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Get More Views on YouTube: 16 Tips That Actually Work

Guest Writer
Guest Writer
Get More Views on YouTube

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Get more views on YouTube: 16 Tips That Work

Who doesn’t watch videos on YouTube? But do you know that YouTube has more than two billion logged-in monthly users? This is large but is still underreported as YouTube also offers content viewing without creating a login account. Not to miss is that YouTube is the second-most visited website in the world, right after Google. According to HootSuite, everyone watches YouTube. Over 75% of Americans age 15 and up are on YouTube, part of over 2 billion monthly active users. YouTube has 1.7 billion unique monthly visitors. In total, the site gets 14.3 billion visits per month: that’s more than Facebook, Wikipedia, Amazon and Instagram.

YouTube is a perfect platform to share your content or watch different types of free content. In addition, the over-the-top advantages of the premium accounts make it an ads-free platform for seamless entertainment. According to AC Social Media, A study by Pearson Education (2010), Social Media in Higher Education, found that YouTube is the most common social media service used to communicate with students.

Henceforth, many content creators choose YouTube to gain the attention of global users.

Many times people wonder how to get YouTube views. It is a race against competition and time with many new inclusions daily.

First, a view on YouTube is only counted when a video is played for 30 seconds at a minimum. Secondly, the multiple screening on the same video is counted as another view when done differently. Finally, YouTube’s algorithm discards any form of automated views.

So, here we bring to you a detailed list of the top and practical tips to attract more views on YouTube.

Practical ways on how to get YouTube views

Get More Views on YouTube

Google can help you find many articles and videos on how to get YouTube views from different sources. But we have pooled them all under one and added some of our best tips for you to look at:

Prioritize quality content

Get More Views on YouTube

Quality is leading the way over quantity. Hence it becomes crucial to maintain quality in all YouTube videos. Education and entertainment are the basic requirements of YouTube viewers. Accordingly, all content creators focus their videos on education and entertainment only.

There is so much to view on YouTube, and hence it all comes to prioritizing the quality content on your channel. When you have details about what viewers are looking for, it becomes easy to match their expectations and generate views for your videos.

Encourage subscriptions

Get More Views on YouTube

Gaining subscribers is not a one-day job. It requires dedicated promotional efforts and hard work results that incorporate a brief request or in-video animation. It works as a call-to-action to encourage subscription.

The number of subscribers is directly proportional to the number of views and promotes repeat views for all videos.

Good post at the right time

Get More Views on YouTube

Time is crucial when it comes to earning YouTube views. Hence, it is vital to post the videos at a time that is ideal for attracting views. Many companies have done detailed analysis and thus offer optimized timings for posting videos on different days of the week.

It is 2-4 PM EST for Monday to Wednesday, 12-3 PM EST on Thursday and Friday, and 9-11 AM EST for Saturday and Sunday. Sticking to a realistic and consistent posting schedule attracts multiple views.

Optimizing YouTube videos

Get More Views on YouTube

Many users already know that it is crucial to managing your videos using YouTube SEO. According to Meltwater, If your competitors are using YouTube as part of their video marketing strategies, YouTube SEO becomes all the more important. If your competitors don’t have a YouTube channel, even better! Studies show that 80% of people prefer to watch a video rather than read a blog.

Hence, all content creators can go for natural ways to search phrases and boost engagement without stuffing the content with numerous keywords. It can be initiated by adding keyword terms to the title, tag, and thumbnail.

Adding the call-to-action and detailed video descriptions is another way to optimize YouTube videos to attract more views.

Inviting viewers

Get More Views on YouTube

It is not about attracting views on YouTube but inviting the viewers to watch your videos. YouTube cards and end screens are taking the responsibility to invite viewers who’ve reached the end of one video.

Any user with more than 5,000 views and a verified account can access these features to invite the users. Thus, it is smooth navigation to the content on your channel by simply asking the users.

Targeting audience

Marketing and lead generation works on customer segmentation only. The content creators are using this targeting concept on the YouTube platform. Without hitting a block in the rush of freshly updated content, pitching your target audience is the best way to attract views.

If your YouTube channel focuses on one segment or has one concept at its core, hitting the top views is best. Many content creators are using YouTube analytics to drive sense from the existing viewers and deliver content accordingly.

Tiles and thumbnails

Custom thumbnails are one of the common concepts found in more than 90% of the top-performing videos. These tiles and thumbnails work as a self-invitation to different viewers. This combination is ideal for attracting first-time viewers and making them familiar with your brand.

These tiles and thumbnails can be about a person, use hyperbole in titles, or include some text within the thumbnail. Many go for colorful images to catch the viewers’ attention.

Transcribing and captioning

Creating videos that work well on mobile and other devices is ideal for attracting multiple views. Many users go for double-checking the YouTube subtitles for clearing the passage to improve views.

The captions or, more specifically, subtitles are crucial for increasing the search relevancy and accessibility for different viewers. According to Localization Lab, more than 5% of the world’s population (466 million people) experience disabling hearing loss (432 million adults and 34 million children), according to the World Health Organization. Without subtitles in a video, a significant part of the world’s population wouldn’t be able to understand it. Therefore, putting subtitles on a video makes it accessible to a greater number of people.

Hence, all the videos created by transcribing and captioning techniques perform higher than the native videos. The correct captions are ideal for keeping the mobile viewers glued to your content.

Fine-tuning the YouTube channel

Users will get attracted to your videos and channel only if it is complete and professional. Hence, it is crucial to make a branding impression and improve YouTube performance by fine-tuning your videos.

You can start by promoting a unique visual identity like brand name, logo, image, website, social media links, etc. The complete details of the “About” section and YouTube channel description helps gain authenticity and promote your YouTube channel.

Actively promoting content on different platforms

So many users are available that several YouTube views are through the embedded links from various platforms like social media, official websites, etc. The popularity of the video content on social media is helping people increase their YouTube video views.

Many times, businesses create a single social media strategy with links to YouTube to increase total views. According to Hoot Suite, YouTube is the world’s second most visited website. More than two billion people use it every month — that’s one-third of all internet users. 74% of adults in the U.S. are watching videos there. (We could go on, but you can read all the latest YouTube stats on your own time.) However, another secret is to go for publishing and cross-posting the YouTube content on different platforms.

Promote Binge-Watching

Binge-watching is taking the world by the storm. It presents a natural way to jump from one video to another without any additional force. Even the stats show the same! It is easy to create playlists to encourage binge-watching at your YouTube channel.

Often, users go for a series publishing or “how-to” videos to uncover content themes and make a sensible viewers list out of the straightforward content only.

Build relationship  

People love crossovers, guest appearances, mash-ups, and covers. A brand with a budget might hire a creator with their own following. If you’re a creator or aspiring influencer, getting more views is your first step to making money on YouTube, not spending it. Your best bet is to relation with creators who share your vision.

Ideally, your potential relations should have similar values, popularity, and charm. 

Enabling embedding

Let your fans help you spread the word about your work by enabling embedding. You’ll rack up more views (and perhaps gain some new subscribers) the more eyes you get.

Click Content in Youtube Studio to enable embedding. Tap Edit on your video. You can toggle Embedding on and off by selecting it.

Increase the watch time

Even though YouTube counts anything over 30 seconds as a view, staying on for longer has its benefits.

YouTube will learn that you have some quality content if people watch your video for longer. YouTube’s algorithm favors videos with a longer Watch Time, giving you an edge in its recommendation engine.

Using metadata to find out the most popular videos

Take a cue from the most popular videos in your niche if you want more YouTube views.

Hence the algorithm’s job is to feed viewers one (hopefully appealing) video after another in order to keep viewers on YouTube as long as possible. The algorithm takes the following into consideration:

  • Watched together videos
  • Viewed videos by the user
  • Topically related videos

You can control here is the third point.

Using video watermark

The goal is to get more subscribers and free YouTube views by promoting your channel in all your videos.

A watermark is just an image that can appear on all of your videos. When viewers hover over the watermark, they subscribe.

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Wrapping Up

Users are watching more than one billion hours of YouTube videos daily. It indicates that all of your content has a high chance of getting viral by gaining amazing views. All you need to do is follow the practical and tested tips mentioned above for increasing YouTube views quickly.

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Bhavik Soni is a Creative Writer at Auto Monkey. We provide an initial analysis of the latest happenings in the social media industry. Connect with Latest Social Media Trends and News, plus tips on Twitter, Facebook, and other social tools on the web. 

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