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Big Secret Revealed. What’s Inside Our Cool Service.

Big secret

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The title mentioned above is not as provoking as it seems. Frankly, we are pessimistic about claiming that we’ve done such top-notch work. What is so special about us? An ordinary group of PowerPoint designers in the very big-big virtual universe. In a simple scenario, if a random guy accidentally stumbles into our website, there would be a 70% chance for him to get out and not return once more. We pity ourselves for that. Yet, how can we keep it going? Even more than four years and keep recruiting new staff again and again? Even some people wonder what’s the secret inside our service. And the answer we get at this point is: “We don’t know.”

It must be a coincidence or luck, perhaps. It doesn’t make sense. Here and then, we undergo a little study. We gather our designers, customer services, and everyone at a round table. We exchange a few words about continuity despite how far the achievement is in every aspect of our company, including our artistic PowerPoint design technique. As it happens, we can’t fix the issues all at once. By staying indefinitely, we need to figure it out one by one, from improving service workflow and maintaining design quality.

More the latter, one of the bubbles finally gets popped. We discovered there are not many creative agencies focused on PowerPoint design. Thanks to Google for telling the fact. Many of us neglect how assuring this kind of business. A ten-year-old kid can make the simple look presentation material more interesting. Over time, it also gets easier to act as a professional with a complimentary design application (Canva, PiZap, Prezi, etc.). The other aspect to consider, there are a bunch of platforms for freelancers to do that. We are not merely competing with another company, but also individuals, and maybe, bots too.

See? It turns out to be more absurd. Among those choices, we are still in the okay condition, receiving several projects from new clients that keep us busy every day and building their trust thoroughly.


Maybe our amazingness comes from mouth-to-mouth. Oops, not amazingness. That’s far too extreme. Let’s say kindness. Nonetheless, we’ve been doing this for ages, and now we do it automatically for routines—almost at the unconscious level—editing a boring PowerPoint or creating a cutting-edge template. We started with a Spanish guy who caught us in here and needed his presentation materials about infrastructure projects to be redesigned until a marketeer from BBC wanted an original pitch deck. Unbelievable.

It’s like riding a very slow roller coaster; hence we almost can’t feel the up and down. (If you’re so curious to know how we begin, go to click).

We barely get a clue that we’ve handled many people in our ride: a deadliner, a low-budgeter, a clueless, a double-dealer, and a hit-and-runner.

Still, we won’t claim as a client-centric enterprise as every startup wants to be. We understand how hard that would be. We are as simple as wanting to cycle the revenue with our methods, experimenting with PowerPoint tools, enjoying the most intimate 8 to 4 sitting in front of a laptop, and not letting the existential dread set in as we don’t have anything more to do. Classic. Doubtfully, we predict all those good fortunes might come from the external aspects, the unseen ones, out of the technical. And here they are:

We know a little about geography

Let’s get into a subtle thing about the Internet, which challenges us to broaden our perspective to perceive things in a bigger picture. The Internet has been together with us for half a century. Since then, the boundaries between countries get blurred. You know its effect already, ease in networking and kinds of stuff, so there’s no need to discuss further. Nowadays, the context steers through, usually shown by a particular culture and norm in society. Therefore, we demand our customer service, not just talking to their clients. But, stalking too.

That might sound scary, knowing someone is spying on your digital tracks. But, no need to worry. We know the meaning of privacy. What’s needed to be highlighted? We have to make sure what’s the proper design for your persona. Since we believe rather than stand out, it’s more important to fit in. For instance, if you have an audience from Africa, we won’t be inserting a white-man PNG picture in your presentation slides. Or, if you live in Muslim countries, we’ll be going to select our photos carefully. We won’t be putting a lady without wearing a hijab or a background set inside a dimmed bar. To conclude, where you from and for whom your material will be delivered is genuinely matter.

We build a modern kind of relationship

Big secret

Albeit we never have a chance to meet face-to-face with our clients, in fact, some of them already make a collaboration with us and wholeheartedly becomes so loyal. You might know that the price offer is applicable in such a condition. It’s the same experience as you go to a namely coffeeshop 100.000 times so that its baristas already know you well. Before choosing the menu, they know exactly what’s preferred Robusta to brew, and at some points, there’s a chance for you to get it for free. We often bear a minor revision in our cases and give an opening slide sample to a new customer for granted because everyone deserves a special treat.

It can be described as spiritual, in which the base concept is we’re happier making each other happy. As naturally good friends do, we award different opinions from you. And the process can’t be taken quickly. Either you or us, both parties need a moment to adjust. Yes. Understanding humans is so time-consuming—we’re not a robot. Therefore, if an incompatibility arises, we’ll tell you, and we hope you can do the vice versa. You might not be familiar with a redesign and redraw (check our services). We might as well not recognize your brand guide or the average budget you will invest for the assets we promote. Those are the general understanding to fend away any unwanted expectations. And that merely can be achieved with good communication, not telepathy.

We are not wearing sugar coat

Big secret

There’s a day when we received a 1000-slides-in-two-weeks-deadline order. That’s a worth penny we can’t abandon. But is it rational? With our arsenal at that moment, we can go on as long as we are brave enough to take a risk by forcing our designers to work overtime. In contrast, we chose to say no to that request and asked for ease, which brought a mutual interest. So, we finally took the challenge with a month of due time, and they could deal with that.

Things like empathy and values are the high price we won’t sacrifice. These possibly are the grounded ingredients to keep the quality of creative work. For that matter, money cannot be an urgent priority. Our designers’ well-being matters. Our customer services’ temper too. From one end to another, understanding our team beforehand means we can make our clients satisfied.

Big secret

We can’t believe how this article is written slightly with no big secret, but a mere cliché. And, um, if you’re still clueless, which is pretty obvious, we’re all too. At whatsoever capacity we can think of, our words may not be helpful to others. It can be extensive notes to ourselves because breakthrough advice can be surpassed with hard work and consistency. So, kudos to every division in our company, the designers, marketing, and creative team who’ve been giving and taking what most of our clients call a fantastic service.

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