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How Important Is Infographic for Data-Driven PowerPoint Presentations

Satria Akbar
Satria Akbar
data-driven powerpoint presentations
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Table of Contents

Infographics for data-driven PowerPoint presentations are different from other kinds of presentations. So, what’s the difference?

Have you ever heard about data-driven PowerPoint presentations? If you have never heard about it, relax because you are not alone. Unfortunately, many other people still do not know what the presentation is about and consider data-driven presentation only for professionals.

However, what the presentation is all about might not resemble that imagination you have. Data-driven presentation is just a presentation that involves gathering and analyzing data to make informed decisions, according to Demand Jump.

In a data-driven PowerPoint presentation, the data you collected determined the output of your presentation. For example, every single PowerPoint presentation group homework in high school you made was a data-driven one, except you presented about philosophy or arts.

A data-driven PowerPoint presentation is to the point and sharp, but sometimes it can be a boring one. To prevent boredom, we can employ some interesting infographics for data-driven PowerPoint presentations.

How to create such infographics? Check this post out because we are going to tell you some exciting information.

What’s data-driven again?

Okay, okay, before we get things too far, such as infographics for data-driven PowerPoint presentations, let us introduce you to the concept of data-driven PowerPoint presentation we will talk about in this article.

Data-driven PowerPoint presentation is how people buzz about PowerPoint presentations that employ a lot of data as the presentation base. So, for example, a presentation about a country’s population broken down in more minor data like per region per slide is already a data-driven PowerPoint presentation.

By using a lot of data, a data-driven PowerPoint presentation is easier to digest about its meaning. Assuming the data is accurate, it will also deliver information faster and more effectively without any additional spices.

However, not all PowerPoint presentations can be made into data-driven PowerPoint presentations. Therefore, we need to provide the data to fill up our presentation first before deciding to make a data-driven PowerPoint presentation instead of any other kind of PowerPoint presentation.

In addition to that, the data should be able to answer questions about its integrity and usefulness. Questions like “is this data collected by hand, online survey, or from your friend?” or “how can I determine the next steps in investment after attending your PowerPoint presentation?” are two of the most common questions.

Why data-driven PowerPoint presentation?

So, why should we use data-driven PowerPoint presentations? Isn’t it less attractive compared to the ones where we can use storytelling techniques? Whoa, the concept might be slightly less appealing than a ‘normal’ PowerPoint presentation, but you will see that it gives a lot more certainty.

By using data-driven PowerPoint presentations, you can quickly discover things you need to understand fast. Things such as new customer behavior, marketing performance, and competition change quickly, and data-driven PowerPoint presentations can match the speed to give accurate reports.

Furthermore, data-driven PowerPoint presentations are so truthful (unless you manipulate the data) that you don’t have to think about unnecessary things that exist around you. Therefore, you can focus on delivering the information and let the data you put inside the presentation help you.

Data-driven PowerPoint presentations also can affect other people’s decision-making process with the truth. For example, like CEOs of huge companies or some kind, people with busy schedules would prefer to be presented with simple facts in the form of data instead of a day-long drama.

That’s why the way you deliver the truth via data is essential. You cannot change the fact because that’s manipulation, but you can use creative ways to give it so that your ‘sugar coating’ can make things go the way you want them. But please remember data-driven PowerPoint presentations don’t include any manipulation or lies.

Importance of infographic for data-driven PowerPoint presentation

Now let’s talk about how to make your data-driven PowerPoint presentation interesting. In this case, we will mainly talk about infographics for data-driven PowerPoint presentations, because infographics are an effective way to present your data-driven PowerPoint presentation.

Infographics can present a nice amount of information, including the data you want to deliver, and ‘sugarcoat’ it with excellent graphics. As a result, infographics can make data-driven PowerPoint presentations less boring and more exciting to follow.

Not only that but using infographics will also show your creativity in delivering data, which consists of only facts! Because of that, some organizations prefer data-driven PowerPoint presentations, because it will help them reveal the creativity and vision of the presenters.

Thus, if you want to impress your audience using a data-driven PowerPoint presentation, make sure you create it as creatively as possible. Put so many unexpected details that will show you how seriously creative you are.

Talking about that, there are some overlooked details that most presenters usually miss when they are creating data-driven PowerPoint presentations. And suppose you can recognize it, let alone have the audacity to bring those details up as the power of your PowerPoint presentation. In that case, you will create a successful data-driven PowerPoint presentation.

Overlooked details when creating an infographic for data-driven PowerPoint presentation

So, what are the details that we talked about? There are several details that you need to pay attention to even though it seems strange. However, a lot of people who applied those details succeeded with their data-driven PowerPoint presentation.

Here are the details:

1. Color Palette:

Paying a little extra attention to make your color palette enjoyable is a massive boost to your PowerPoint presentation. Color palette plays a vital role in making the presentation less boring and making things more memorable.

We are working with data that we need to differentiate between each other for the audience to remember. So, for example, showing a great combination of colors in the presentation will tell the audience that you care about making them remember the presentation.

2. Data Explanation:

Many people only put some pie charts or diagrams without giving further explanation about what it is. Unfortunately, that’s a huge turnoff for your clients because the main point in data-driven PowerPoint presentations is that the truth is delivered as simply as possible so that you can easily understand it.

Your least creative effort is to write codes or abbreviations of the explanation to make it seem short in the slides, but then elaborate it to make things more transparent. Whatever you do, do not forget to put an answer in your infographics.

3. Small Doodles:

This is one of the most overlooked details in the infographic for PowerPoint presentation. Those small doodles you put across the slides can bring so much difference to your PowerPoint presentation slides.

The suitable doodles related to your brand or presentation content can become a good reminder for your audience about what they should pay attention to. For example, when we talk about candies, just put some candy doodles everywhere in your slides.

4. Typography:

There is no need to tell you for the 500th time about the importance of typography in every single PowerPoint presentation. However, a lot of people still ignore the importance of choosing the right fonts for their presentations.

Typography should be considered anytime you design anything with text because this is one of the basics of creating anything! However, avoid using preset fonts if you cannot bring them to their maximum potential.

5. Total Mastery:

After all, those mentioned above are the most crucial detail that you should not overlook. It is about total mastery of the infographic, including the contents, the data, and the small details.

You should answer every question related to data and contents put in the infographic because if not, you will get an awkward moment with your audience. This problem often happens to people who asked somebody else to create the infographic.  

If you can maximize all of the things mentioned above in your infographic, you should have an excellent data-driven PowerPoint presentation. But, especially for the last detail, we have a solution that you can try for your next data-driven PowerPoint presentation.

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We can help you to create every single infographic for a data-driven PowerPoint presentation

Do all of those things too much for you to deal with? Maybe because you are still not used to working on those problems. However, since we are in the RRGraph Team, we are working on those things daily. Thus, talking about experience, we have a lot of it.

Infographics are one of the most requested things by our clients, and because of that, we have a lot of experience in creating it. Why? Because usually, in one data-driven PowerPoint presentation, they ask for more than one infographic.

And since we talked about the details to be put in the infographic, of course, we would not forget to put any of the details there. So just support us with the data you need to deliver, and we will create the infographic for a data-driven PowerPoint presentation for you. So you want the best infographic for a data-driven PowerPoint presentation, and we want your satisfaction.

Not only will we create high-quality infographics, but we will also try to make the ones that you can understand easily and present clearly. In this case, we will not only design the infographic, but we will actively communicate with you as friends. 

Let’s visit RRSlide to download free PowerPoint presentation templates with many categories. But wait, don’t go anywhere and stay here with our Blog to keep up-to-date on all the best pitch deck template collections and design advice from our PowerPoint experts yet to come!

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