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How to Embed Fonts in PowerPoint into Various Platforms

Nurma Febriana
Nurma Febriana
embed fonts in PowerPoint

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How to embed fonts in PowerPoint to keep your presentation fonts from changing

Are you a font enthusiast? Do you love attractive fonts?

Unfortunately, when your computer doesn’t have the font you want during a Powerpoint presentation, it replaces a similar font. Not infrequently, this will bring disaster. But don’t worry, there’s a quick fix for this. The hole is ​​to embed fonts in PowerPoint when you save them. Then the presentation includes the font, and you don’t install it on another computer.

Let’s say you want to embed a font in a PowerPoint presentation. Maybe you’re too lazy to use PowerPoint’s standard fonts. However, it would be best to keep in mind that other people may not have installed the same font, so you will have to change the custom font to the default one.

Here are the best reference fonts for your pitch deck.

The best fonts for your presentation 

Fonts have an essential role in the psychological impact on the audience and make a visual impact on the audience. The next pressing question may arise: what font should I choose? Here are the top five ideal fonts.

1. Garamond

Claude Garamond designed the font to imitate the handwriting of a scribe. This font design is easy to read and perfect for printing and brand logos. Garamond with Roman-style can also be an ideal choice for your promotion.

2. Tahoma

Tahoma comes from the Salishan language, which is suitable for Microsoft Corporation. This font is the first time with Windows 95. Characteristics of this font are a narrow body, small counter, and tight letter spacing, which ensures a smooth display on different screens and sizes.

3. Palatino

Hermann Zapf designed this font in the late 40s of the last century. Calligraphy has a lot to do with this font. Palatino, we see a lot in the headlines, printing, and advertising. More importantly, we can print these fonts on poor quality paper, in small sizes, or we can read at a certain distance.

4. MT bell

The feature of this font is the contrast between thick and thin lines. This typeface is usually suitable for subtitles, citations, and testimonials, where the font adds authenticity and makes the text easy to read.

5. Corbel

Jeremy Tankard designed this font in 2005. The author describes the font as “readable, clear, and functional at a small size,” Corbel font fits perfectly on screens and technical presentations.

Benefits of embedding fonts

Learning how to embed fonts in PowerPoint presentations can help you avoid many painful problems.

You can embed your document fonts in several Office applications. 

1. The first benefit of embedding fonts

if you share a record with other people who don’t have the same font installed as you, the document’s font, layout, and style won’t change, and special characters won’t turn into meaningless rectangles.

In recent years, Microsoft has moved Office fonts to the cloud so that all office customers can enjoy these fonts with Internet access and not have to embed them. Font embedding is still proper when using non-standard fonts or editing and viewing presentations offline.

Also, embedding custom fonts into your document (your PowerPoint) does help with online conversion to pdf files.

When we embed fonts in PowerPoint or documents, the online conversion will use these fonts (if they meet the following limitations: Some of your fonts can’t save in your presentation) to avoid font substitution.

2. Second reason to embed fonts in PowerPoint

When using third-party fonts in your PowerPoint slideshow, if other members of your team or client don’t have the same font installed on their computers, the entire slideshow presentation will fall apart when they try to edit the File.

So Microsoft is currently adding a feature to help professionals avoid this problem by allowing users to embed fonts with PowerPoint files.

3 Things you need to pay attention to before embedding a font

You should follow some rules before embedding any font in a PowerPoint file to avoid problems.

1. Use the best font

Make sure you only use the best fonts (custom/default fonts) with professional designs in your presentations.

2. Check font license

You should always check the font’s license for the type of presentation you are designing and the purpose of your presentation – before embedding it in your PowerPoint.

You need to know that the font creator can set a rule to disable font embedding. For example, if you are designing a PowerPoint presentation for a corporate client, you should only use a font with a commercial license. And if you plan to sell your PowerPoint presentation as a template, you must have distribution rights to embed the font in your template.

3. Embed the correct font file

When you download fonts from third-party websites or marketplaces, they package with the font file.

If you plan to attach the fonts separately and the PowerPoint files, include the proper font files in PowerPoint, such as font files with OpenType fonts (OTF), TrueType fonts (TTF), and Web Fonts. For example, if you use character styles or alternative characters such as glyphs and ligatures in your slides, you must include an OpenType font file.

4. Check font file properties

Before embedding fonts in PowerPoint, you should ensure that the font file is not read-only and available for embedding. Here are the steps for checking font: 

• Log in as Administrator (change font file attributes if necessary).

• Open File Explorer and go to C:\Windows\Fonts.

• Find the font you used in your presentation (e.g., Lobster Regular).

• Right-click the font and select Properties.

• Remove the Read-only attribute, and then click OK.

• Go to the Details tab. Make sure that the Font embeddability property is either Installable or Editable. Otherwise, you cannot embed it.

This article will explain how to embed fonts in PowerPoint from multiple platforms. 

Embed fonts in PowerPoint from multiple platforms

1. Embedding fonts is simple in all versions of PowerPoint

• Open File 

• Select Options.

• In the Options dialog box, select Save.

• At the bottom of the right pane, place a checkmark next to Embed fonts in the File.

• Choose either Embed only the characters used in the presentation or Embed all characters. The first options let other people view the presentation and make edits in a different font. The second option permits viewing and editing, but it increases the file size.

• Select OK.

(To be safe and have a size limit, select the embed all characters option).

2. Embed fonts in PowerPoint 2007

• Select the Office button.

• Select Save As.

• On the Tools menu in the Save As dialog box, select Save Options.

• Place a check next to Embed Fonts in File and make one of the following choices:

1. Choose to Embed only the characters used in the presentation if you want to reduce the file size.

2. Choose to Embed all characters if you plan to ask other people to edit the presentation and want the edits in the same font as the original presentation file.

• You now have a working, embedded font in the presentation.

3. Embed fonts in PowerPoint 2003

• Select File> Save As.

• From the Tools menu at the top of the Save As dialog box, choose Save Options and place a check next to Embed True Type Fonts.

• Leave the default option set to Embed all characters (best for editing by others) unless you have little room left on your computer. Embedding fonts in the presentation increases the file size.

4. Embed PowerPoint 2010, 2013, 2016:

• Open a presentation that you want to share.

• Go to the main PowerPoint menu in the upper-left corner.

• Select Options.

• Go to the Save options on the left.

• Find the embedding options at the bottom and check Embed fonts in the File:  you can either embed only the characters used in the presentation’s text or the font’s entire character set. You select Embed all surfaces to be safe, though it will take more space. 

• Under the “Preserve Fidelity When Sharing This Presentation”:

• You can select the current presentation only or apply this setting to all representations that you save.

• Click OK and save the presentation.

5. Embed Fonts in PowerPoint 2019/Office 365 for Mac

Microsoft Office didn’t provide the feature to embed fonts in PowerPoint for Mac until 2020. You can now embed fonts in PowerPoint if you’re an Office 365 subscriber or using PowerPoint 2019 v16.17 or later.

To embed a font, open your PowerPoint presentation. Here is the step: 

• Click the “PowerPoint” menu option, then select “Preferences.”

• Select “Save” in the “Output and Sharing” group.

• In the “Font Embedding” group, check the box next to “Embed Fonts in the File.” and select between these two options:

1. Embed Only the Characters Used in the Presentation (Best for Reducing File Size).

2. Embed All Characters (Best for Editing by Other People).

Changing the Font on All Slides in PowerPoint

This option helps change the font on all slides. This option is only available in the desktop version of PowerPoint.

• Open the PowerPoint presentation for which you need to change the font.

• Select the “View” option on the PPT ribbon, and navigate to Slide Master.

• Under Slide Master, go to “Fonts” and select the typeface you want

• Click “Customize Font” if you’re going to choose a custom font.

• Close Master View so that the fonts in the text across the slides are changed automatically.

Changing Fonts on Separate Slides in PowerPoint

Follow the following steps to update the default font with a custom font:

Select the text you need to change. You can edit the font for a paragraph or phrase. If you want to update the font for the entire text in the placeholder, select the text in the placeholder or click the last one.

Navigate to Home > Fonts and select the desired font in the list. 

Alternative Method for Attaching Fonts

You can attach fonts in emails or include fonts (separate from your presentation) by downloading and connecting fonts manually. Other people can also install and use these fonts on their computers.

Here are the steps you need to take: 

• Download the font file from the market where you bought it. The font file is a ZIP file.

• Right-click on the ZIP file and select UnZIP to extract the package files.

• In the extracted folder, look for the TTF and OTF files. These are the font files that you need to embed in PowerPoint.

• If you want to embed fonts on your computer, you can also copy them from your computer. Here are the steps:

• On a Windows PC, go to Settings >> Personalization >> Fonts

Find the font you used in the slideshow and copy and paste it anywhere on your computer to make a copy of the font file.

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Embedding fonts in PowerPoint is an excellent solution if you’re about to send someone your PowerPoint material, but they don’t have used fonts, formatting, and layouts installed. As discussed in this article, you can embed fonts in PowerPoint across multiple platforms.

Hopefully, this article can provide new knowledge for you.

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