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Design Agency and Freelance Designer. Which One to Hire?

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Table of Contents

Design agency and freelance designer play a big part around startup enterprises. Both have the capability to handle projects with their own approaches. Then there you may ask, which one is better for me? Without further ado, below are cross-checks to match your expectations before signing the contract with them.

Do you want to hire a design agency?

The best thing about the agency is the proven quality and fixed pricing plan. What’s more, they can provide a non-disclosure agreement so your content privacy will be safe and not being taken for commercial usages.

There will be a project manager, quality control, customer support, and designers in an agency. This means your order is getting done by a whole team, not individuals, therefore your order flow may take some time and you barely get in touch with the designer who actually works for you.

Knowing that long process, then you better sign a contract with an agency for a long-term plan. After all, you needn’t look for a replacement to handle your daily design needs, and conversely, you can tackle any presentation deadline with no sweat. However, please take note that a trustworthy service always comes with a price. An agency somehow adds more cost for revisions and faster turnarounds. So get ready to invest an extra budget.

Do you want to hire a freelance designer?

Flexibility and fast turnaround are the pros of freelance service. Once you send a project to a freelancer, your project will be handled faster since regularly they just bid a few orders on their list. Moreover, you will be involved throughout their creative process, which is a benefit if you are into supervising your project in a direct way.

Though freelancers can be a low-budget alternative, please consider that they won’t guarantee one client a consistent quality because they do everything all alone. They may get done your work at the last minute, but oftentimes a bad result will follow. Worse than the worst, freelancer can easily disappear without notice, whereas is pretty normal. Hence you must know their track record with seeing reviews from their previous clients.

Do you get stuck in between options?

Finding the right fit and the right price are somehow impossible. We understand that. Lucky you, we have a dedicated designer package. The scenario is simple: It is like hiring an in-house designer, that will be fully trained to master your product and guideline, and that designer will be 24/7 ready to assist you.

You may feel the process is a bit slow in the beginning, but it will get so much faster hereafter. Probably you think that this all-in-one package is kind of pricey. Well, to tell the truth, it just costs $1000 a month! And better than that, you are allowed to do a trial for free. Save 50% of your budget and reduce the frustration of hiring a so-so freelancer. This dedicated package values priority revision, some handmade infographics as bonuses, custom-built vector assets, branding consultation, and over 250 slides to tidy up along the way.

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Hopefully, you find this dedicated package as a solution. When the options are just hiring a design agency and freelance designer, why don’t you get their benefits at once? Click here if you are interested. 

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