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How Educational Presentation Tools Can Make an Impact on Students

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Guest Writer
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The controversy between educational technologies and traditional classroom teaching models has led to eye-opening discussions on their impacts. Most often, students get bored when they are given tricky theories by oration alone.

Everybody agrees that visual teaching is the best way to increase cognitive abilities that would be long-lasting and easy to recall.  Of course, it may disrupt their natural abilities to think and create. However, it will add millions of new talents and logical capacity to learn and practice.

Delivering an idea through educational presentation tools is one of the best methods to get student interaction.

In this post, I will introduce the best presentation tools and how they impact students’ education. All these guidelines could be practical to any interactive session.

Irrespective of the subject, making impactful slideshows and engaging materials help students get their point across and learn best practices for using software to help them organize their thoughts.

How to make educational presentation tools engaging for students

Some common rules and regulations would make your presentation creative. First, we discuss these rules in the synopsis, and then we explore software tools that assist in your classroom presentation. Here we go:


As we all know, planning is the foundation stone for any action. “Planning in a presentation” refers to organizing your content, knowing your materials, brainstorming ideas, and outlining your thoughts it matches your slides.


If your presentation hasn’t been organized in a logical sequence, it would be losing its scientific foundations, and the students get nothing from you. Both content and slides should be in a continuum with subsequent steps.

Use key phrases

A summarized form of your topic will make students understand better. So, infuse summary slides of your topic either at the end or at the beginning. This will help students stay on the topic. Give your informationally significant lessons in the future because readers and viewers retain the core ideas from your presentation.

Avoid using too much text

One of the biggest mistakes students and even teachers make in classroom presentations is placing their entire speech instead of visual infographics. When I was a student, a classmate of mine, a brilliant student, had imprinted all the texts on a slide. His teacher asked him why you put even unimportant points on the slide. The student answered, unless we put whole the lecture, you people couldn’t understand my matter.is

Limit the number of slides

Don’t use too many slides for your presentation. Use a minimum of 15, not beyond 20. If you are creating 25 or 40 slides, it may harm the preciseness of your presentation even if it might result in losing viewer attentiveness.

Your design must be consistent with the theme

When talking about physical laws or accounting principles, don’t use “graphics of sentiments.” It will weaken your classroom presentation, and you lose the seriousness of the subject. Test it ahead of time to ensure that the text will be readable and that visual graphics won’t get lost in the setting.

Why did traditional blackboards have been replaced by modern whiteboards?

Is it only a matter of color? Yes. Color has a specific role to play. But the important thing is that Chalk also vanished from our smart classrooms.

Many of the teachers who have exceptional abilities in ‘chalk and talk’ deliveries also participate in this digital extravaganza. One of my seniors, who was very opposed to digital devices, including teaching software options, is now running after PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Nowadays, both teachers and students like to have visual classes because it has immense power to learn and understand.

There are three basic teaching methods: lecturing, discussion, and demonstration. Suppose you ask a student which one is most influential to you. Undoubtedly, he will stand for the demonstration method. So, people like live demonstrations instead of unmoving blackboards.

Therefore, celluloid has become the most influential entertainment of the 20th and 21st centuries. When we analyze these factors, we can conclude why visual slides become more impactful to the students.

Many educational presentation tools offering huge improvements on the old standbys are now available too. When you think of presentation tools, of course, PowerPoint will come to your mind at first.

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The top 3 educational presentation tools in 2021

Now and then, PowerPoint is one of the most used presentation tools. However, even PowerPoint alternatives like Google slides have updated overall features to make your presentation more accessible and create a presentation instantly.

Google slides

Google slide is the first on my list. It is simple and easy to use. It sparkles when it comes to collaboration. You can cross-use contents from other Drive tools. Your template gallery enables options to choose from, different multimedia content into slides, different text fonts, colors, and animation designs.


Sincere teachers always encourage students to think freely. To do that, try Prezi. While Google slides function like a summary, Prezi works more like a concept map that allows you to switch easily between topics from the most page. Features like zooming enable you to outstand improvements on students’ perceptions and also give students the to tackle their presentation in any order.


keynote is one of the free and best educational presentation tools for Mac users. It helps easily integrate all the required features for your classroom presentation. You can save your templates to the cloud. So, from anywhere, you can make a presentation even if you won’t have your PC.

Like PowerPoint, you can add graphs, charts, animations, and tables of various content types quickly.

Apart from these top 3 presentation software, there are some more exceptional tools for your education presentation. Canva, Powtoon, Ludus, Beautiful.ai, and Glogster are a few of them.

All these apps feature pre-built templates, enable sharing and collaboration options, are easy to edit, and help create an outstanding presentation.

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Final word to teachers

As a teacher, you are giving classes for the Z generation. They have the most modern senses gifted from approximately 2 million years of evolution. Please don’t bother about them. They know how to overcome digital traps. If you are reluctant to give speeches with the assistance of modern educational technologies (educational presentation templates), you might be thrown away to dump bins. So, keep updated until and unless.

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