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Brand Consistency: Make Your Brand Stand Out In Every Presentation

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Guest Writer

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What is this? Is it some African country’s flag? Of course not. You know what it is. Two colors, green and red, are enough for you to recognize Gucci among thousands of top world brands.

Imagine that you are a composer and are given a task to compose music for a Coca-Cola commercial. You already have a general idea of the tune in your head. Nobody will think of some dramatic, chill, or minimalistic music. There is a connection between happiness and some cheerful melodies. 

On the other hand, imagine that you are an interior designer, and your job is to design the coffee shop in the ZARA style. The ideas might differ from head to head, but everybody will tend to create an elegant, smooth, classy, and sophisticated space. 

Every world’s top brand has a consistent personality that is recognizable everywhere. And how did the greatest brands in the world achieve that? The answer is: Keep in mind brand consistency. 

What is brand consistency?

Brand consistency is the practice of presenting core brand values in the same tone throughout all content representing a brand – From the logo, text, images, videos, music, and sounds – to the interior design of the offices. 

The goal is to implement these elements in the minds of consumers so that they will never forget your brand and recognize it wherever they see it. 

Consistency must play an important role when presenting your brand to the audience. But, the way you are showing your brand must be in coherence with the personality and values of your company. 

Those who use your products/services must sense the “feel” of the brand. Your audience must know too. They need to carry it on through the content of your presentation.

Here are a few pro tips on implementing your branding and making it stand out in every presentation.

#1 Be aware of the “Brand voice “

What is a brand voice? A brand voice is a consistent way your brand communicates through every channel with the audience.

Remember we talked about Coca-Cola? The Coca-Cola voice is cheerful and friendly. All content created by Coca-Cola will always communicate these values. They even got Santa Claus! 

How to achieve your brand’s voice?

Start by choosing three words describing feelings you would like to elicit in people when they think about your brand. Try to be as specific as you can. Make your brand voice clear and alive.

The feeling which dominates your brand voice will dictate the tone of all content you create, including your presentation. 

If your brand is associated with “funny,” feel free not to be super serious while presenting. Act funny, but don’t push it. The better you know your brand voice, the more confident you will be while delivering it. Don’t know your brand voice well enough? Let the expert Digital Marketing Agency Dubai take care of that.

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When it comes to colors that should dominate the visual aspect of your presentation, have in mind that the template you will use should be coherent with the colors of your logo. Readable doesn’t mean the same, have that in mind as well. 

Make it readable. Choose darker colors for the text and a light one for the backgrounds. 

Don’t worry if you think that your presentation looks “boring.” Colorful slides will not make your presentation fantastic, but profoundly chosen images, graphs, charts, and exciting stories. The same color schemes will establish brand recognition in the minds of your target customers. 

More than 95% of the world’s top brands use two colors in their logo and other visual identities.
It is all about PERSONALITY, not distinctiveness. 

Placing an extensive, high-quality logo on the all-black opening slide will help set the mood before the presentation starts since your logo is the first thing the audience sees. 

Repeating the logo in the corner of every other slide will subtly keep the audience’s attention to it and more likely stick to their memory. The logo should be visible but shouldn’t seem intrusive. 

Adjust the proper contrast between the logo and the backgrounds on each slide. The logo shouldn’t protrude from the template but should be recognizable. 

The closing slide should be like the first one once you’re done talking about your products or services. A large-sized logo with nothing else on the screen helps cast a lasting impression.

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#4 Chose the font which communicates your brand personality

If your brand’s guidelines are already developed, you know better than anyone which fonts to use when presenting your brand. But, if you haven’t found what works best for you yet, here are a few tips for choosing the correct font. 

The font for your brand name must be distinctive, creative, and suit the feeling of your brand consistency.

Each font possesses its unique traits, thus evoking different feelings in your audiences. 

There are six primary font classifications: Serif, Sans-serif, Slab serif, Script, Handwritten, and Decorative. 

Serif fonts have existed since the 15th century. Because they are original font styles, we perceive them as classic, traditional, and trustworthy.

They’re favored by brands that want to convey a feeling of respectability and tradition, like Vogue, Time Magazine, Rolex, etc.

Sans-serif fonts are perceived as more modern than serif fonts since they originated in the 19th century.

Their minimal design inspires a sense of cleanliness and aid. Even at small resolutions, they remain readable. 

They are highly used by many of the top tech companies.

Slab serif fonts send a message of boldness and confidence.

They work well for companies with a long and proven history of producing quality products that still want to appear current. 

They look more rugged, bold, and quirky than traditional serif fonts. 

Script fonts are elegant and unique. Just as everyone’s handwriting looks unique, each script font feels very distinctive.

The script fonts are used by brands like Ford, Johnson & Johnson, Cadillac, and Instagram. 

Handwritten fonts are a good choice if you want to present your brand as playful, informal, approachable, or artistic.

Decorative fonts are stylized, distinctive, and dramatic

Decorative fonts are the most diverse. They offer a highly stylized look and thus tend to be a bit more trendy.

They are dramatic and distinctive. Thus they make the logos of companies such as Lego, Disney, and IBM especially memorable. 

Fonts for the presentation slides should be simple and well-known so that everyone in the room can read them easily. Otherwise, the audience can get tired and distracted by constantly toiling to read what is written on the slides.  

When it comes to the font size, keep in mind the screen size and the room if the event occurs offline. The text should even be visible from the back rows. 

Use different font sizes. The font size will vary depending on the intention you have. If you want to excite the audience, warn them, or emphasize the importance of what is written.  

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#5 Don’t underestimate the importance of photos

Images leave the strongest impression on the audience. People tend to retain images more than texts. So choosing the right images for your presentation is extremely important. 

Only use high-resolution photos. People will not take your brand seriously if you display blurry images. You won’t be able to engage a listener if you don’t care about what you are talking about. 

Collect images that convey the feeling you want people to get when interacting with your brand.

The images shouldn’t be too illustrative. It is not necessary to convey the literal meaning of the text. You can use something different, which can be a metaphor, synecdoche, or metonymy. 

Try to tell the story with photos. People are prone to conceptualize any idea as a story with a beginning, middle, and end. If your brand is consistent and has a personality, it must have a story. 

Be creative, and feel free to make a small piece of art for your presentation. Show everybody the world you have made.

Nobody expects you to write a novel about your brand consistency but have in mind elements such as rhythm, gradation, and pace within the whole presentation.  

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