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Top 16 Content Marketing Trends to Keep in Mind for 2022

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Guest Writer
content marketing strategy

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Content Marketing Strategy to Keep in Mind for 2022

Branding and marketing strategies of industries have observed tremendous paradigm shifts in the recent past.

Technology, consumers’ tastes, the environment, laws and regulations, and many external factors are the critical attributes of the evolution of marketing.

If you want to lead the market, you must focus on the aspects of future consumer behavior, their choice, and expectation.

Content marketing is one of the key players to boost your reach to the targeted audience. As per one report, more than 70% of marketers promote active investing in content marketing.

And 40% of marketing leaders believe that content marketing plays a vital role in the overall marketing strategy.

After the covid-19 pandemic, this is even more evident that digitization has now become the new normal. And even after the pandemic is over, the consumer’s habit is not going to change.

Hence, organizations are much more focused on expanding their digital marketing arena, and content marketing is the prominent zoner.

Why is it essential to make a strategy for marketing?

Time flies, and we sometimes don’t even track the pace.

After the panic of covid-19, we have started to become normal, and it is time to enter into a new year – 2022. Surely you are also planning new strategies of marketing for 2022.

But why is it essential to make a plan, a method for 2022? And what are the key trends you should focus on while making this plan? Let’s have a detailed look.

Plan and strategies are essential because it gives you a path to follow and to reach your goal. After deciding the destination, there should be one or more specific and strategic paths to get there.

Below are some critical reasons you should make a marketing strategy well ahead of your planning time frame.

  • It helps to get market insight and highlight the trends.
  • Gives you a better understanding of your product portfolio. Which product or service will be beneficial for the upcoming quarter or a year? How do manage the life cycle with the consumer’s taste? A good strategy should give you all the answers.
  • It provides a data-driven decision-making option to invest your time, energy, and money to get the best output.
  • By making an optimized usage of your resources, a marketing strategy is very effective.
  • Competitor study is an essential aspect of the marketing plan. The short-term and long-term marketing strategy gives you a clear idea of how you can stay ahead of your competitors.

You must do intense market research, gather data, choose the target market or audience, gather the market mix, think about the product lifecycle and consider many other points while making the marketing strategy.

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16 tips for the content marketing strategy to keep in mind for 2022

Along with the standard marketing practices, more new trends are evolving to hit the content marketing universe.

After the turbulence of the corona era, organizations are more focused on the out-of-the-box trends that can keep them way ahead.

Here are the top 16 content marketing trends you must incorporate into your content marketing strategies.

1. Active SEO strategy

According to the data by HubSpot, the second-most standard measurement of content marketing success factor is Web Traffic. And to get more traffic, you need to focus on your SEO.

Almost 95% of the visitors do not move to the second page of search results. Therefore, unique, different, and creative content is critical to index quickly and get a better ranking to hit the nail. 

SEO-friendly content with specific keywords and focused niches is essential to boost the ranking and thus create better organic traffic.

In 2022, the trend will focus more on SEO-friendly content, and organizations will also keep exploring new ways to deliver the best-ever SEO practices. 

2. Strategy to retain customers

In this competitive market, everybody is concentrating on the new leads and new customers.

But, retaining your existing client or bringing back the distracted consumers is similarly essential.

Your current customers are your promoters and can generate massive leads.

It’s your existing customers who can create an enormous impact on continuous improvements by sharing genuine reviews and feedback.

You can use strategies like updating your content regularly, and sharing notifications about promotional events, new product launches, offers, and discounts to grow more prominent with your regular clients.

3. Use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Visual memory is a thousand times stronger than any other means. The human brain can analyze video graphics faster and store more information through visuals.

80% of marketers agreed that videos have increased their sales drastically. In addition to this, the modern era wants to experience the products and services virtually in a more natural form. 

In 2022, it is evident that organizations will increase the usage of Augmented and Virtual Reality in their content marketing strategy.

This will engage people more efficiently, connect with the viewers, and make a real presence with all critical features of your products, creating more leads for your business.

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4. Incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The marketing trend has already moved to data-driven analysis.

Artificial Intelligence can help analyze the data, customer behavior, choice and trends, search patterns, and much more repetitive work to make the strategy more efficient and effective.

It is imperative to track what consumers search for online, and we can do this part easily with the help of AI. 

Modern start-ups are working with optimized resources, which can help them use their resources on more critical aspects of the business.

Moreover, a fast response is what your clients need, and AI-powered chatbots, like Instagram bots, are there to resolve this issue.

Don’t be afraid to use Facebook for lead generation because with automation it can be done quickly. Thus, you can save time for more urgent matters in your business.  

You can install software CUCOMM that automatically sends messages to FB users and collects any information in the niche you are interested in.

5. Podcasting is a new choice

Podcasting is on the uptrend now.

To create effective management, people are more likely to listen to the podcast, which offers a variety of information and has great potential to generate a brand image in upcoming years.

It has a closer touch with the human mind, and the audience can relate more to the tone and emotion of the voice quality.

According to Neal Schaffer, The podcasting industry is growing faster than any other. The number of podcasts that exist is about 0.1% of the total number of blogs.

This is important for those of us who want to stand out in a crowded digital space. Many marketers are attracted to podcasting because of this opportunity.

Here at Podfest, the keynote announced there were more podcast listeners than Spotify listeners. In 2021, there are 850,000 active podcasts, with over 48 million total episodes.

6. High-quality content

The Internet is now loaded with content.

The current trend shows that people are more interested in high-quality and unique content.

Simplicity, clarity, and information are the properties attracting the crowd and will work in the future.

It would help if you compelled your consumer to spend time by making your content interesting, more engaging, and interactive, by including relevant questions, games, and quizzes.

Content should be made so simple that your consumers do not need to rethink to understand them.

7. Specialization in the contents

Working on a niche is now very common, and there are many players in the market.

Therefore, to make a significant impact on your consumers, specialization is required.

People always trust expert advice rather than a generic statement.

The trend of micro-niche or specialized content is going to impact the 2022 marketing strategy. 

More businesses, especially start-ups, will build a dedicated team to make their content marketing strategy stronger.

HubSpot data reveals that 78% of companies have an expert team of content specialists. It will help your customers to know that.

  • You are a market leader in a specific category.
  • Your organization can indeed provide a solution related to their particular problem.
  • You have the required competency in this field.
  • You can provide any information regarding the latest movement in this zone.

The trend of micro-niche or specialized content is going to impact the 2022 marketing strategy. 

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8. Use of voice search command

In the era of Industry 4.0, everything is changing more innovatively.

Amazon Alexa, Google home mini, and many more intelligent gadgets have made their place in our daily lives.

Be it your home appliances or answering your query, the voice command controlling system is booming.

In 2022 also, people will incorporate this trend into a content marketing strategy.

FAQ content is one good example of where we can use voice search effectively.

9. Account-based marketing (ABM)

If you focus on the B2B market, you must concentrate on Account-Based Marketing (ABM).

It is a focused approach where the sales and marketing team work together to convert a potential account into a customer. 

It would help if you created an altogether different and personalized marketing strategy for the key accounts. Like an optimized content process, your crucial account holders’ research can help resolve the below issues.

  • Prioritizing ROI and business results
  • Focused approach and maximizing output of resources
  • High chance to convert a potential customer into a regular client

Rather than floating a lot of generic content, quality outreach and a tailor-made approach for the top accounts can bring a lot of revenue to your business. 

10. More focus on audio-visuals

Changing environment and external factors are inducing new habits in us.

And these are not going to change in the future even if the affecting factors are gone.

During the COVID-19 period, consumption of audio-visual content has increased exponentially.

The report says that 80% of marketers say that video content has generated leads and increased sales for their business.

Social media, YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms will be more prevalent in the coming years and will be used more widely as a medium of audio-visual advertising.

11. A greater degree of individualization

By using data-driven content marketing tactics, startups and established organizations can better understand their target audiences.

Therefore, the information you gather can help you create the right content to address your target audience’s pain points and goals at every stage of the buying process.

You can now easily find out who your competitors are.

Using the types and forms of content they provide, as well as how your target audience reacts to them, you can position your startup to build content to pursue your marketing goals.

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12. A/B testing of website content

The use of A/B testing on high-value SEO pages, such as pillar content pages and blogs, is often reserved for paid advertising landing pages.

Try running an A/B test on your website’s most popular blog post in 2022 to see if it increases conversions.

13. The Launch of shoppable links

In 2022, shoppable links will be launched to ensure customers can go where they need to without leaving the area where the information was first presented.

It is one of the key features of marketing in 2022 that will change the marketplace.

14. Using UGC and UDC

Brands will lean toward using user-generated content and user-directed content.

In the past two years, the world has lain dormant, and consumers are eager to get out and be active again. 

For creative marketing purposes, brands and agencies need to develop strategies for collecting and utilizing UGC and UDC content. 

15. Using social media video platforms

As seen on TikTok and Instagram Reels, social media videos are the top content marketing trend for 2022.

Brands can leverage these platforms’ trends, such as challenges, hashtag videos, lip-syncing videos, and more, to create effective content.

16. Focusing on the hybrid agency model

In 2022, there will be a focus on hybrid agency models.

It’s a way of doing business where agencies can delegate some of their fulfillment work to partners who understand it better.

Also, it can provide a much better service in less time, allowing agencies to stay focused on their core responsibilities while filling in their weak spots.


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2022 will come with many changes in the content marketing trends and be on top.

So, organizations have to keep a close look at these directions while making strategies.

The competition will increase, and customers will become more demanding, but marketers can cope with these challenges.

Importantly, It is vital to have the right tools and technologies to stay ahead of your rivals, and therefore, it is vital to know the trends and prepare for the surprising future.

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content marketing strategy

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