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EdTech Tools Educators Should Try This School Year

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Guest Writer
edtech tools

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EdTech tools are gradually becoming integral for educators worldwide.

According to Concordia, while the process of Classroom was often frustrating, 87% of educators surveyed by the EdWeek Research Center in 2020 reported that their ability to use educational technology (EdTech) effectively improved.

According to The Tech Edvocate, Edtech is often used to create a more engaging and exciting atmosphere in the classroom. It is also becoming a more and more popular teaching method, and it returns much better results among students.

In particular, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the development of these tools. Now, many teachers and professors use these apps when educating their students.

According to World Blank, EdTech—the use of information and communications technology to provide education—holds considerable promise in improving learning outcomes.

In Indonesia, over 530,000 schools have closed amid the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), affecting 68 million students from pre-primary through tertiary levels, and making the need for effective EdTech extremely urgent.

Plus, each platform offers users different advantages, which make instruction easier and more effective. If you are an educator, there are several EdTech tools you may want to use. Below are applications you should try this school year. 

Google arts & culture

Google Arts & Culture is a platform that gives you access to videos and images of cultural artifacts and artworks. In particular, there is a section of this platform for experiments.

As such, coders and programmers are allowed to submit ideas as projects in several fields, which include:

  • Extended reality;
  • Artificial intelligence;
  • Robotics;
  • Machine learning.

In general, any technology idea can be submitted on this platform. Also, as an educator, you can use this platform to show your students what others are creating.

Doing this can motivate learners to develop their own experiments. In addition, this platform gives students access to educational games like Art Coloring Book and Puzzle Party.

Although technology can be very handy, you can also get help from your fellow humans regarding studying. If you hate completing your assignments and term papers, there is an alternative for you.

IHateWriting is a platform that gives students and professionals access to reviews of online writing services. This website always tries to present an objective take on each content creation service.

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This learning system allows educators to combine the physical and digital worlds when providing instruction.

To use Osmo, you will have to operate it via a tablet. Once installed, you can create an interactive work surface that works with the table’s camera. In addition, Osmo offers a wide range of kits suitable for kids of different ages.

Also, this learning system is appropriate for programming, mathematical operations, and reading. Therefore, Osmo offers you to set up interactive learning sessions with your students.

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Skew the script

If you are looking for an integrated math platform, look no further than Skew the Script. Developed by math teachers, this platform helps make solving math problems fun for students.

In addition, using this tool is free, and there are various lessons in algebra and statistics.

Another reason why this platform is interesting for students is that math is presented using topics that resonate with learners.

As such, you can use this site to present math problems using topics on pop culture, sports, and other social subjects. You can also access slide decks, videos, and student handouts when using this platform.

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In the past, EVERFI was developed to provide financial literacy lessons to students for free. However, this site is now out to transform how educators deliver instructions to learners.

This site offers career exploration, social learning, and much more. In addition, EVERFI covers topics like data science and healthcare literacy, which are crucial in today’s world.

To fully engage students, educators are given access to gamification tools, which make learning fun. Also, teachers can access analytics that helps them gauge the effectiveness of their teaching process.

Learning is important, and it can go a lot easier if a person has a spiritual outlet. As such, a devotional for today is ideal for accessing spiritual information. This site can offer you knowledge and wisdom you can’t get from school, which will definitely help boost your studies.

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Unlike more popular video conferencing platforms like Google Meet and Zoom, Frame is ideal for learning. This tool allows educators to break students into smaller groups uniquely.

In particular, you can use virtual reality technology to develop immersive environments that make virtual learning exciting.

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Since November 2015, GrassROOTS Community Foundation has been organizing its collection into a database that can be searched by author and title or filtered by reading level to make it easier for users to find books.

There is a great deal of value in this resource for all educators. The list can be used by English language arts teachers, school librarians, or anyone who maintains a classroom library to improve representation.

Teachers and school leaders committed to anti-racism can find more books to read in the collection. 


By using Screencastify, you can create engaging learning videos that you can send to your learners.

Video can also be integrated into blended, hybrid, and flipped classrooms with this piece of educational technology.

Students can watch videos at home to understand everything in your lesson, then you can spend time one-on-one with them to help them master it.


You can use Wakelet to store the things you research in an organized way, similar to Pinterest for education.

Students can also share their findings with each other through Wakelet when used in a flipped classroom.

You can organize the content in a way that makes sense to you or your students with this program.


Remind is a tool for communicating with students focused on education. Students or parents can receive two-way text messages wherever they are.

The teacher can use this tool to share classroom updates, check in on students, make sure they’re keeping up with video content, or communicate with parents.

Remind has the benefit of texting without having to share your personal number with students and families.


Headspace is a meditation and mindfulness tool you can use in the classroom to help your students learn control over their emotions.

As a teacher, you know that our students today are struggling with anxiety and worry, and it’s understandable. 

Headspace helps your students learn about their own emotions and what they need to relax.


The anchor can use to create and distribute podcasts.

While you might not think of podcasting as a teaching platform, it is actually something your kids already enjoy, and it can be a useful learning tool for remote learners.

Students can learn how to make and share their own podcasts with Anchor. The teacher can check out our podcast to keep up with changes in the educational world.


Evernote will help you keep track of everything you and your students need without messy notecards and notebooks.

Handwritten notes can be digitized with a stylus, web clips can be clipped and bookmarked, and images can be converted into text.

Evernote can be a valuable tool to give your students for their own research and help you keep track of the different things you think about during the day.


If you live in a multi-lingual community, you can also use Duolingo to communicate with your parents. It’s easy to work bite-sized lessons into a busy teaching schedule or keep kids’ attention.

Personalized learning takes advantage of AI and language science to effectively teach language regardless of where a learner starts.


The Dotstorming process allows students to collaborate, post ideas, and give each other feedback. A digital bulletin board allows them to vote on favorite contributions from their peers.

This collection of tools is voting boards and walls. It makes collaboration much easier for both students and teachers.


Blooket is a fun tool for modern students. These tools capture their interest in playing games, which makes them more involved. You as a teacher can adjust and align with your educational goals.

Choose or create your own set of questions using Blooket, then let students use their iPads or laptops. Lastly, students answer questions and review lesson concepts in class, and you receive detailed scores.


SplashLearn can help students learn math and reading skills. This tool is like a fun game but actually teaches important learning skills.

We love this app because it’s safe to explore learning and make mistakes that students can learn from. In addition, this tool adds extra practice for struggling learners or fun challenges for advanced learners.


As an educator, there are many EdTech tools you can use to provide students with an engaging learning experience. This article provides you with 16 tools you may want to consider. Take your pick and transform your classroom today!

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Joanne Elliot is an educator and a writer. She creates content for multiple online platforms. In addition, Joanne loves traveling and exploring new locations.

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