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Signs Your Corporate Presentation Needs Help: 13 Signals You Need to Know

Ulfah Alifah
Ulfah Alifah
Signs Your Corporate Presentation Needs Help

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Signs Your Corporate Presentation Needs Help

Having a corporate presentation means you are having one of the most critical times in your whole career. It is because not every day you present corporate presentations either for internal or external purposes.

Of course, you always want everything to go your way. However, sometimes you have to accept the truth that life can be a female dog. Sometimes you miss some simple things that are so simple, but that simple thing is impactful enough to affect the whole presentation.

And in that case, it will be too late to understand that your corporate presentation needs help. That’s why, before it is too late to do anything, maybe it is better off if you check for these 13 signs your corporate presentation needs help.

Some of these signs may be easy to spot before the presentation, but some will only appear after presenting them to your audience. So, how to prevent bad things from happening when your corporate presentation needs help?

To talk about that, let’s move into the first sign that your corporate presentation needs help, which is…

…it is done without practice and preparations

Yes, the very first sign that your corporate presentation needs help is when you ignore the importance of practice and preparations. As mentioned above, some signs can be easily spotted before the presentation. But a lot of others can only be spotted during a presentation.

Practicing your presentation to your colleagues will help you spot those minor signs that your corporate presentation needs help and improve it further. Furthermore, your corporate presentation needs a peer review from your colleagues.

Especially those who already have the experience to present corporate presentations in front of the big fish. That’s why, to appreciate practicing and preparations, we put the absence of it as the first of 13 signs your corporate presentation needs help.

Without any script

The second sign that your corporate presentation needs help is when you do not have any written script. Come on, even Superman forgets! Relying on your memory alone is not the best option in delivering critical information to important people.

There is a good reason why infamous speakers can speak like words are flowing through their mouths, and the reason is that they have a good script for the speech. Your corporate presentation needs a script to prevent you from forgetting things in the middle of a good presentation. Period.

The whole slide is your presentation

Even though we said you need a script for your presentation, don’t make your whole presentation as the script. Don’t make the entire slide become your complete presentation, and every single word you speak comes from the slides alone.

The main point of incorporating presentation is to build a strong connection between your audience and your corporation. In this case, you want to make your audience feel like they are personally speaking with the brand or corporation you are representing.

Don’t let your presentation makes your audience feel like they are communicating with a robot. Reading the whole slide is one of the biggest signs that your corporate presentation needs help.

The slide looks like a novel

What makes the previous sign worse is when your whole presentation looks like a novel. Every single slide contains more than 1000 words, and imagine you have to read all of them. We assure you that your less-polite audience will not hesitate to hit the escape button.

This is one of the biggest mistakes that will not only make you look senseless but will even make you look lazy because most people will think those words are copy-pasted to the slides. Nobody wants to communicate professionally with inert and senseless people.

That’s why you don’t need to write every single thing you want to say in your slides because you can do that in the script that we have mentioned above. Instead, keep your slides as neat and clean as possible to visually appeal to the audience.

Audiences are sleeping

What is a more obvious sign your corporate presentation needs help than when you discover that your audience is sleeping in front of you during your corporate presentation? Not only will it hurt your self-esteem, but it will also hurt your company’s credibility.

A boring presentation is as hurtful as a missed appointment to present. Even though your audience is not sleeping or still looking like paying attention, they do not care about you and anything you say anymore.

But how to avoid presenting a boring presentation? This is where practice and peer review are needed the most, as we have explained above. Which one is better, waking your sleeping colleague up during the practice or waking the CEO of another company during your corporate presentation?

They don’t laugh at your jokes

In contrary to the previous sign that your corporate presentation needs help, you should not make your whole presentation a comedy. What’s worse than that is when you are trying to make people laugh with your presentation, but none of them even smile.

Your corporate presentation should be professional, and you should present as charismatic as possible. Don’t be Michael Scott if you are not the regional manager of Dunder Mifflin, and don’t try to create such jokes like him in real life (especially the “that’s what she said” tricks).

Just put some jokes in parts you consider appropriate, and only use appropriate jokes that will make you seem like a professional. Puns are okay, as long as you don’t put too many of them in your presentation.

Hard to follow

Another sign that your corporate presentation needs help is that you can see your audience find it hard to follow. Most audience will hide their confusion or ask if they missed something. But showing to you that they cannot follow the whole presentation is something severe.

When your presentation is hard to follow, you are talking about something too shallow or too deep. That’s wh. You need to understand your audience’s capacity and personality, especially when presenting a corporate presentation.

Using default template

What can lower your corporation’s dignity more than using the default template provided by Microsoft PowerPoint to present a corporate presentation? Come on, and it might be your once-in-a-lifetime chance to show your capacity.

Do not let your incapability to create creative PowerPoint presentation design ruin your whole career. It is better to ask for professional help to make a good PowerPoint presentation than to present such an important presentation using dull default templates.

Overcrowded with objects

By not using default templates, you might consider designing a creative PowerPoint presentation manually. And by designing a creative PowerPoint presentation, you will need to put some objects inside the slides.

In this case, you might get carried with the excitement in designing your project and put too many objects in your slides. As a result, you will not realize that you have overcrowded the slides with objects.

A cluttered slide is distracting; thus, your audience will find it hard to focus on the actual contents of your slides. To prevent it, make sure to ask for peer review from your colleagues.

Too quiet

While overcrowded content will distract the audience, too little content will make your slides seem too cheap. Again, it will affect how your audience views and judge your corporate presentation.

For example, putting four bullet points without explanations and visual objects in one slide will make it seem unnecessary even though the actual content is the most critical point in the presentation.

No connection between slides

Again, we want to tell you that an essential thing in presenting something is how you can communicate with your audience with the help of the slides. But how can you connect with the audience and harvest their attention if your slides don’t even show a good connection between each other?

The connection between slides is crucial because it is how you can keep your audience’s attention intact. So, how to create such a connection? Asking simple questions that makes the whole presentation a ‘quest’ is the easiest way.

For example, questions like “how to solve this problem?” or “what kind of answer we can expect? The solutions provided in the next slide are sufficient.

Moves like jagger

Another way to create a ‘connection’ between one slide to another is by putting animation in your presentation. However, please do not put too extreme animations and object transitions because it can be annoying.

Having the title doing a barrel roll is fascinating indeed, but is that necessary and professional to do in your corporate presentation? The answer is no. And if you ever think that such kind of thing is okay, your corporate presentation needs help.

More than 100.000 slides

Every time you advance to the next slide, a little bit of your audience’s attention is taken away, and their urge to play with their smartphones increases. It is excellent if you can finish your corporate presentation before all of their attention is used ut. But if you cannot, then your corporate presentation needs help to make it more efficient.

Missing the timing

Related to the previous point, make sure your corporate presentation hits the time mark. While setting the time mark, make sure you practice presenting it first in front of your colleague.

Why? The reason is simple. Finishing too fast because you do not have enough content is a sign of amateurism, while finishing too late is redundant and boring.

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We can help you to know 13 signs your corporate presentation needs help.

All of those, my friends, are 13 signs your corporate presentation needs help. But wait, where should you ask for help if you don’t have anyone that understands corporate presentation design?

Worry not. We RRGraph Team are ready 24/7 to work together with you to create a mind-blowing corporate presentation without any of those mistakes mentioned above.

Just contact us and tell us what kind of help you need, and we will give our best to provide you with the best.

Let’s visit RRSlide to download free PowerPoint presentation templates with many categories. But wait, don’t go anywhere and stay here with our Blog to keep up-to-date on all the best pitch deck template collections and design advice from our PowerPoint experts yet to come!

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