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Make Your Website Presentable with These Facebook Widget

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Guest Writer

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According to the stats from eMarketer, Facebook consists of 59% of social media users. With such a huge user base, it won’t be wrong to determine it as a king of social media platforms.

After all, it is one of the platforms responsible for this social media revolution.

One of the prime reasons why Facebook has not lost its charm is simply because it has various features and way that helps its users to express themselves better and create amazing content.

And therefore, you might have noticed that many brands have started using this content, as they are actively opting to embed Facebook widget on website.

In this blog, we have filtered some of the best tools for you that provide you with a dedicated Facebook widget and ease your embedding process.

Best tools to embed Facebook feed widgets on the website

The Facebook widget works like a functional block on the website allowing users to display their Facebook feed with ease.

With the tools mentioned below, you can easily embed Facebook widget on website; these are some of the best tools available in the market and are known for providing great results.


Tagembed is one of the famous social media aggregators that help you to collect social media feeds from 19+ social media platforms. It allows you to curate and customize those feeds and then display them beautifully on the website.


  • Customization: With the customization feature, you can personalize your widget. That means you can change font size, style, and more of the feed. You can even change the widget’s background color and make desired changes.
  • Moderation: Moderation allows you to remove the content that you think is inappropriate or unwanted for the site. You can remove them manually or choose the profanity filter, which automatically removes the content of the provided keywords.
  • Responsive Feeds: the widget adjusts itself as per different screen types automatically. That means there is no need to change the display setting as per different screen resolutions.
  • Auto-updates: With automatic updates, your visitors can see all the latest content without refreshing or exiting the site. In simple words, the content updates in real time, keeping your website fresh and lively.
  • Coding Free: You need to follow simple steps to embed Facebook feed on website; you don’t even need to have coding experience and knowledge. 

Plus, it provides a dedicated Facebook widget to embed on your website, and showcase Facebook feeds from your desired source. It is compatible with showcasing all types of media without affecting the speed and quality of your website.


Elfsight is another amazing social media aggregator tool that you can use to embed a Facebook feed on the website.

Like the tool mentioned above, it is a coding-free tool that makes your embedding process simple and manageable. You can easily find this tool on the internet and can be treated as a great addition to your marketing arsenal.


  • Multiple Layouts: The tool provides great layouts as options that help add more charm to the website and make it well organized.
  • Flexible widget: The widget showcases the feed content on any device and screen with any resolution without hampering the original upload quality. 
  • Various types of content in one feed: The widget from the tool allows you to showcase posts with comments, like,s and other reactions; you can even showcase photos, videos, and all types of content to your visitors with ease.

You can even use the tool to display content from your own Facebook page, this introduces your visitors to your Facebook page. And with the option to follow you there, you can expect to have more followers for your Facebook page.


Last but not least, Woxo. We all know that as the competition in the market is getting bigger, it has become necessary to have a website that improves visitors’ browsing experience. Adding images and videos could be one of the major measures for that.


  • Different layouts: Woxo provides you with ample layout options to choose from. You have options such as a carousel, grid, and more. Each layout has its own specialty and selling point, each catering to improving the look and feel of your website.
  • Automatic updates: The content on the widget uploads automatically, there is no need to refresh or follow any steps to get the latest content.

Woxo allows you to embed a Facebook feed on a website. With a huge user base, it is less likely that you will have a lack of content to display on your website; you can imagine the content you can show to your visitors and create an ever-lasting impression on them.

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Final words

And this brings us to the end of this blog; these are the best tools that provide you with a dedicated Facebook widget.

And by following a few simple steps, you can embed Facebook widget on website with ease using the tools mentioned above. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Try these tools now and showcase Facebook feeds to your website visitors.

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