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Creative PPT Design With Neumorphic Style: We Will Teach You How to Design

Ulfah Alifah
Ulfah Alifah

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Creative PPT design with neumorphic style by following these simple steps to upgrade the quality of your presentation.

Neumorphic style is a relatively new designing style used initially in gadgets’ User Interface design in the last decade. The flawless and straightforward style is surprisingly loved by many people even though it doesn’t use any combination of primary color for its design originally.

Also known as ‘soft design’ and neomorphism, its simplicity is the selling point of the style. But its simplicity doesn’t mean it has to look ugly or unattractive. Instead, this gem is considered to be one of the most accepted designs on this planet nowadays.

Making things simpler feels like the design is futuristic enough to make us feel like it has been designed by someone from 2050. Look how it sounds pretty contradictive; the style is both futuristic and straightforward.

That’s why, even though it was initially introduced as a gadget’s User Interface design, nowadays, it can be applied to anything. By anything, we mean it includes creative PPT design. Yes, you can also create innovative PPT designs with neumorphic style.

How to do it? Here we will give you the guide to create creative PPT design with neumorphic style.

What you need to know before you create a creative PPT design with Neumorphic style

creative ppt design with neumorphic style

Even though it seems like a futuristic design, this design can be traced back to the 1980s. Back then, it didn’t start as something big instead started as skeuomorphic. Steve Jobs, former CEO and founder of Apple Inc., was one of its ambassadors.

The skeuomorphic design was thought to give users a more intuitive experience while doing something with their gadgets. By mimicking real-life physical objects in graphics, shadows, shapes, and details, users were given a hyperreal experience.

Skeuomorphic style has been used in the earliest versions of iOS, surviving for almost two decades until passing the millennium change in the 2000s. However, the 2000s became the last decade when this style was considered an innovative way for developers to interact with customers.

It was in 2007 that Forbes said this style is as dead as a past life. iOS tried to keep this design as long as possible for their identity, but they finally gave up on the trend six years after the ‘death announcement’ made by Forbes.

Apple decides to change the design into a more minimalist and aesthetic design called Flat design. Inspired by the Swiss style, this decision lasted no longer than when the skeuomorphic type survived the ‘death announcement.’

2019 became the year when neumorphism became the hottest UI trend. Michal Malweicz was the one who came up with a term for this new baby by calling it ‘new skeuomorphism,’ and Jason Kelley was the one who proposed to call it neumorphism.

What is a Neumorphic style?

So, what’s the creative ppt design with neumorphic style? The style is a user interface designing style that mimics real-life objects, making it as clean and straightforward as possible. It combines flat design and skeuomorphism into one paradigm and takes only the best characters of both.

The style combines background colors, shadows, shapes, and gradients to make the buttons and switches in the user interface as close as possible to such things in real life. The style makes the buttons and switches appear almost like they are 3D with the combination of those things.

The most notable characteristics in neumorphic-styled-buttons are a darker shade of shadow below and the lighter shadow above. Its visual illusory, including visible movement when touched, makes users feel like they are pushing or switching on actual buttons under the screen.

Even though some people find its visibility level is lower than other styles, but the whole world has accepted the style since its whole-world introduction in Apple devices. Nowadays, Apple decides to keep this style as part of its user interface design because of its success in creating an identity for its products.

How to create creative PPT design with Neumorphic style

So, how to adapt the tone and create an innovative PPT design with a neumorphic style? The steps you have to follow are easy but mostly require precision to make it look almost like a 3D design in iPhones.

Here are the steps to create a neumorphic object:

a. Create an object:

The very first step you need to do is create an object. It doesn’t matter whether the thing will be a rectangle, circle, or even a star. After you finally decide on the object, what you need to do with the object is to duplicate it into two.

b. Control the shadow:

The next step that you need to do is to control the shadow of the object. You can do it by clicking the ‘Format Shape,’ expand the ‘Change Style’ bar, and choose ‘Shadow.’ There, you will find the tweaks for your object’s shadow, starting from its transparency and size blur, angle, and distance.

You can experiment in this part, but to make it looks more like the most common neumorphic style, make sure to set the angle to 45 degrees and blur the shadow by around 13 points. Also, make the size of the shadow slightly smaller than your object.

c. Control another object’s shadow

The exact formatting as the one before should be enough for your second object. However, after that, make sure to set the angle of the shadow to 225 degrees. If you made the shadow of your first object appear in its 4-o’clock direction, the shadow of your second object must occur at its 10-o’clock approach.

After that, change the color of this shadow into white to make this shadow bright. As a tip, you can change the slide’s background into dark first before setting this ‘bright shadow.’

d. Pile up the object

The next step you need to do is to pile up the object to match precisely one another. After that, choose both things and align them with ‘center’ and ‘middle.’ The purpose is to make one object fully cover another object. After that, we make it look like receiving light from one side and creating a shadow on one of its counterpart sides.

e. Blend them to match the background’s color

This part is also essential to replicate the creative ppt design with neumorphic style of an iPhone. Before doing anything with your objects, make sure to change their color similar to your slide’s background color. Our suggestion is not to use plain white as the background color but give it a slight shade of grey to see the brighter shadow.

f. Spice them up

Don’t forget to ‘Group’ your objects into one object because it will prevent unwanted alteration in the future. After you have done all of that, try to spice up your thing. For example, you can change the gradient of its color to create an illusion that makes it look like a pushed button.

g. Make many

Okay, after following all those six steps, now you must have understood how to create a neumorphic-styled button. To create a creative PPT design with neumorphic style, you may require around ten or more of them. Seems tiring. Don’t worry, and we have the solution for that.

This one trend we also love

creative ppt design with neumorphic

Creative PPT design with neumorphic style is not only loved by Apple’s device users. This style is also one of the most adorable designs to be included in PowerPoint presentation design because it is futuristic yet straightforward and highly aesthetic.

It can be included in any presentation, starting from the formal ones into high school summer project reports. Its simplicity can be readily accepted by most people, while its aesthetical value will not overwhelm any other PowerPoint presentation design.

In addition to that, we can also apply it to a wide variety of objects, not only a rectangle or a circle but also any object you can imagine putting in your PowerPoint presentation. Because of those features, there is no reason for us not to love this aesthetic yet straightforward style.

But again, do you notice one single problem that makes people’s willingness to create creative PPT design with neumorphic style is not that high? Yes, the amount of effort to create just a single button makes this style only popular to the ones who see it.

 Well, that’s not something that you need to worry about, though, because…

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…We can create creative PPT design with Neumorphic style or any other style

Yes, we can explain how to make it on your own and create the buttons for you. Not only creating the buttons for your presentation design, but we can also make the whole creative PPT design with neumorphic style based on your brief only.

Indeed, the Neumorphic style might still be a new style in PowerPoint presentation design compared to the others. However, as a professional PowerPoint presentation designer, RRGraph Team is always up to date with the latest design trend.

Even in the future, as soon as a new trend in PowerPoint presentation design emerges, we would try our best to catch up with the pace and immediately apply it to our designs. We do it all to encourage our clients to present better.

Let’s visit RRSlide to download free PowerPoint presentation templates with many categories. But wait, don’t go anywhere and stay here with our Blog to keep up-to-date on all the best pitch deck template collections and design advice from our PowerPoint experts yet to come!

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