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Choosing the Best PowerPoint Presentation Services in Fiverr

Shasa Azzahra
Shasa Azzahra
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Table of Contents

Best PowerPoint Presentation Services in Fiverr

Do you need someone who can draw a picture of your face? Go to Fiverr. Do you want to translate your document from Germany to Javanese? Find someone who can do it on Fiverr. Do you need a song to apologize to your fiancée for ignoring the calls? Find a songwriter on Fiverr.

Fiverr is the rising marketplace of services that contains anything you think someone can help you with. Starting from creating a song for your fiancée to translating a classified document from Sanskrit to Russian, you can find it in the marketplace.

The marketplace itself is not at its final growth because it keeps growing and provides more services. Of course, that’s hugely affected by the availability and development of members who provide the services in the marketplace.

PowerPoint presentation services in Fiverr is one of the services that grew the fastest in the marketplace. And if you ever wonder why, the reason is that creating a PowerPoint presentation is one of the most effortless skills to be offered.

But of course, not all of those offered can give you high-quality products because providing a service doesn’t always mean that they have mastered it. That’s why we will provide you with a guide in choosing the best PowerPoint presentation services in Fiverr and some of their examples.

Do you think you don’t need it? Take that back because you haven’t realized how much you need it yet.

Understanding the categories & filters

Before jumping into the ocean of gigs, you need to know your needs first. The fact that Fiverr provides many opportunities to anyone who wants to sell their services makes it like a pond full of hungry fish.

That’s why, in this article, to find the best PowerPoint presentation services in Fiverr, you need to understand what you want first.

If you search for the PowerPoint presentation service in Fiverr, you will be given a choice among categories that best suit your needs.

And talking about the categories, here are the categories provided by Fiverr to choose from.

• Marketing

• Investor Pitch

• Business Proposal

• Educational

• Research

• Conferences

• Analysis

• Sales

Next, what you need to learn about is filtering. Fiverr provides you the chance to choose what services are offered by the gigs and how they deliver them.  For example, you can choose whether you need full presentation service or just custom template design.

Further, you can even choose the software you use, the language used, delivery time, and even set the budget range.  You can even select additional services, such as source files, slide animation, infographics, charts & graphs, slide transition, and visual materials.

And if you want to filter things further, you can even select the details of sellers. You can choose the ‘level’ of sellers, what language they speak, and even where they live. Of course, it would still give you a huge pool of sellers to choose from.

That’s why you need to filter the sellers by yourself, like what we will talk about in the next chapter.

Finding the best PowerPoint presentation services in Fiverr

It is not easy to put your fate in the hands of other people, and we know it. Yes, choosing the proper gigs (that’s how they call service providers in Fiverr) can be difficult, especially when you are in between two choices, either to go up or to go down in your career.

But worry not, we will try to help you save your career, and the only way you can go is up. The first assistance we can get you is simple tips in choosing the best PowerPoint presentation services in Fiverr or any other marketplaces.

We know many considerations should be made, but some points are more relevant for consideration, among other concerns.

Here are the points that you need to consider:

1. Price

Of course, the cheaper the price is, the more appealing it is to hire the service. But remember that money brings quality, and in Fiverr, it applies as well.

The thing with Fiverr is, it provides thousands if not millions of hidden gems. But if your career is on the verge, we cannot recommend you more to not experiment with cheaper offers.

Our suggestion is to choose the not too expensive ones for you and write off the too cheap ones. Pick the ones in the middle range or at least compatible with your budget, and then continue the filter with the following criteria.

2. Ratings

After determining the price of the service you want to hire, the following criteria you want to look at are the service provider’s rating.

You know, every time the service provider finishes a project, the hirer has the opportunity to leave ratings and comments.

Looking for the ones with good ratings is maybe the most accessible filter to choose a good seller in Fiverr, including finding the best PowerPoint presentation services in Fiverr.

The highest rating a seller can get is around 5, but many good sellers have 4.9 stars. Thus, check out the next step to find out which ones are the good ones after the rating filter.

3. Portfolio

So, you found the ones with reasonable prices and ratings. But still, there are so many of them to choose from, so what should you do?

The next thing that you should look at is the sellers’ portfolio. Every seller provides a portfolio to tell the hirers about their masterpieces.

Try to visit some of their works, and you will easily be able to differentiate the high-quality ones from the ones that don’t fit your criteria.

4. Response

And for the last filter, you might want to contact the sellers directly to talk with them about their service. This way, they can explain further about their works by themselves.

Not only will it give you a clearer picture, but it will also help you to tell which one is willing to give their best for you and the ones that want your money without returns.

Talking to a person also feels better than just clicking on some buttons. In addition to that, it also activates your guts feelings that can be the last filter you need to choose the right seller.

After applying all those filters, you should have only some sellers left on the list. That must make things more straightforward compared to jumping into the market directly.

Some of the best PowerPoint presentation services in Fiverr

1. Adriennejo

This gig offers any PowerPoint presentation-related services, but the thing pro verified is presentation design. This gig also appears on the first page of our “PowerPoint presentation” search, so finding this gig should not be that difficult.

As a freelance PowerPoint expert, adriennejo has been a member of Fiverr since November 2017, which is more than three years ago. Her experience in creating PowerPoint design should be on par with the bests since she has around a 5.0 rating in her profile from 49 reviews.

You can check her portfolio or contact her directly from her Fiverr gig and discuss what you need. One thing that you should notice is her good works come with a price. The works start from $750 for 15 slides to $1250 for 25 slides, five days delivery.

2. Midoridesign

This one is one of the highest-rated gigs in Fiverr. As far as we know, this gig is the only one with a 5.0-star review with over 1000 reviewers (except us). That’s no wonder because this gig has been in Fiverr since 2015.

Midoridesign is a graphic with a degree in Graphic Arts, working in this field for more than ten years. His work is not limited to PowerPoint presentation design but is spread to any designing works. However, the PowerPoint portfolio of the seller is not disappointing at all.

His work starts from $75 for ten slides in 7 days delivery to $300 for up to 50 slides with the exact delivery time.

3. Adamazurek

Another PowerPoint presentation design gig with an honest 5.0-star review and pro verified status. Adamazurek will give you up to 10 slides layout, including all visual materials, for $250 in 2 days delivery.

The gig has been in Fiverr since 2016 and has worked on over 1000 projects for a wide variety of clients. This gig is a little bit more special because the seller mentioned that the very purpose of creating the project is to tell a story.

Adamazurek is a top-rated seller in the field, and even Fiverr puts a sign over the profile that buyers keep returning because of its impressive number of repeat buyers.

4. RRGraph

Well, we think it is finally the right time to introduce ourselves. RRGraph Design is a design agency that focuses on presentations but does not limit our works only to that field only. We can also support you in many other ways.

So, sound design, but we also provide top service for you. 2 Customer Services and 9 Designers manage us. We can give you samples before starting the project so that you don’t need to hesitate to at least contact us before taking things further.

We are one of the bests in this field and the most efficient gig in Fiverr when discussing PowerPoint presentation design. If you are looking for the best PowerPoint presentation services on Fiverr, coming to us is the right choice.

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