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Have You Ever Wondered Whether Elite Presenters Still Need the Magic of Creative PPT Design to Save Their Day? Of Course, They Do

Ulfah Alifah
Ulfah Alifah

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The magic of creative PPT design is not taken lightly because it can even make crying children smile.

And yes, even the elites ask for other people’s help to create their presentation slides. Why? The magic of creative PPT design is not just ordinary PPT slides without any sprinkle of glitter.

Every rose has its thorn, and every knight has a sword. They make their weapons as part of their identity to show the world how strong they are. Are those ‘strong’ presenters not using the magic of creative PPT design when they present?

Every presenter needs creative PPT design because using only their spoken words does not guarantee success. Audiences also need some visual stimuli to make their brain connected to what you are delivering.

Here we will show you more reasons why even elite presenters still need the magic of creative PPT design.

The magic of creative PPT design works even before your first slide

Have you ever watched TED Talk or an Apple product presentation? You can see how creativity in building the presentation slides can boost the presenter’s ability to elaborate on the story or explanations attached to the slides.

A good presenter, let alone the elite ones, always appear to know what they are talking about during a presentation. However, you might notice how sometimes they make minor errors or unpredictable mistakes in their presentation.

From that, you should know that it takes more than good knowledge about the topic to produce a top-class presentation and a great amount of confidence in the delivery. Without showing that you are confident about what you are talking about, it is impossible to get into other people’s heads.

The magic of creative PPT design will force your mind to think that you can explain that specific topic perfectly. According to researchers, this condition where you have specific confidence in what you master (or think you can handle well) is called self-efficacy.

Elite presenters understand this condition well. Thus, they always make sure to prepare for the oral presentation itself and the presentation slides. When the PPT design is already creative, our minds will also try their best to par with the creativity.

It is all about the beauty within

The first aspect is about the presenter, and now the second aspect is about the audience or target market. The magic of creative PPT design relies on its beauty (even though later we will talk about how a soft slide sometimes can do better).

People are naturally attracted to things that they find beautiful, and no one can deny them. Even if you need scientific proof for that, there are millions of papers stating it is available. You can easily find one on the internet.

Here is a say in a paper from Harvard University about how people consider beautiful employees more able to do things than other employees. “For a given level of confidence, physically attractive workers are (wrongly) considered more able by employers,” the paper stated.

Not only can something beautiful catch the audience’s eye easier, but it is also considered something ‘more able.’ Creative PPT design means it is also eye-pleasing, which is why using Creative PPT design means you already have one foot stepping in the finish line.

Elite presenters understand this matter very well, and that’s why you can witness how creative their PPT designs are. Additionally, don’t you think that some elite presenters became one of the elites because of their creative PPT designs?

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Creative PPT design can speak the untold

Have you ever visited a seminar on pyramid scheme programs? If you have at least once, you will notice how dull and boring the presentation slides are. However, that dull and boring presentation can work effectively in attracting new members to join the scheme. Why is that?

The reason for such strange effectiveness is that the slides are ‘bombing your minds’ with something far more interesting than beautifully designed slides. Instead of neatly illustrated slides, they ‘bomb’ you with numbers, dollars, SUCCESS (capital letters), and pictures of successful members having a holiday or cruising.

Almost every single pyramid scheme presentation works like that

If you observe things, you will notice that those slides do not necessarily talk about what’s being said by the presenter. At the same time, the presenter speaks about how the program works, and the slideshow about its success. This one is also an example of the magic of creative ppt design.

If the presenter uses ‘normal’ supporting slides, you will pay more attention to how the program works. Most of the time, you will lose interest because it is not as easy as promoting. But by showing only the success, the slides will become a good distraction to your logic.

Such a kind of design, where the audience is bombed with promises of a better life, is intentional and well-designed. The slides are designed that way; thus, without the presenter telling you about the chance of success, you will think that the program is enriching. Now you understand why creatively designed PPTs can speak the untold and play with your minds.

Even your audience knows about the magic of creative PPT design

When your slides are as creative as MacGyver, your audience will respect you differently than when you use default templates. This is where the magic of creative PPT design shows itself as a part of your quality as a presenter.

This process is similar to how you rank the weatherman or woman on television, based on the background map’s quality. You rank higher and must have a higher quality weather map and better visual effects regardless of everyone telling the same information.

The magic of creative PPT design can make you look more competent from your audience’s point of view, even though the quality of your presentation is the same. All of this is thanks to the power of visualization.

When the audience knows that you have an incredibly creative presentation slide, subconsciously, their minds will work harder to understand your messages. The boost is similar to when their minds understand a top-quality lecture or a powerful sermon, even though you are just talking about simple-to-understand things.

It is about making their minds work together with you instead of letting them spectate idly. The psychological effect is similar to when you participate in a tv quiz, even though your presence doesn’t matter to the tv crews (even though YOU ACTUALLY MATTER SO MUCH to the world, sweetheart).

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Creative PPT design prioritizes flexibility

Have you ever presented a presentation that somehow feels off? Even the elite presenters should have experienced it. This is where the magic of creative PPT design is needed because we cannot predict the importance of our presentation.

If somehow you get the off feeling when you are doing a vital presentation, you might not get the result you want. This is because creative PPT design means the design puts the presenter’s train of thought in first place above everything.

Presentations with this personalization seem like they know what’s on every slide, even though it’s not always true. Presenters can only follow their train of thought as a lead, and the slides will follow.

Creativity knows no limit, and even your train of thought cannot limit it. So not having to follow a strict and limiting design is one way to release your creativity. Creative PPT design puts your control as a priority rather than controlling the way you deliver information. That’s why elite presenters love it, need it, and prefer it.

See how we mentioned pyramid scheme presentations and Apple’s new product presentation both belonging to creative presentation design? That’s the point.

Those are all the reasons why even elites need the magic of creative PPT design

Isn’t it true that some of those elite presenters are at the top because of their creative PPT designs? Isn’t your PPT design in need of improvement you think so too?

Creative PPT design will not only help you to present better but also improve your whole presentation performance. Every single day, we RRGraph Design Team deal with people in need of creativity in PPT design.

Consequently, we also learn so much about our clients and what points will enhance our slides. Our work is so good that even our elite clients leave us good testimonials.

Oh, and in case you need our help too, contact us. Even though we have worked with elites, we don’t hesitate to treat everyone equally. Just click on our service page and tell us what you need in your presentation slides.

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