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Here Is What You Search for the Best Content Ideas with Google Slides

Nurma Febriana
Nurma Febriana
content ideas with Google Slides

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We already have a basic understanding of making presentations from high school, college, or work using PowerPoint. Now we will adapt that skill by using Google Slides.

Google Slides is a great way to create easy and attractive presentations that we can use for many different creative projects. Google Slides can provide interactive learning for students and deliver presentations to an audience. Some content ideas with Google Slides will be mentioned in this article to inspire you.

Many people think of presentation slides as a visual aid to give a presentation in front of an audience, but they can also offer an interactive user experience.

With Google Slides, PowerPoint, and other similar tools, teachers can create unique learning experiences for students. In addition, they can also create visually stimulating products to convey valuable messages and content.

The content ideas with Google Slides

Here are 35 content ideas with Google Slides: 

Create PDF ebook

We can open PDF Files on almost any Internet-enabled device. PDFs are an excellent way to distribute information.

Creating a PDF ebook is one of the content ideas with Google Slides. Google Slides can make great simple PDF ebooks. To create a slide presentation, we can change to the File we want by adding content and finish by going to File> Download as … > PDF Document.

Create an interactive “slide deck book”

An interactive “slide deck book” is one of the content ideas with Google Slides. This idea came from Matt Macfarlane. He found exciting content on the web and put it together in “slide deck books.” He gives students a link to access the report. Then the student can access it online and click on the link to get more information.

Play the “Jeopardy!” game

The “Jeopardy” game is also possible to create via Google Slides. Eric Curts has created this template to copy to your own Google Drive to customize your questions and answers. “Jeopardy!” Games can generate content ideas with Google Slides.

Create another game-show-style review game

We can use Google Slides to create different games. However, when creating more complex games, we must build links to various slides in the presentation. Click on the drop to play games.

Animate a concept

One of the content ideas with Google Slides is to create animations on Google Slides. This idea content allows students to animate and transform abstract ideas into accurate and exciting visuals. We can make the animation on the first slide. Then we copy on the next slide.

Create an “online course”

We can express content ideas with Google Slides by creating “online courses.” We can create slide presentations with slide sections for each module in the course. For example, the first slide could have links to various course modules. Additionally, we can create questions on slides for self-assessment or links to Google Forms quizzes for more formal assessments. See an example of an “online course” template here. (Make sure you click the “present” button if you want to “take” the course.”)

Assess with a self-assessment quiz

Self-assessment quizzes give students feedback and leave students independent from the teacher. This self-assessment is one of the content ideas with Google Slides. For example, we create a link to the feedback slide for each possible answer on the question slide. Then, on each feedback slide, we connect to move on to the next question.

Write your own picked adventure story

Students and teachers can create content ideas with Google Slides. We can associate the content with all types of class content. For example, a student tells a problem about a math lesson using Google Forms and presents it with Google Slides.

Creating a storybook

A storybook is one of the content ideas with Google Slides. Writing is done in word processors and can also realize in online books with attractive images, colors, fonts, etc. Students can create storybooks with Slides.

Play #QR BreakIn

One of the fun content ideas with Google Slides is QRBreakIN. QRBreakIN is a game-changing approach to old-school centers.

Google also provides sticky notes brainstorming with Google Slides. These notes are like sticky notes that contain about:

  • Learning planning, unit planning, curriculum planning
  • Organizing events for clubs, sports, plays, etc.
  • Pre-writing for research reports
  • Planning student projects
  • Write words
  • Debriefing after a science lab or physics experiment

This game can bring learning for students because there are puzzles in it. Brainstorm with digital sticky notes.

Reporting Lab with Google Slides

Content Ideas with Google Slides to Create is a student interactive Google Slides lab report. We can meet our science standards in new and exciting ways by using Google Slides in science class. The focus of learning has shifted from simply mastering content knowledge to applying skills in disciplines. Now we can convert the lab report from Google Docs to Google Slides.

Play (and make) memory games

Content ideas with Google Slides are to play (and make) memory games. This game is like an electronic memory game. In this game, we include instructions.

Find or create novel HyperDocs

Content ideas with Google Slides to find or create novel HyperDocs. Google slides are a fantastic place to house novels. Novel HyperDocs turns curriculum guides into engaging, blended learning units.

Use Screencastify to create annotated movie or book reviews

Screencastify activities include:

  • Creating a video.
  • Increasing engagement with editing.
  • Assessing viewer understanding.
  • Sharing the video and more.

Setting up the extension before using it.

Make interactive Google Slides games

We can use the slides to: 

  • Make interactive games
  • Flashcards of facts
  • Introduce the #hyperdocs for interactive lessons and #ditchbook

Content ideas with Google Slides are to make interactive Google Slides games.

Student reflections newsletter

Content ideas with Google Slides is the Student reflections newsletter. It contains stop motion, video, group projects, presentations, and Infographics.

Create #Booksnaps of current reading

We can use #BookSnaps for any subject.

When creating #BookSnaps in Google Slides, students can do the following:

  • Take a picture from the web
  • Make your picture through a selfie
  • Add text and annotations

#BookSnaps is one of the content ideas with Google Slides that represents digital learning visuals and displays students’ voices and choices.

Have fun with magnetic poetry

Some content ideas with Google Slides are writing poems, phrases, sentences, or even stories with a limited collection of tiny magnet words.

Create an interactive app with Google Slides

Google Slides offers a solution for developing your school applications. We can create content, and school groups can give teachers, administrators, and others authoring rights.

Make memes

One of the content ideas with Google Slides is to create memes. We can add slides and insert memes with Google Slides.

Practice digital citizenship (and have fun) with fake social media templates

We use Snapchat to share photos and videos that reflect what’s going on in our lives. Google Slides templates can recreate this Snappables experience.

Jigsaw with the Iron Chef EduProtocol

EduProtocols is a set of lesson frameworks that we can quickly adapt to any subject or class. EduProtocols save time and teach better. There are many templates in EduProtocols.

ThinSlides with Google Slide

ThinSlides is one of the Ideas content with Google slides. The slide is effortless, short, and easy to understand because one drop contains one picture and one word.

Utilize the unique slide URL for the slide to slides linking activities

We can link from one slide to another by:

  • Click or highlight what you want to create a link.
  • Use the link button.
  • Select the drop-down menu that says “Slides in this presentation.”
  • Select the slide you like to link.

Each Google Slide has a unique URL that opens up a whole world of creativity.

Create comic books

Comics are visual and colorful. A comic combining pictures with words is an excellent way to tell stories to children. Google Images and Slides is a perfect medium for giving students creativity. Content ideas with Google Slides are to create multiple pages like comic pages.

Write interactive math stories with Google Slides

We can use Google Slides for interactive math. By using Google Slides, everyone can learn about it to create all content ideas with Google Slides.

Lock the background for drag-and-drop activities

Creating a drag-and-drop activity with Google Slides depending on what you want to make, the steps are as follows.

1st step

  • Plan your activities according to the learning objectives.
  • Dig deeper into your curriculum.
  • Choose activities that will help students achieve the learning goals for your class.

2nd step

  • Create Your Background Image on a New Blank Slide.
  • The first thing we need to create is the activity background.

3rd step

  • Create Your Activity Template
  • Create a new Google Slides deck.
  • Add a blank slide and upload the image you created as the background and add elements and objects that you want students to drag and drop or move to a different area of your environment.

Step 4:

  • Assign for Students in Google Classroom
  • You can use the “Make a Copy for Each Student” option to create an individual file for each student.

Get students creative and moving while presenting their Google Slides creations. Digital galleries blend digital and face-to-face learning as they allow students to display, share and discuss work such as a visit to an art museum.

Use slides for interactive notebooks

Content ideas with Google Slides originals are interactive notebooks. We can go into “digital notebooks,” and one of the options is Google Slides!

Why use Google Slides for interactive notebooks? Because it can organize your digital interactive book and take the interactive notebook to the next level. 

Making your invitations

Wedding costs are not cheap. To help you save money while ensuring your vision will come true, make your invitations. How to create an invitation with Google Slides:

Create a new document in Slides and change the page settings (in the File menu)

Wedding invitations are 5″x7″, or we can choose Custom and enter your size. Then, use the text box to add relevant information, such as date, time, location, dress code, and RSVP deadline. Finally, download it as a PDF document.

Share social media

With GoogleSlide, we can create neat and professional posts for Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

  • Import your brand color scheme
  • Change background and font color
  • Choose a font that suits your brand and insert photos, shapes, logos, and icons.
  • When finished, download the File as. JPG or. PNG
  • Share files on your social media.

We resize your pages (Custom Page Setup Files) to fit each platform. Google Slides allows us to do several things, including:

Create diplomas and certificates

Google Slides is here to help if you need a certificate for your child’s preschool diploma, online course recognition, or awards. The certificate does not require a lot of text, and select

the solid colored background or choose a graphical environment. After that, we can Download Slides as PDFs; then, you can send them by email or print them on thick paper.

Create a photo album

Creating photo albums in Google Slides is the easiest to create and share. This photo album is a content slide with Google Slides, which is quite fun. Indeed, you can generate Slide files for different memories, such as birthdays, holidays, and weddings. We need to add captions, titles, illustrations, and animations next to your most valuable photos.

Create a creative CV

Fortunately, you can use Google Slides to create a neat but creative one-page CV, so your CV and resume should be impressive and attractive.

A CV doesn’t have to belong, but it’s a good idea to choose a professional template and create slides for your photos, work experience, education, special skills, and other relevant information that will impress you.

After that, you can directly share the presentation link or download it as a PDF and email it.

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Are you ready to improve content ideas with Google Slides?

Google Slides create visually stimulating products to deliver a message and valuable content. By thinking outside the box with Google Slides, PowerPoint, and other similar tools, teachers can create unique learning experiences for students. 

Let’s visit RRSlide to download free PowerPoint templates. But wait, don’t go anywhere and stay here with our Blog to keep up-to-date on all the best pitch deck template collections and design advice from our PowerPoint experts yet to come!

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