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The Marketing ‘Affair’ Between Brands and PowerPoint Presentation Design

between brands and powerpoint presentation design

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Between brands and PowerPoint presentation design, there is one hidden ‘affair’ you should know.

Did you know that PowerPoint presentation design has the power to shape a company’s brands? In addition to that, did you know that brands and PowerPoint presentation design have direct connections?

Yeah, that’s right. Your brand will most likely get more recognition if you can effectively use your PowerPoint presentation design as a weapon to introduce it. However, on the other hand, your bad PowerPoint presentation design can also be the last thing you can remember about your career.

So, how to unlock the secret relationship mantra between brands and PowerPoint presentation design? It is not a difficult task, actually, and once you have opened the achievement, you will never return to your old self.

After reading this, you will realize how your favorite brands have always allured you to choose their products over others. What’s optimistic about it is, you can copy their methods and apply them to your PowerPoint presentation design to develop your own brand identity.

Let’s cut the crab. Here are the ‘affairs’ you need to know between brands and PowerPoint presentation design.

They would & will always try to be funny

Don’t you know that every single company that has ever presented its product or brand to you has always tried to make you laugh? Have you ever laughed at their jokes? Well, if you have, then their plans must have worked pretty well.

A good sense of humor will work wonders combined with a well-executed PowerPoint presentation. And as a result of that, you will also have a bigger chance to harvest the audiences’ attention. But the impact of such a combination is far better than that.

If you can execute such good work multiple times, it will become your trademark. Later on, you can bring your trademark into your brand, and thus your good sense of humor can become a perfect bridge between brands and PowerPoint presentation.

If you think you are not a humorist or feel that your audience will not get your daily jokes, you can just put a little effort into making a well-planned joke. You can just put some memes or funny gifs in your PowerPoint presentation design, and voila, you have developed your brand identity as simple as that.

Oh, and one thing that you should pay attention to is not to laugh alone when pulling a joke. It will make things a little bit awkward (or big-time awkward depends on the case). Pull the joke, wait for their reactions, and laugh together with them. If they don’t laugh, continue presenting and use the next weapon you can use to bridge between brands and PowerPoint presentation design.

Visual stimulation is the next secret hidden between brands and PowerPoint presentation design

You are going on to the next weapon. Have you ever questioned what would happen if you present without even using PowerPoint as a visual cue to your audience? That would be a long and tedious preach for your audience unless you are a standup comedian.

Why? Because to deliver information effectively, you need to stimulate every aspect that you can touch during that presentation. Truth is said, it requires a combination of audio and visual elements from your presentation and PowerPoint presentation design.

And to develop a brand identity, you need to put those aspects in a perfect way that your audiences can recognize your brand without you telling them about the whole picture. Having the audiences recognize your brand immediately with very few clues is your purpose.

You can spread the clues throughout your presentation to maintain the delivery process using related images or videos. This is the more subtle and preferred method than putting all your brand’s logos all over the presentation.

So, what kind of visual cues that can you use in the PowerPoint presentation design? There are several cues such as logos, color palettes, infographics, videos, and typographies. Make sure to make full use of them in your PowerPoint presentation design, and plant those things in your audiences’ minds.

Getting personal means a better relationship between brands and PowerPoint presentation design

You should have already known about this so well, my incredible brothers and sisters. Ha-ha, we see that it is a little bit annoying to be called that way, but you should know upfront that getting personal is needed to make your brand recognizable. Getting emotional, but not by calling them brothers and sisters, we mean.

Getting personal to your audience will not only make your brand introduction run more smoothly, but it will also make your brand roots stronger in their minds. It would help if you had an excellent strategy to make your PowerPoint presentation design a little bit personal for many audiences, but all your efforts will be worth it.

So, what kind of ‘getting personal’ can you use to build the bridge between brands and PowerPoint presentation design? Try to become their ‘hero’ or ‘savior’ during your PowerPoint presentation, and see what happens later.

This method is easy to do. You start with a question. Ask a question that ‘hits’ their personal experience, such as: “Have you ever wondered why sometimes you wake up tired even though you have slept for more than 10 hours?”

Follow up the question with facts that puts your audience in the first person, such as: “it is because you don’t sleep in the right position,” or “it is because you are stressed.” Lastly, be their hero by telling them the solution for that problem without hesitation and include your brand in it, like: “it is because you haven’t tried our new mattress!”

Don’t forget to open up to your audience. Let them know your personal experience with other brands and tell them why you have a massive belief that your brand is more robust, better, and friendlier to everyone. However, make sure not to make your presentation a black campaign to other brands because it can be a vast backstab later on.

Controlling the tempo, controlling the game-o

You are the master of your presentation, including the duration and the amount of information you want to deliver. Controlling the tempo of your presentation is essential for both your brand and your effort to make PowerPoint presentation design.

You can be as creative as Leonardo da Vinci, but don’t make your presentation too long. Even visitors do not camp in front of Monalisa painting to admire its beauty. Make sure to create a presentation that can give you enough time to deliver every piece of message in it with every single slide.

Even though it is artsy and beautiful, too long and too quick presentations will break the bridge between brands and PowerPoint presentation design. You can only make your brand identity recognizable from your PowerPoint presentation design by delivering the right amount of information in the right amount of time.

Let your audience witness the hard work you put in your presentation, but don’t let them notice the weaknesses. Make as many slides as possible, but don’t present for 5 hours straight. Watch how professional presenters can build their tempo while presenting, for example, while someone is doing a TED talk.

Creative PowerPoint presentation slides can become the gamechanger you need

And as the tip of the spear, what you need to uncover the ‘affair’ between brands and PowerPoint presentation design is a creative presentation design. This thing alone will give you almost half the power you need to get the results that you want.

An innovative brand needs creative PowerPoint presentation slides to be its representation. That fact alone is a glitch in real life that we can use to make our brand skyrocket. The reason is that when you present good and creative PowerPoint presentation slides, people will subconsciously believe your brand is a good and innovative one.

Putting an animated version of your brand’s logo in the presentation design, for example, is a clever way to imprint the presence of your brand without keep telling your audience your brand’s name. Look how Apple can show its existence with their logo only, without the need to write the brand’s name in every single thing they sell.

It will help if you put as many identities as possible to make your audience know that those things are related to your brand. Use the correct color pallet representing your brand, use your logo, use typography similar to your brand’s typography, etc.

Using all of those things in your slides, you can build a strong bridge between brands and PowerPoint presentation design. “But putting all of those things in our presentation slides is difficult,” you said? Relax, because we have something to tell you…

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Luckily, we can give you the support to present a creative PowerPoint presentation

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We know that identity matters, and your brand identity is something that you need to tell the world, including via your PowerPoint presentation design. In this case, we can help you build a creative and high-class PowerPoint presentation design that will help you introduce your brand and make it look much better than using the basic templates provided by Microsoft.

You can visit our service to find out more information about what we can do, check out some freebies for your PowerPoint presentation design inspiration, or visit our marketplace to see our other works you might get interested in.

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