning through a series of short videos and end-of-chapter quizzes. The price of this course depends on the size of your organization, but you can try the platform free for a month.

Impactful Presentation with IDEO U

This IDEO U is one of the best places to learn presentation design. We attract the attention of the audience. This course is not specifically about visual design but rather your presentation skills to connect with your audience.

We are creating a compelling narrative and establishing ourselves as a trusted guide. In this course, you will learn such as:

How the human mind works, So you can create memorable presentations that stick with your intended audience. This online course lasts five weeks, requiring a commitment of four hours per week. You will get an Ideo certificate. The price for this course is $599.

RRGraph design: presentation design agency 

RRGraph does not provide courses privately. But, it is one of the best places to learn presentation design. RRGraph is on a mission to create better presentations, presenters, and tutorials. When content is more engaging and compelling, everyone will get the benefit. We’ve compiled several resources to help you master the art of presenting up to your PowerPoint game, making successful sales tools, and increasing your eLearning effectiveness. You can click here to access our channel here.

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You have just understood PowerPoint in this article and made the most of your next presentation. So that’s it – the best places to learn presentation design. These places will become your presentation design and creation expertise to the next level. We also hope that the best places to learn presentation design can provide helpful knowledge so that we can do the display as well as possible. We hope these resources help you achieve that goal, and the presentation design can engage the audience.

Let’s visit RRSlide to download free PowerPoint templates. But wait, don’t go anywhere and stay here with our Blog to keep up-to-date on all the best pitch deck template collections and design advice from our PowerPoint experts yet to come!

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