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Creative Ways to Use Photography in Web Design

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Guest Writer

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It’s hard to imagine an attractive professional website without photos.

According to Vmg Studios, a study found that 94% of consumers will leave a website with poor graphic design, and photography impacts the overall look and feel of a website or landing page. High-quality photos are especially important for online products.

Online shopping continues to grow exponentially. Since consumers can’t physically touch a product while shopping online, they rely heavily on rich media such as photos and videos.

We are used to colorful images and bright pictures. But if you think that inserting a couple of shots here and there is enough, think twice. Photos can become a powerful tool if you know how to use them correctly.

We prepared the best tips on using photography in Web Design. These methods can bring beautiful results, so don’t waste a splendid opportunity to improve your resource. And the first recommendation that goes without saying is quality. It is a must for all photos used on your site.

If you are not skilled enough to make the necessary processing, you can hire a photo editing expert to make the pictures perfect.

We don’t think you should blame us for saying obvious things. Many people still underestimate the importance of the visual part of the site, thinking that it’s just an unnecessary addition to the text. Now, that we have covered the essential requirement, let’s move to more subtle tricks.

Play with color

One of the popular methods of color correction is color overlays. It means you cover the picture with a layer of semi-transparent color. This trick can completely change the photo and give it a new vibe.

According to Eyecare, colored overlays reduce the perceptual distortions of text that children sometimes describe. They enable some children to read a text more fluently. In several studies, children in county primary schools were – individually shown a passage of text covered in turn by various colored overlays, including grey or transparent overlays for comparison.

About 20% of the children found one or other colors improved the text’s clarity. They continued to use an overlay of that color without prompting for more than three months. They read more quickly with their overlay, both before and after they had become accustomed to its use.

Depending on your purpose, you can add corporate colors to the pictures or make them more contrasted. Carefully check the result. It should be visible on the background and suit the page design.

Another exciting solution is to use a black-and-white color scheme. Such pictures catch the eye because we are used to bright colors on the Internet. Black-and-white images are pleasant for the look and don’t distract from the message on the page.

You can use one bright color to highlight some parts of the photo or the text. The human brain unconsciously notices bright spots. So, it’s a good idea to place an important message on a black-and-white picture and write the text in red, yellow, or green.

Be minimalistic

This rule is valid both for picture content and for the page itself. Sometimes a detailed image can tell more than multiple colorful spots. If you want to be an example of creative web design photography, know where to stop.

A large number of photos can distract attention from the main idea of the page. The same is true for pictures. Minimalistic photos with one central element and simple background signify good taste and style. Moreover, minimalism is popular now, and you’ll be in trend.

Include pictures in your corporate style

The united style is essential for brand recognition. You may already have a logo and corporate colors. But you can also use photos to create the image. Depending on the nature of your business, you can make new pictures, buy photos or use images from photobanks. 

You can do the processing yourself or hire a professional. In any case, ensure that the picture presents your company the way you want. For more information about finding and using photos for your corporate style, read the recommendations on mentionlytics.com. In any case, the pictures you publish should present your individuality.

Don’t post photos to fill in the space on the page. Visual content is just as important as text. According to Score, In reality, visual content like photos, images, and videos are worth so much more in the grand scheme of your digital marketing strategy.

Studies have shown that people recall nearly 65 percent of the visual content they see almost three days later, whereas they only retain about 10 percent of written content simultaneously. Sometimes, it has even more significance.

That’s why you need to select pictures that illustrate your ideas. You may be tempted to publish viral photos to attract visitors. It’s not a bad idea at its core, but make sure you do it not for cheap popularity.

Hype doesn’t last long. Concentrate on your ideas and the message you want to deliver. To get such photos, you can hire a professional photographer or process pictures from photobanks. But your individual touch and thought through the combination of text and images are a must.

You can check this point quickly. Imagine that the page only has photos. Can you understand the idea and the message? If the answer is yes, you’ve done a great job.

Use drawings and illustrations

You don’t have to limit yourself to photos. In this area, there are no limits to inspiration. In combination with web design and photography, simple solutions are the best. For example, you can add illustrations and even simple ornaments to decorate the page.

This idea is especially suitable for creative companies. You can hire an artist or graphical designer or use your child’s drawings after little processing. In other words, you are free to experiment. The main benefit of this approach is its unique, easily recognizable design. The style of your images can even start a new trend.

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Play with aesthetics and positioning

We percept photos in combination with other objects on the page, creating an impression. You must see the whole picture and understand the page’s effect. And knowing simple rules of visual positioning can be helpful.

Apply a rule of the third

Professional designers and retouch artists have their secrets of fascinating imagery creation. And this rule is one of them. Simply put, it suggests dividing the photo into nine equal squares and placing the main elements according to the lines and their intersections.

Specialists claim that this positioning makes the pictures alive and dynamic. They also seem more attractive to the eye and pleasant to look at. You should apply this rule while cropping and processing the images. 

Don’t make all the pictures aligned the same way. Natural beauty requires a bit of asymmetry. And it’s also an excellent way to attract attention to the vital message. The brain notices all irregularities, and one asymmetric picture can become the center of the page.

Check the golden ratio

We have known about the golden ratio for centuries, but no one has been able to find the reasons for its attractiveness to the eye. This law of proportion feels right, and many unconsciously create images.

But if you don’t want to rely on your electrometer, you can calculate the ideal ratios. The numbers you receive in these calculations will help to crop the images and make the perfect composition.

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Use Mathematics

When we talk about ideal photo layouts in web design for photographers, we often see them as a result of pure inspiration and talent. You can create a balanced and harmonious design just by using the laws of Mathematics. The best example is a Fibonacci sequence.

Each sequence member represents the sum of the previous two in this series of numbers. By the way, if you divide any member of this row by the previous one, you’ll get 1.618, a famous number of the Golden Ratio.

It’s not just a fascinating mathematical law but also a valuable tool for spacing. This article can’t cover the ways of using the Fibonacci sequence in detail, but if you are interested in making harmonious designs, you can easily find the information.

This spacing method is advantageous if you are not an artist and have trouble positioning objects on the page.

Apply psychology

Do you know that customers trust pictures with people more? The advertising industry widely uses psychological data, which you can do in your design. To deliver your message, study the laws of perception and attention mechanisms. It will help you add necessary details and eliminate elements spoiling the impression.

A color scheme is also essential. The colors you choose should be consistent with the idea of resources and their purpose. There are numerous studies on the effect of different colors on the Internet, considering the main ideas while selecting the colors for the page.

According to UX Planet, colors significantly impact our mood and behavior. That’s why the product’s success depends mainly upon the colors chosen for the design.

The research provided by Colorcom showed that it takes only 90 seconds for people to make a subconscious judgment about a product, and between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on color alone. So, the appropriately chosen colors can be helpful in the way of improved conversion for your product as well as advanced usability of the product.

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Using photography in Web Design is a vital part of the design. And it’s more science than art. You can use a wealth of knowledge from different subjects and calculate a successful combination. But the key point is your vision of the project. If you love it and spend time and effort on its creation and perfection, your visitors will feel it. 

The final tip: you need to know the purpose of each element in your resource design. If you can’t explain why the photo is here or there, you’d better delete it. Using random pictures without a clear idea can ruin all the impressions on the page.

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Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in web design, digital marketing, and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German, and English.

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