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Design Agency and Freelance Designer. Which One to Hire?

design agency and freelance designer

Table of Contents

Design agency and freelance designer to hire 

According to Manypixel, In 2019, the failure rate of startups was around 90%. Most owners quote financial issues, poor market positioning, and ineffective marketing as reasons for failure.

It is common for startup owners to focus so much on creating a fantastic product that they forget about the importance of startup branding. To attract potential customers to your company, you must first design an impressive website.

Design is a broad word in all its senses. There are three aspects of startup branding that design plays a critical role in beyond the first impression:

  1. Design for User Interfaces (UI) and User Experiences (UX) – Your product should be easy to use and understand.
  2. Designing marketing campaigns that engage your customers is crucial to attracting new clients.
  3. The design of your brand should reflect your brand identity and appeal to your target audience, from your website to your marketing collateral.

UI/UX and graphic designers are in high demand. In fact, businesses and influencers want the best designs to pass the impression test and attract visitors to their websites/apps or social media profiles.

According to Kodytechnolab, the consequences of the demand for graphic designers are seen through the size of the growing market. The Global Graphic Designer Industry is valued at $43.4 billion by 2022 and is expected to grow by 3.7%.

Everyone wants graphic design services to create a visually unique brand identity. But choosing a freelancer or design agency has become a painful dilemma. Design agency and freelance designer plays a big part in startup enterprises. 

What is an enterprise?

Enterprise refers to a non-profit business where an entrepreneur manages it. An entrepreneur is an enterprising person. The word enterprise comes from the French word entreprendre (from prendre), which means ‘to do’, which in turn comes from the Latin “inter prehendere” (to seize by hand).

Entrepreneurs usually start a business and inevitably find the risks involved. Well, to make a profit, and for one of several reasons:

  • Problem-solving. They can solve certain problems.
  • The exploitation of ideas. They have a new idea or product that they believe will work.
  • Fill the gap. They see a gap in the market that they believe they can fill.
  • Competitive price. They believe they can produce something and offer it at a lower price.
  • Knowledge-based. they can provide specialist knowledge for customers.

Those are some of the reasons in an enterprise and every company should have them to make a profit.

When you search for a design agency or freelance designer, you’re likely to run into a long list of similar-sounding companies with varying specializations. Finding the right one for your specific needs becomes a challenge. Both can handle projects with their approaches. Then there you may ask, which one is better for me? Without further ado, below are cross-checks to match your expectations before signing the contract with them.

Do you want to hire a design agency?

Eleken, is a design agency that provides UI/UX design services for SaaS companies. There are numerous types of design agencies, each offering different services and solving different customer problems. The best thing about the agency is the proven quality and fixed pricing plan. What’s more, they can provide a non-disclosure agreement, so your content privacy will be safe and not taken for commercial usage.

There will be a project manager, quality control, customer support, and designers in an agency. This means your order is getting done by a whole team, not individuals. Therefore your order flow may take some time, and you barely get in touch with the designer who works for you.

Knowing that long process, then you better sign a contract with an agency for a long-term plan. After all, you needn’t look for a replacement to handle your daily design needs, and conversely, you can tackle any presentation deadline with no sweat. However, please take note that a trustworthy service always comes with a price. An agency somehow adds more cost for revisions and faster turnarounds. So get ready to invest an extra budget.


  • Access a significant range of talent pools, expertise, and ideology to work with.
  • Bring leadership, deep experience, and connections to designers working for years in the agency
  • Constitute work ethics and provides a high level of client service and support with designated managers and admin.
  • Scale up and down the team dedicated to your project to acclimate future work quickly.
  • Always analyze and validate their expertise from their substantial work portfolio.


  • Hiring for a design agency can be pricey, but it also depends on the location as design firms in the USA, UK, and Australia charge dramatically higher than agencies in India.
  • Some agencies could be inflexible in terms of the process; for example, they may not use your techniques or have their own preferable collaboration tools, before starting the project, you can work out this with a discussion.

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Do you want to hire a freelance designer?

Flexibility and fast turnaround are the pros of freelance service. Once you send a project to a freelancer, your project will be handled faster since they regularly bid on a few orders on their list. Moreover, you will be involved throughout their creative process, which is beneficial if you are directly supervising your project.

Though freelancers can be a low-budget alternative, please consider that they won’t guarantee one client consistent quality because they do everything all alone. They may get your work done at the last minute, but often a lousy result will follow. Worse than the worst, freelancers can quickly disappear without notice, which is pretty normal. Hence you must know their track record with seeing reviews from their previous clients.

According to Zippia, If you’re interested in becoming a freelance designer, one of the first things to consider is how much education you need. Research determined that 73.1% of freelance designers have a bachelor’s degree. In terms of higher education levels, research finds that 5.3% of freelance designers have master’s degrees. Despite the fact that most freelance designers have a college degree, one can become one with only a high school diploma or GED.

A freelance designer’s major is always an important decision when researching how to become one. According to some research, freelance designers most commonly earn bachelor’s degrees or associate’s degrees. On freelance designer resumes, researchers often see master’s degree degrees or high school diplomas.

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of a freelance designer


  • More cost-effective due to less overhead.
  • Can connect with your designer directly and check the project at any time.
  • It doesn’t take much time to get started.
  • Can embed freelance designers into your existing team.


  • Because they work individually, there are limits to creative work by their craft or aesthetics.
  • Often not working on contiguous projects that may require their input beyond their scope.
  • Requires internal reviewers to check and provide feedback to ensure design work meets requirements.
  • Can be great at creative designing but lacks professional skills.

The advantages and advantages above can be your consideration for hiring a freelance designer.

Do you get stuck between options?

Finding the right fit and the right price is somehow impossible. We understand that. Lucky you, we have a dedicated designer package. The scenario is simple: Hiring an in-house designer will train you to master your product and guideline, and that designer will be 24/7 ready to assist you.

You may feel the process is a bit slow initially, but it will get so much faster hereafter. Probably you think that this all-in-one package is kind of pricey. Well, it just costs $1000 a month! And better than that, you have permission to do a trial for free. Save 50% of your budget and reduce the frustration of hiring a so-so freelancer. This dedicated package values priority revision, some handmade infographics as bonuses, custom-built vector assets, branding consultation, and over 250 slides to tidy up along the way.

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As a suggestion, If you having confused about how to hire a design agency or freelance designer, it’s a good idea to find out first what you need. Do you want designers to work with your internal team? Do you have a well defined and well-defined design system? What is your budget? Is it flexible? Many such questions will help you choose the right designer. Of course, the right designer can generate profits for a company or enterprise. 

Hopefully, you find this dedicated package as a solution. When the options are just hiring a design agency and freelance designer, why don’t you get their benefits at once? Click here if you are interested. 

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