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Best Website Design Trends for An Impressive User Experience

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Guest Writer
best website design trends
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Table of Contents

Best Website Design Trends For An Impressive User Experience

In times of immense technological advancement, the significance of a website for any business cannot go unnoticed. Even for a brick-and-mortar business, it has become vital to create and maintain an online presence. But it is not only about merely following the crowd building a website. Developing a website that stands out, offers impeccable design, and has the power to attract the right audience is equally necessary.

Let’s discuss some of the best website design trends you can use for your next website to leave a lasting impression:

1. Neumorphic UI Design

One of the best website design trends is Neumorphic UI design. In other words, soft UI is the latest talk of the down due to its unique style. The online world seems to be entirely influenced by it. We can see it on social media platforms such as Instagram to other businesses selling consumer products. Designers are now opting for new types of visuals instead of following the standard approaches of mainstream designs. They are opting for visuals that can provide a realistic outlay, a kind of 3D styling. 

With Neumorphism, the idea is to bring in a different side of skeuomorphism. The idea behind this new design is to give the audience an intuitive experience that mimics real-world objects in great depth, almost to a hyperreal extent. It is one of the coveted UI trends dominating interface design; A new side of skeuomorphism that changes super fat illustrations to intense realism.

2. Break the rules

Undoubtedly, these days it is all about going strong and bold without the fear of stepping back, and the design industry is also facing the same concept. It is about going boards and doing what we were supposed to do before. According to Michal Sloboda, founder of Trend List, breaking the rules can lead to something bizarre, but it may also lead to something different and beautiful.

You can consider imperfection as perfection, which allows you to experiment and play with design without feeling the shackles of any rules. You can mix up fonts, utilize white space differently than usual, and so much more. It is similar to do as you please.

3. Balancing bold and contrast

For quite a while, the struggle to decide the next big shade was quite critical. Choosing the color to give a tough time to or replace the all-time favorite Millennial pink wasn’t easy. There were options thrown in the spotlight, such as mustard or mint. But it didn’t feel quite right. It is, however, now safe to say that you can go for bold and bright colors. They can make the products and service areas of your brand easily stand out.  They can speak your brand’s personality powerfully and set the right mood whenever anyone visits your website—one of the great tactics to increase product sales.

The use of pastels is not looking the current favored choice, but it seems the time for greater contrast and vivid tones. With colors, you have to be fearless this time. Splash in those striking colors and make an to leave a remarkable impact.

4. Organic yet modern

While sustainability is becoming a crucial part of almost every sphere of life, It is seen quite commonly in product design. And its influence didn’t just stop there. But the graphic design also seems to be embracing it in the form of tones and colors. Brands are shifting from using big, edgy fonts to softer ones or a natural tone color palette. Brands going for organic color palettes want to reflect the significance of sticking to following ethical practices. At the same time, others may consider it a way to show their preference for implementing simplicity.

5. Parallax Animation

Who doesn’t love a web page consisting of fascinating objects moving in diverse directions and conveying a message? Over time, website functionalities and features have faced continuous and massive transitions. And each change has managed to bring in new concepts and innovative ideas that are equally exciting. Interestingly, in 2021, the web animation has also upgraded amazingly, reaching a level where you can witness a parallax effect. However, a lot of work does go in the background. But the outcome is hard for the audience to ignore. Parallax is when nearer objects move faster than those at a distance to the viewer, which creates all the magic. It is nothing less than a stage that keeps the audience immensely immersed in the website.

The background images move in a way that creates an illusion of depth. It can surely make storytelling websites look mind-blowing.

6. Tailored Designs and Illustrations

Mostly we are supposed to follow some specific rules and certain criteria when it comes to designing a website. It is because the user experience is of utmost importance to a website’s success. As long as the audience finds it exciting and new, you are going in the right direction.

The good thing about 2021 is that web designers and graphic designers dared to break the barriers and decided to step out of the usual zone. And fortunately, that has brought quite a tremendous change beneficial for both sides.

All this made custom illustrations to take the front row amongst others design trends. Since custom illustrations are entirely customized, they can play a vital role in allowing your website to stand out in the crowd. Due to their distinctness, they act as a golden key to creating a compelling and attention-grabbing brand image.

7. Creative Abstracts

Shapes as simple as circles or triangles can make extraordinary designs. They can produce a minimalist approach that is visually appealing and enticing. We can also use the abstract art elements in place of photography and figure illustrations. They incorporate a feel of high energy that makes the entire web page look incredibly expressive. Even if there are photos of people, integrating abstract elements leaves a positive and noteworthy effect.

But one might think about why a website design has the power to change and impact a brand’s success? The simple answer is Yes, but how?

a. First Impression

A gateway to the first impression of your business. Whenever a potential customer wants to know about a brand, the first thing they do is log in to their website. And with every other company shifting online, websites have become a mandatory part of attracting the right audience. The first impression can either help you gain or lose a customer. Exclusive design, user-friendly interface, site speed, and responsiveness are factors for ensuring your site’s quality. Nobody wants to visit a site that is old-fashioned and outdated.

b. Builds Trust

It builds trust. A website that is trendy shows the seriousness of the business towards its customers. Successful brands follow website strategies to develop and retain their credibility and unique identity. Moreover, the process of building brand recognition also becomes exciting and a breeze.

c. Easy Steering

A good website design helps visitors access, navigate, search, and quickly scroll through the entire website. Searching and buying the right products becomes simple. With a mediocre user experience, there are high chances that you would lose customers. An aesthetically pleasing site is what everyone is looking for, and the right design provides all that and more. It is, therefore, always better to partner with a professional design agency such as Invictus Star to develop a website that can serve a global audience.

d. Less is More

The more complex a website is, the more frustrated your customer will become. If your website’s features comprise too many options to choose from, it can leave your audience highly confused. It increases the time to make a decision which leaves a negative impact on the visitor. Options can be creative but should be simple and straightforward.

e. Better Ranking

The better a website we build, the higher it will rank on Google’s page. If this sounds complicated, then let us make it simple. The techniques and functionality can help improve your site’s SEO ranking. An SEO-friendly website can significantly improve your site’s visibility and drive substantial traffic to expand your business’s growth.

f. Faster Load Time

A site that is well-designed loads faster too. A website should load in under two seconds because that guarantees that a visitor may stay longer and improve the conversion rates.

g. Lower Bounce Rate

The bounce rate also improves, and the audience looks forward to interacting with your website for a more extended amount of time. The more time is spent on your website, the chances of making a purchase multiplies.

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When building a website, you should take into concern the theme of your brand. It would help if you have a clear understanding of your audience. Knowing all this helps pick up the right style for your website. There are countless best website design trends, and they will go under change over time, but the clarity of your brand’s personality and audience makes it easier to implement the right one. Develop a proper strategy and give a captivating experience to your visitors. Those best website design trends will resonate with your business values and bring out the best solutions for your visitors.

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