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Tips to Create PowerPoint Presentation Design That Converts Leads into Sales

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Table of Contents

PowerPoint presentation design that converts leads into sales is not that difficult to make. You have to follow these steps.

Creating a PowerPoint presentation design is not that hard because most of us have trained in the height of Tibetan temples, or maybe in high school, to learn that. But when it is about creating attractive PowerPoint slides, it can be a whole different story.

Not every PowerPoint presentation is attractive to the audience. You might know it so well that not every single PowerPoint presentation is worth your time, and you feel like you can make something better than that. Don’t you think that on some occasions, your audience also feels like that?

Well, it’s okay because after you follow these steps, you will not only be able to create an attractive PowerPoint presentation design but even create a PowerPoint presentation design that converts leads into sales. Whoa, that would be a massive boost to your presenting skill!

But is it challenging to do that? No, it is as easy as putting some additional texts in your slides and getting rid of others. To be more complete, here are the steps you need to follow:

Start from the start of your PowerPoint presentation design that converts leads into sales

So, where should you start creating a PowerPoint presentation design that converts leads into sales? Of course, from the very beginning of your slides. You should be able to make your audience dive deep into your presentation even before saying a word.

Here are some contents in the presentation that you should pay attention to if you want to make a PowerPoint presentation that converts leads into sales.

a. Make them pay attention

According to Envato, Make sure your audience pays attention to you since the very first slide. Put your punchline at the beginning of the presentation and let your audience wonder what it has to do with the whole PowerPoint presentation. Also, don’t forget to make it as attractive as possible because the first impression matters.

b. Concern for their concern

After you grab their attention initially, pull them deeper into your presentation by designing an informative illustration, infographic, or something like that, showing that you know their problems. This feature will not only pull them deeper but will implicitly say that you care about them.

c. Let them use their imagination

Or, more correctly, let them analyze their needs and create a play about the solution themselves. How to do that? You can use graphs or pie charts in telling the audience about your persuasion. For example, you can use a pie chart to tell the audience about percentages of benefits they can get to take your offer, based on the time required to follow.

Focus on your audiences

Okay, so now you have learned about how to jumpstart your presentation. Next, you should learn how to make your PowerPoint presentation design that converts leads into sales based on their feelings, considerations, ability, and personality.

Here are some questions you should answer in your PowerPoint presentation design that converts leads into sales.

a. Why should they stay?

Tell them explicitly in your slides about something interesting in the next slide. Tell them explicitly about a cue point in your whole presentation. Tell them explicitly that they may find the answer to all of their questions at the end of the presentation. Putting those affirmations in your slides will inform them of the reason why they should stay.

b. What will they get?

Your audience should ask, “What can I get from following this presentation until the end?” and that’s cliché. However, not many presenters tell the benefits that the audience can get from following their presentation. This is the weak point you can solve immediately by simply putting a picture of happy people after purchasing your product or services.

c. Can they digest it?

The next question you should answer is, is your design suitable for them? Different generations and backgrounds require different approaches. You might want to design several presentation slides ideal for each audience group or just one presentation slide representing every group of audience. It is up to you, but your audience will only get moved with a suitable presentation design.

Create a narration

When your presentation design is standing on its own, your audience will find it hard to follow through. That’s why the whole presentation should become something narrative and, in the end, it would tell a story of a beneficial partnership.

Here are some things to put in your presentation: a PowerPoint presentation design that converts leads into sales.

a. Use cue story

Make a cue story by adding some plots, main characters, and simple exchanging of information. For example, if you want to speak about the benefit of planting trees, try to use a story of future children who live on the planet without a tree.

b. Splash some ‘spices’

Don’t just use ordinary stories. You can use any story of your choice because it is your presentation! If you love sci-fi, put some science fiction plots in the story. If you love documentaries, follow through and play some documentary video that’s related to your presentation. It is your presentation, and the choice is yours!

c. Connect with your slides!

After all, this is the thing that you should pay close attention to. To create a PowerPoint presentation design that converts leads into sales, you should never be too enthusiastic about the story. It would help if you made the story a supporting feature in your presentation instead of the whole presentation.

Work on your PowerPoint presentation design that converts leads into sales

Finally, as we are talking about PowerPoint presentation design that converts leads into sales, this point is the most important thing. Everything mentioned above was about how to grab your audience’s minds and pull them deep into your presentation.

However, what matters is how you work on your slides. Your good verbal presentation, accompanied by low-quality slides, will mean nothing. Your slides will be the center of their attention while explaining things, and it is also the media to tell your story.

Here are some ways to make your slides a good PowerPoint presentation design that converts leads into sales:

a. Uniqueness = Special Feelings

Make your audience feel special because you design the presentation slides ‘exactly’ for them. Default presentation templates are not unique because even children can use them. But how can every time you present, you use a ‘different’ design?

The key is in your color palette. You can change the color palette of your presentation to make it more suitable for your audience. For a bold audience, you can use the black template. While for the softer approach, using a pinky color palette is better.

b. Don’t clutter it with text

All those things mentioned above might make you think that your presentation slides should be cluttered with texts. No, it would help if you kept it simple and elegant instead of turning it into another J.K. Rowling’s novel in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.

There is a straightforward way you can try to make such abundant information fit into your slides and make them as dense as possible. One feature called infographic consists of both pictures and texts that subsequently support each other in telling a piece of information.

c. Maintain attraction with objects

Lastly, every single slide you present should have at least one corner of interest where the audience will find it interesting to look at. It will maintain their attention to your presentation and will keep their train of thoughts moving.

You can earn it by putting interesting objects like images, charts, graphs, logos, or illustrations in every slide. You should pay attention to the correlation between those objects with the points you are trying to communicate to the audience.

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