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Best Presentation Design Styles 2022 from Cyber Monday Deals (50% Special Offer for All Items)

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Best Presentation Design Styles 2022 from Cyber Monday Deals

Hello, everyone. It’s November! We have a special offer for you with an insane Cyber Monday sale. Prepare your wallet, cards, mood, and stay tuned for our dazzling 50% off special for every single item you choose. Plus, enjoy a 75% discount on EVERYTHING from presentation templates and assets if you take a subscription price even the promo is over.

Let’s get started 👇🏻

Every new year brings new PowerPoint design trends with it. And you must include those trends in your PowerPoint presentation design!

In this article, we’re going to catch you up on the top PowerPoint presentation design trends next year. This article will get you excited to create a presentation design that’s ready for 2022.

With the help of the best presentation design styles from Envato Market, you can create trendy and cool PowerPoint designs. Plus, you’ll also see single templates from GraphicRiver with recent trends for PPT.

Cyber Monday Sale 2021 – 50% Special Offer for All Items

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How to create the best presentation design styles 2022

Trends for PowerPoint templates come and go. Few of us are wearing bell-bottom jeans or wearing leg warmers!

So, why is it helpful to create the best presentation design styles 2022? Here are three reasons:

1. Your audience expects it

Who wants to see an out-of-date presentation? Showing that you care about design trends for PowerPoint templates will build credibility.

2. You’ll feel confident

When you know your presentation design is in fashion, you’ll feel more confident as you speak to an audience.

3. Your content is presented in the best format possible

Many of the design trends we’ll share in this tutorial help address PPT trends in showing content. Audience expectations are continually shifting. These trends help you capture an audience.

Learn more about creating content for your graphic design presentation with our PPT hacks below:

We’re going to show you templates and design trends for PowerPoint templates that are sure to take center stage in 2022. Let’s dive in! Take advantage of the best presentation design styles 2022 to lock in your audience.

Cyber Monday Sale 2021 – 50% Special Offer for All Items

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The Best Source for On-Trend PowerPoint Presentation Designs in 2021

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create the best presentation design styles 2022. With the help of pre-built templates, you can make the best PowerPoint designs without learning graphic design.

Don’t think that the best presentations are out of your price range. With the help of our presentation styles, you can source excellent PowerPoint presentation trends that are built into templates! And best of all, you will get unlimited downloads.

Want to see the eight best presentation design styles 2022 that embody modern design trends? Here are some of the best designs included in our Envato Market library:

1. 2022 Essentials

Get this 2022 Essentials here.

We are introducing you; the 2022 Multipurpose Presentation Template “Essential.” Why do you need this template? We designed this template animation with fantastic variations like full animation, 3D graphic elements, and tasty-looking colors. You can use it for presentation videos, teaching videos, vlogs, and even pitch your clients. But, wait! We don’t stop here. This template provides 54 sections, more prosperous slides than before, and the early bird price you will get.

2. 2021 Ultimate

Get this 2021 Ultimate here.

We can see that flat icons, slide transitions, geometric shapes, and serif fonts will continue to be popular in 2021. Besides, you will see other stuff like business portfolios, mock-up slides, social media slide decks, calendars, data visualizations, and testimonials that highlight any project’s effectiveness and modernity. This item also has data visualization.

Data visualization in a presentation is a big buzzword these days, but what does it mean for our presentations? The reason is that we live in a time where a lot of data is continuously being circulated. The data are the primary quantitative evidence of almost every single business decision. It will get easier to design your decks for the pitch with the 2021 Ultimate Presentation.

3. 2021 Neumorph

Get this 2021 Neumorph here.

Versatile uses the Neumorphism effect, which makes the visual outstanding and follows the trendy look of today’s popular designs. All elements of this design have a clean, modern look and feel. Just as its name, this item is versatile and can be used for almost any type of business, from e-commerce to creative agency.

4. Parallax Ultimate

Get this Parallax Ultimate here.

2021 Parallax Ultimate PowerPoint template comes with an exciting background image that makes it very eye-catching. This parallax template is convenient for creating formal and informal presentations. If you want to make a stunning presentation with a parallax touch quickly and you prefer stunning backgrounds, this is the right choice for you.

Cyber Monday Sale 2021 – 50% Special Offer for All Items

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5. NFT Point

Get this NFT Point here.

Do you want to impress audiences with your presentations, but you think that you’re always picking the wrong design? Don’t worry. NFT Creative Digital Assets PowerPoint Template is your solution. When you don’t want to start from scratch, but need a lot of creative freedom, here you’ll find an overview of the latest features like well-structured slides, battle-tested fonts, and image placeholders yet fully editable visual elements. The best thing of all? This NFT Creative Digital Assets PowerPoint Template also provides data visualization like charts, diagrams, and infographics for data interpretation.

6. Foxtrot Military

best presentation design styles 2022
Get this Foxtrot Military here.

Foxtrot Military Presentation Template is Strong, wild, and bold. That’s the first look at FOXTROT, a military-themed presentation. Using bold fonts and potent color combinations, this presentation template represents everything about the military. With 100 unique slides, this template has everything you need in your presentation. Infographics, charts, tables, vector graphics, basically everything to improve your presentation! Not only that, but it also has two aspect ratios (normal and widescreen) and ten premade color schemes. Two backgrounds to use on different occasions. You can fully use it without waste.

7. KPI Dashboard

best presentation design styles 2022
Get this KPI Dashboard here.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the bricks of any Dashboard in any Business domain. An intelligent way to make those bricks is developing a KPI template, a set of expressions and parameters that blend data to explain the Company workflow. Ok, but how does the KPI template in the presentation look likes? You can discover more here.

8. Project Timeline

best presentation design styles 2022
Get this Project Timeline here.

Thus project timeline for PowerPoint. This template, created with tables, is straightforward to customize. Use this timeline for project management, planning, tracking, and timesheets. Track and communicate your activities (tasks or events) and progress over the year. This template uses the PowerPoint table function: colors, style, and font size can be easily changed and customized.

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