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How Including Decals Will Boost Your Brand Awareness

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Guest Writer

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Decals serve as miniature moving billboards, putting your brand in front of an audience who otherwise might not have heard of it. Whether placed on the back of a car or as an embellishment on a laptop sleeve, they travel with each person wherever they go. Anyone who sees the decal becomes aware of your brand, and you get a boost in name recognition.

Presenting your brand consistently with the same message and look is one of the most crucial aspects of marketing. Studies show that consistent presentation results in a 33% increase in revenue and stronger customer loyalty.

There are many different ways to create a brand image, but decals offer a wide range of opportunities. Here are six ways to utilize decals in your promotional efforts.

1. Highlight your product

Why should you use decals? Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Imagine receiving a plain brown package without any identifying information. You may love the item inside, but you aren’t sure who it’s from. There isn’t anything very memorable about the experience.

Now, picture receiving the same item in a box with decals featuring the company’s logo. Not only is the package more interesting to you as the consumer, but everyone who handled the order en route also saw the brand name. Some may have checked out the website.

Corporations such as Apple gift their customers with stickers. Because they cultivated an image of prestige and a youthful and technological lifestyle, people use the stickers as a status symbol, putting them on everything from bike helmets to textbooks. Their customers become an army of promoters.

2. Branding through signs

A beautiful custom sign draws customers to your store and sets you apart from other businesses in the area. Your logo should be part of your signage and everything you do. The more people see your logo, the more likely they are to associate it with your brand.

Your sign serves multiple purposes for your business. Branded signage guides people to your location or grabs the attention of passersby. You want to stand out from competitors and the other companies in your area. The best way to achieve an eye-catching display is with a consultation and a custom design.

Any decals you print to hand out should match your signage. They should be within your brand’s color palette, showcase your logo and tell potential customers what you’re about.

3. Gift your customers

People view stickers differently, seeing them as both a promotional tool and a gift. Some decals are in high demand, and you’ll even see them listed for sale on eBay and other online auction-style sites. The goal is to make the item desirable by only sending it to a select few. Start by mailing them to your top clients.

Choose the customers who order from you frequently and are already fans. For example, Candy Crush sent out small figurines to their top players. The gifts created an online buzz. People wanted to know how to get their own little Candy Crush collectible. The word-of-mouth marketing they received by investing a little in a gift to top buyers helped spread the word about their game app. Such a gift benefits both the company giving it and the receiver.

People love to personalize items. ASUS VivoBook ships some of their models with fun stickers. Branding isn’t included on the decals themselves, but the style is similar to the tone they want to set for their mid-price laptops. Their target audience is teens and college-aged students, so this is a smart way to utilize stickers by shipping them with every order.

4. Customize your vehicles

Decals are an inexpensive way of customizing your vehicles and creating a fleet of moving billboards. You can keep things simple by placing decals on the back window of tech vehicles with your business name and phone number. Ask your staff to add one to their cars to help spread the word about the business.

Another idea is to completely wrap work vehicles with decals. People pay more attention to a fully covered car because they are less common than a magnet or sticker. You could even enlist the help of some brand ambassadors and pay them to wrap their vehicles with your branding.

5. Show off your color palette

Brands are often associated with the colors they use. Top names such as Coca-Cola and McDonald’s tie their messaging to a color palette. When you think of Coke, you likely think of red and white. For McDonald’s, you know the golden arches mean their cheeseburgers are near.

Your decal needs to be a reflection of your overall brand personality and style. If you don’t already have a style guide, you need one. Once you lay out the colors, logo and styles, stick to the same standard for anything you create that’s associated with your brand, including decals. The more consistent you are, the more likely consumers are to remember you.

Spend time looking at color trends and choosing the right hue for your business. Ideally, the colors you choose will send a message as much as your logo or business name. For example, Pantone classic blue 19-4052 is a popular choice through 2021. Just make sure that if you choose a trendy selection, it is something you’ll still want to use in a few years.

6. Spruce up your storefront

Decals are inexpensive, so you can change them out frequently to create a unique storefront display for each season. Add some characters during the holidays to invite shoppers inside. Swap out the look for springtime flowers as the seasons change. There are many different ways to use decals for your storefront.

Create some custom ads to showcase special events or discounts, or to direct customers in proper procedure. If they need to enter or leave the store in a particular direction, decals help guide them.

Grab attention by placing them on the floor in a mall and guiding users toward your store with footprints or arrows. Show the way to new arrivals or the checkout area.

Make an impression

Figuring out ways to market more effectively than your competition is challenging. You must stand out from the crowd while still utilizing traditional advertising methods. Study what others do and put your own spin on things. Decals provide multiple opportunities for inexpensive advertising to boost your brand awareness. They’re a wise investment for small businesses on a shoestring budget.

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This article is written by Lexie, a web designer and IoT enthusiast. She enjoys hiking with her goldendoodle and checking out local flea markets. Visit her design blog, Design Roast, and connect with her on Twitter @lexieludesigner.

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