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FenceWright – Australian-owned Security Fencing Company


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Karlka FenceWright is a 100 Australian-owned company specializing in supplying, installing, and servicing security gates and fences. Incorporated in 2010, Karlka FenceWright has rapidly become Australia’s favorite security fencing business.

Karlka FenceWright’s technicians are highly trained and know the ins and outs of modern security fencing solutions. With its marketplace knowledge, the company offers fencing options locally and nationwide.

The expert lawn fencing professionals at Karlka Fencing Wright will manage a job as soon as possible, whether an emergency repair job on a functional fence or several kilometers of security fencing in a remote location. With ABB’s project management systems, their scrupulous efficiency makes them well-suited to complete all jobs efficiently anywhere, on time, and within budget.


As a primary provider of industrial fences, Karlka Fencewright designs, makes and manufactures gates in various materials and styles, including manual, automatic, swinging, sliding, and Cantilever.

Gates can be set up with several contemporary features, utilizing the newest technology to enhance convenience and usability from remote access to electronic locks; Time-based or dual-locking systems; multi-code digital keypads, keycard systems, and completion of a management installation.

Karlko FenceTech Brisbane offers many devices and equipment to automate your doorway. Our specialists can match systems and equipment to the right door for your house’s unique design requirements.


Our teams can custom design, fabricate, and install automatic gates of all shapes and sizes for your premises. We can prepare gates for levels ranging from chain-wire construction, Garrison, Palisade, and Weldmesh security fencing. Given that we make gates ourselves, we are uniquely positioned to purpose-build a gate to a unique size and specifications.

Depending on your needs, the gates can be designed to satisfy heavy-duty or lightweight needs, swing or slide operation, with manual or automatic operation. We might install concrete and plinths with directly fitted gate tracks or cantilever sliding gates that leave no tracks behind.


The Karlka FenceWright team in Brisbane offers design, supply, fabrication, and installation of gates. Our high-quality products are second to none, and we adhere to all Australian standards.

Over the last 20 years, a team of professionals in Brisbane has gained a reputation for creating top-quality regional security gates. 100% Indigenous and owner-operated, this business has a presence throughout Australia.


FenceWright is an Australian-owned security fencing company that offers quality and custom-made gates at competitive prices. They are dedicated to providing their customers with accessible and reliable service. The experienced professionals design, supply, and install gates that conform to Australian standards. With a commitment to excellence, knowledgeable workers, and modern technologies, FenceWright provides the highest customer satisfaction for any security fencing needs.

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