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Free PowerPoint Presentation Templates vs Premium Items

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PowerPoint Presentation Templates

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PowerPoint presentation templates can level-up the creativity level of your presentation outlook. What is more good, with downloading PowerPoint presentation templates you can save a lot of time and focus on more important tasks. In short, it is a breakthrough to improve your presentation with no sweat.

PowerPoint templates can help you to spend less money rather than hiring designers as well. Therefore, the best PowerPoint presentation templates are definitely premium ones. But it doesn’t mean you can’t download PowerPoint presentation templates without any budget at all. In fact, there are tons of online PowerPoint designs for free. In this write-up, we spread some of those resources for you to find high-quality presentation templates.

Then and there, you might be questioning why you should put out premium PowerPoint presentation templates when you can take a free one. Without much ado, in a way of seeing from both perspectives, let’s go to the discussion below.

Want to download free PowerPoint templates?

Free PowerPoint templates have their own set of benefits. For beginners, you can download these templates as long as you want. This means you don’t need to spend your time if you need a presentation template quickly. Luckily, those templates are also a wonderful choice if you are students or educators who need to make a PowerPoint presentation template for education sectors.

Here are a few of our best 100% free PowerPoint templates:

1. Interface business presentation template

Free PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Are you looking for an outstanding free business presentation template? You got it! Interface Business presentation template gives the best presentation look for you. This elegant red colored combination can attract your audience.

What else? This free business presentation template has some features you need to provide all the necessary information you want. You can add your data by using infographics. Boost peoples’ attention with Interface.

2. CyberWorld techno presentation template

Free PowerPoint Presentation Templates

If you are an imaginative person and you need a PowerPoint presentation template with cyber-vibes, CyberWorld might be for you. It includes many infographics such as icons, maps, graphs, and more. Combined with an amazing dark background for supporting this template theme. Plus, all elements are editable from a vector icon to color schemes.

3. Food festival presentation template

Free PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Food Festival uses burger, seafood, and sushi. This template contains various shapes related to food-vibes with purple and orange for color schemes. Impress your audience with good content and good visuals to create a fascinating presentation for your performance.

4. Happy shopping presentation template

Free PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Happy Shopping Presentation Template is a great choice for shopping campaigns, shopping malls promotions or marketing purposes. Free Happy Shopping Presentation has tons of cute icons related to fashion style combined with tosca and orange color palette.

We have attached the best choices for a free PowerPoint template. Let’s take a look at some top-notch free PowerPoint templates for sure.

Want to download premium PowerPoint templates?

After you surf into the free Microsoft PowerPoint templates, let’s look at some brilliant premium PowerPoint templates. For professional results and to get your presentation done quickly, choose one of the many affordable PowerPoint templates available on featured item collections and marketplace.

Here are a few of our favourite premium PowerPoint templates:

1. Vectory infographic asset

We show you a bundle of Vectory PowerPoint Infographic for your business development. This infographic feature can change complicated mind-maps and become more readable. By using this template, you can effortlessly think about the layout, alignment, hierarchy, colors, and even typography selection. Get this premium item with 40% discount!

Main Features: 700+ Unique Slides, Modern Icon Pack, Based on Master Slides, 30 XML Files (Custom Ms Office Theme Colors), Unlimited Color Options (Ms PowerPoint Default Color Schemes), 700+ Master Slide Layouts (Light and Dark Version), 16:9 Aspect Ratio, Handmade Infographic, Light and Dark Version, Drag and Drop Ready.

2. Sicknatune music presentation template

Sicknatune is a music presentation template with futuristic-vibes. It has a combination of neon colors and uses 10 extra colors selection to improve the vibes. All features of this music presentation template are great to exhibit their project. Sicknatune designed for a band manager, stage vendor, music corporate, and gigs organizer. Plus, this is also available for dark version or color version.

Main Features: 60+ Unique Slides,11 Color Scheme in PPTX Ready, 90+ XML Files (Custom Ms Office Theme Colors), Unlimited Color Options (Ms PowerPoint Default Color Schemes), 60+ Master Slide Layouts (Light & Dark Version), Animated Slides, Dark and Light Background Option, Widescreen (16:9), Handmade Infographic, Fully customizable, Section Break Slides.

3. Doodle’s creative multipurpose template

Doodle’s Creative Multipurpose Presentation Template is the real definition of creative. Mostly, the presentation template uses formal fonts, yet Doodle’s uses a handwriting style that is still readable and fun-filled.

It’s good for creative business purposes, such as education, courses, and anything else related to the education sector.

Main Features: 80 Unique Slides, 10 Color Scheme in PPTX Ready, 90+ XML Files (Custom Ms Office Theme Colors), Unlimited Color Options (Ms PowerPoint Default Color Schemes), 100+ Master Slide Layouts (Light & Dark Version), Animated Slides, Dark and Light Background Option, Widescreen (16:9), Normal (4:3), Handmade Infographic, Fully customizable, Section Break Slides.

4. Travelast holiday presentation template

Travelast consists of the best slides related to business travelling. This template is editable, no need for effort. The combination of orange, yellow, and green color palette shows the energetic vibes of your company. Decorated with editable vector elements in each slide. Support good visuals elements, which makes everyone present like a Pro! There are also graphic mind-maps which are all easy to edit.

Main Features: Creative and Professional Themes, 60+ Multipurpose Slides, Clean, Unique, Creative and Simple, 70+ Master Slide Layouts, Solid Color Background Option, Widescreen (16:9) Aspect Ratio, Normal (4:3) Aspect Ratio, Handmade Infographic, Fully customizable, Free Font Used.

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No matter what the project is, the opportunity of finding the perfect presentation template to express your ideas are quite high. Also, please note that whether free PowerPoint templates and the premium ones have their pros and cons. Lucky you both of those templates are fully customizable and you can use a single template for several occassions.

Looking for several tips to be a pro designer in PowerPoint? Gain your knowledge on how to add themes, transitions, and work with vector elements. Also, check here to get outstanding PowerPoint templates for personal use.

Let’s visit RRSlide to download free PowerPoint presentation templates with many categories. But wait, don’t go anywhere and stay here with our Blog to keep up-to-date on all the best pitch deck template collections and design advice from our PowerPoint experts yet to come!

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