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Free Multipurpose Business PowerPoint Templates

Ulfah Alifah
Ulfah Alifah
Free Multipurpose Business PowerPoint

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Free multipurpose business PowerPoint templates will enhance your sales. Our items are ready on rrslide.com. Download your stuff now!

Buying something online requires a double check. Does the product really like in the description? If there’s a doubt in you at buying a presentation template, Everyone needs to have items that are multipurpose. These free multipurpose presentation templates are a very emergency thing to have when presenting material well, interesting, and eye-catching. Every free multipurpose PowerPoint template has different uses, impressions, designs.

Look for free PowerPoint templates that are suitable for your uses and favorites. However, free multipurpose PowerPoint template is specially made to be used for many uses, and easy to edit. Therefore, don’t be confused, because you can edit it easily. See the following template, download, and edit it according to your want, done!

Check out the following multipurpose business PowerPoint templates!

1. Qipao PowerPoint Template

Free Multipurpose Business PowerPoint
Qipao PowerPoint Template

Qipao PowerPoint template will be an attractive option for you to impress your audience due to how calm and fitting the backgrounds are, featuring Chinese-related details. The palette’s primary colors are red, yellow, and white, very appropriate for the theme. The illustrations and icons have a cartoonish style and feast for the eyes. Besides, the typography gives a funny little touch to your next presentation thanks to the casual title font we’ve chosen. Our broad selection of layouts will make it easy for you to customize this template and appeal to everyone who celebrates or is interested in the Chinese New Year.

2. CoronaV Medical PowerPoint Template

Free Multipurpose Business PowerPoint
CoronaV Medical PowerPoint Template

Aren’t you tired of COVID-19? Great news: vaccines are already here! Use this new editable template to tell your audience all the latest discoveries on the matter. Since blue is the color of safety, we’ve used it to set the right atmosphere. We’ve used other resources, such as illustrations of syringes, viruses, people, and even icons, to enhance the layouts and help you reinforce your points. Use the graphs, tables and infographics supplied to reflect the data correctly so that everyone understands it at a glance!

3. 2022 Essentials Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Free Multipurpose Business PowerPoint
2022 Essentials Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

We are introducing you; to the 2022 Free Multipurpose Presentation Template “Essential.” Why do you need this template? We designed this template animation with fantastic variations like full animation, 3D graphic elements, and tasty-looking colors. You can use it for presentation videos, teaching videos, vlogs, and even pitch your clients. But, wait! We don’t stop here. This template provides 54 sections, more prosperous and fully editable slides than before, and the early bird price you will get.

4. Doodle’s Creative PowerPoint Template

Free Multipurpose Business PowerPoint
Doodle’s Creative PowerPoint Template

A Doodle Creative PowerPoint Template is an aimless or casual scribble, design, or sketch. No need to be an artist to design doodles. We all have already doodled: in front of the TV, doing homework, during a class, a meeting, even during a presentation. When we see doodles, one word comes to mind: FUN! And that is precisely the kind of impression this new template is supposed to give to your presentation. This theme is designed with a chalkboard photo as background and doodles. It uses a modern handwritten font from Google: Gochi Hand. You can choose among a selection of 20 ready-to-use slides with text/picture placeholders that are built in the master layout. With one 1-click, you can easily insert your text message or images.

5. Cousic Music PowerPoint Template

Cousic Music PowerPoint Template

Are you devoted to providing live music entertainment for events or gigs? Hit the right note and present your music agency to the public with Cousic Music PowerPoint Template! Have a good groove and make your audience dance! This presentation was designed using an agency structure. The fancy background presents wavy shapes in different colors, resembling sound waves with electronic music vibes. They are combined with free icons of musical and other pictures, giving this template a very modern look.

6. SmartDeck Education PowerPoint Template

SmartDeck Education PowerPoint Template

Distance learning is essential nowadays, so why don’t you prepare some lessons for an online course with this template? Its fun education illustrations are very friendly, and all the layouts are straightforward, so your students will have no trouble following your class. Some colorful graphs and maps also go very well with the typography!

7. Talks Marketing PowerPoint Template

Talks Marketing PowerPoint Template

2022 has started yet, but it is the perfect time to develop some marketing presentations to get ahead of the competition. For this template, we’ve decided to create minimalist slides that explain the goals, the company’s history, the strategy, and the budget as effectively as it gets. Less is more!

8. First Aid PowerPoint Template

First Aid PowerPoint Template

First aid helps save people’s lives. It’s worth creating a workshop about it, so your students learn how to deal with illnesses and wounds! You can talk about theory, topic features, tips, or valuable services. Download and make use of the different tables and resources available!

9. Ecospace Nature PowerPoint Template

Ecospace Nature PowerPoint Template

Sustainability is an important point to take into account in company policies. If yours is related to eco issues, this template is perfect for developing your business plan. It has a green tone related to nature, and an elegant and formal design style, with geometric shapes that bring dynamism to your presentation template. The images convey warmth, although you can replace them with others of your choice. The graphs, tables, and diagrams will help you explain your business’s objectives, organization chart, and competitor analysis.

10. 2021 3D Signature PowerPoint Template

2021 3D Signature PowerPoint Template

2021 3D Signature Multipurpose PowerPoint Template is your solution to run any business presentations and project success. It has a colorful layout to bring a super cool and creative look. You can add some pictures and catchy fonts to avoid boredom since all the other elements are completely editable. You can enhance your brand’s visuals and experience with minimalist design elements to mesmerize the audience’s eyes. What is the best part? Surprisingly, this presentation template also provides data visualization like charts, diagrams, and infographics to interpret the data concisely.

11. 2021 Neumorphic PowerPoint Template

2021 Neumorphic PowerPoint Template

This 2021 Ultimate presentation template is the most popular template this mid-year using the Neumorphism effect with a total of 1030+ slides, making the visual look modern and legit like today’s popular designs. All elements of this design have a clean look and feel. We can see the color combinations like white, black, and blue to show a little bit of futuristic nuance. Like the name, this item is versatile for almost any type of business presentations, from e-commerce to creative agency.

12. Traveler Travelling PowerPoint Template

Traveler Travelling PowerPoint Template

This fantastic template will take your audience to your destination. The beautiful photos and blue elements will be your flight attendants, helping you have a safe landing and getting your message across. Big titles, backgrounds with images, graphs, icons. You’ve got everything you need for your PowerPoint templates to be attractive and exciting for your audience during the whole flight. The photos will help you turn your information into a story, where you’ll eventually get to your destination, slide after slide. A sober color palette will give that harmonious and elegant look you’re looking for. You might be wondering: “What will I do after finding this template, then?”. Let us answer your question: all you need is to customize an incredible presentation template.

13. Interface Business PowerPoint Template

Free Multipurpose Business PowerPoint
Interface Business PowerPoint Template

Do you want to impress your workmates with your PowerPoint templates, but you think that you’re always picking the wrong design? Don’t worry. This template is your solution. It doesn’t matter whether you bet it all on red or black. Betting on this template will grant you success. Its color palette, based mainly on these two colors, will give your presentation template the boldness it needs. Use pictures and a serif font to avoid failure. It might seem like this template is only suitable for content related to the business plan, but nothing stops you from adapting it to your topic. All of our templates are completely editable.

14. Resulto Business PowerPoint Template

Free Multipurpose Business PowerPoint
Resulto Business PowerPoint Template

To ensure the success and growth of a company, it is essential to have a business plan continually, mark what is needed to continue to thrive, and have under control possible risks of all kinds that threaten the company’s successful operation. All this can be discussed and fixed in a meeting, and to have a great conference, use this template specially designed for it. At RRSlide, we love to accompany you in all the steps of your business!

15. Happy Shopping PowerPoint Template

Free Multipurpose Business PowerPoint
Happy Shopping PowerPoint Template

Running a startup and embarking on a new adventure is very exciting, and we know how popular online shopping is nowadays. The fun style is recognizable in all the PowerPoint slides of this free template. The backgrounds contain vibrant colors. Conveying your message as best as you can is critical, and for that, we’ve included fantastic photos, so make the most of them! All the layouts play around with the colorful design, allowing you to send a positive message to people. Attracting potential investors and customers is easy as pie with this trendy template, so what are you waiting for? Become the best online store!

16. AutoRed Automotive PowerPoint Template

Free Multipurpose Business PowerPoint
AutoRed Automotive PowerPoint Template

Do you want your customers to feel like kings or queens of the road? Show them a little bit more about your car rental company with this presentation template and put the pedal to the metal! This template is designed for a company profile presentation. The background contains squares and rectangles that, together with a combination of red, the color of passion and freedom, and white, create a significant impact and a sense of trust towards your company. You’ll find several happy drivers and cars images to depict a fantastic journey. Let’s download this free multipurpose template now!

17. Passenger Transportation PowerPoint Template

Free Multipurpose Business PowerPoint
Passenger Transportation PowerPoint Template

Do you provide consulting services to transport and logistics company ideas? Impress your clients by talking about your awards, reviews, and services with this presentation template. Customize our template filled with illustrations and edit the layouts to include all about your company. Maps, customer reviews, your services, your team. Everything needed is here!

18. Free Multipurpose Business PowerPoint: Bittersweet

Free Multipurpose Business PowerPoint: Bittersweet

Having a  cocktail with friends, enjoying a nice glass of wine to celebrate a special moment, or ordering cocktails on a night out – who doesn’t love those moments? That’s what Beverage Day, which is celebrated on May 6, invites us to do. We have created this template with cheerful illustrations and a mix of colors on a white background with this theme in mind. With it, you can explain the origin of your favorite cocktail, its ingredients, combinations, and decorations. Cheers!

19. Free Multipurpose Business PowerPoint: Maru Pet Care

Free Multipurpose Business PowerPoint: Maru Pet Care

It’s no secret that most of our team loves pets. We have a cat too. We appreciate the company our dogs, cats, hamsters and other animals keep us. So, since they’re like part of the family, taking care of them is of utmost importance. Do you want to start a workshop on pet caring? We have designed this template for you, with illustrations of animals and their owners, some kawaii icons, and easy-to-edit layouts!

20. Free Multipurpose Business PowerPoint: ConfiDental

Free Multipurpose Business PowerPoint: ConfiDental

When greeting other people, what’s better than a friendly smile to make a good impression? Anyone can maintain good dental health by regularly going to the dentist. Use this new free template to present your dental center and talk about your services. You’ll find some minimalist layouts and placeholders to ease the mood and apply some interest to the content placed inside. Some of the designs are provided to illustrate concepts related to dental care, and don’t worry at all about legibility, as the two fonts used are perfect for screens.

21. Free Multipurpose Business PowerPoint: Traveller

Free Multipurpose Business PowerPoint
Free Multipurpose Business PowerPoint: Traveller

A traveler’s PowerPoint template is a template for you who wants to present your traveling plan, or you can use it to show your business, namely a travel agent. You can introduce your business team, slide layouts of a gallery, a place to stay, device mockups, and more.

Blue is the perfect color for the traveler template. Very suitable for the theme. Your presentation template will create an impression of stability and confidence. Coupled with creative design, a traveler free multipurpose business PowerPoint template will add your confidence and help you present your material!

22. Free Multipurpose Business PowerPoint: Minimalistic

Free Multipurpose Business PowerPoint
Free Multipurpose Business PowerPoint: Minimalistic

Minimalist, clean, elegant. A neat layout adds a luxury impression to this theme. You need to have a minimalistic template if you like the elegant impression. Your presentation template will be more agile with this template.

You can use this free multipurpose business PowerPoint template for various purposes. You can use it for many purposes. You will get a business infographic by having this template. So what are you waiting for?

23. Free Multipurpose Business PowerPoint: Restaurant PowerPoint Template

Free Multipurpose Business PowerPoint
Free Multipurpose Business PowerPoint: Restaurant PowerPoint Template

Restaurant, food and culinary presentation, creative templates, trendy presentation template, various creative layouts that you can enjoy, clear and attractive fonts. These are the unique side of this free multipurpose business PowerPoint template. The green color of the template gives the impression of freshness, fertility, and peace. The color scheme is very suitable for you as a restaurant business presentation template or your food product.

Food and culinary business are increasingly growing. You need to have this template to present it creatively and be eye-catching!

24. Multipurpose Business PowerPoint Template: Property

Multipurpose Business PowerPoint Template: Property

Property PowerPoint templates are specially made for your real estate business. Everything you want to present about your business will be available in this template. You can display a slide gallery containing your real estate images. For example, slide layouts containing pictures and price lists about the best real estate, featured properties, testimonials from your customers. You will also get an infographic to help you more in presenting your business.

Color templates that use a grayscale background highlight the things you will present and make them stand out. Unique design, great layout, match color, a combination of something good to create an excellent presentation.

25. Multipurpose Business PowerPoint Template: Construction

Multipurpose Business PowerPoint Template: Construction

Template construction for your construction project or business. Your audience or client will be excited when listening to your construction project. Modern layouts, professional layouts with a look that is not monotonous, coupled with orange, make it more stay on.

You will also get the best pitch deck with this template! You can present something about your company, construction documentation, data projects, the team of companies, laptop mockups, and charts. Isn’t what you can explain about your construction business is complete? Use this template, and do your best presentation!

26. Medical PowerPoint Template

Medical PowerPoint Template

Hospital is an important place for people who need healing. The medical presentation template will help you present to other people or clients and investors who will help you develop the hospital.

Use this professional business presentation for your incredible hospital! Everything you present will be complete in this free multipurpose business PowerPoint template. For example, about the introduction of your hospital, your doctor, your portfolio of PowerPoint slides about the hospital, the service pack of your hospital, and your contact.

27. Technology PowerPoint Template

Technology PowerPoint Template

A perfect feature for your presentation, right? This template will help you to present your technology, such as competitive analysis, vision, value proposition, description of your technology, and more. Your technology will look more modern and helpful with this technology template.

Perfect feature with a modern and trendy design. A free multipurpose PowerPoint template is ideal for presenting your modern and contemporary technology. Creative design makes the audience eager to listen to your presentation.

28. Multipurpose PowerPoint Template Bundle

Multipurpose PowerPoint Template Bundle

You will get 10 PowerPoint bundles, creative templates, Christmas PowerPoint templates, corporation PowerPoint templates, technology, etc. There are no more difficult words when making a presentation. Just enter material in the template and edit as you please. A complete feature, right? Download this bundle bonus free PowerPoint templates to get ten free multipurpose business PowerPoint templates that will help you in many ways.

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Download our Free Multipurpose Business PowerPoint template right away!

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