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35 Strategies for Getting More Work Done Quickly

Nurma Febriana
Nurma Febriana

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You have a lot of work to do, but time costs you a lot. You have tried your best, but you are not fast enough to complete each task on time, and each job is now piling up in front of you.

So you become so worried that you don’t know where to start anymore.

How about getting more work done in less time? Worry less!

Our tips for getting more work done are excellent time management tips and strategies.

We know that time management is how we organize and distribute our time between activities to maximize productivity and achieve our goals.

Good time management leads to lower stress levels, higher work performance, and life satisfaction.

High achievers have learned and practiced getting more work done in less time.

We can develop good time management skills with all the tips, tricks, and methods to help you do that.

Start your time management journey with a plan.

These 35 tips will help you create a solid foundation to form new habits. 

Create a timing audit

First things first for getting more work done is the time audit.

A time audit is our way of knowing where we spend our time. For example, you write a simple email within 5 minutes but must proofread and choose a language.

With the task, it turns out that you need 20 minutes.

Say you need to write a 300-word email. You may be thinking: “Writing an email is simple. I will allocate 5 minutes.

However, you may overestimate your speed and underestimate smaller tasks like proofreading, monitoring language selection, and finding email addresses.

That 5-minute email could take you 20 minutes, 500% more than you originally planned with those other tasks. From here, we need time audits.

Audit time you are using a time tracking application such as Toggl Track.

Organize your to-do list

You need time management after auditing time.

Then you need to cut some tasks to get more work done.

To speed up your process on everyday items, create a template or checklist or find one you can use.

Lists let you do a great job in less time because you don’t have to spend time remembering what to do or deciding on the next step.

Make a daily plan

Create a simple daily to-do list for more work done.

Don’t do too much work.

You have to talk about what stakeholders expect when you take on essential tasks.

With such clarification, you can save time by getting more jobs done.

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Plan your week on Sunday

It’s a good idea to take a few minutes on Sunday to make plans for your entire week.

This planning effectively gets more work done—schedule priority tasks, meetings, etc.

Complete your most demanding tasks in the morning

We have to complete some of the most challenging jobs in the morning to get more work done because the first hour is the most productive.

Use the 80-20 rule

Economist Vilfredo Pareto came up with the 80-20 Rule, also known as the Pareto Principle.

This rule is effective for getting more work done.

We can use the 80-20 control to determine where to spend time.

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Find your peak productivity window

You have to know when to do the most productive work—for example, the adequate time in the morning.

You can write the job in a notebook.

This method is for getting more work done.

Use the Swiss Cheese method

Alan Lakelin created the Swiss Cheese Method when overwhelmed with a monumental task.

So this method is effective for getting more work done.

Set a time limit on the task

You must set a time limit for each of your studies.

Perform time audits and identify tasks that take longer, and you are getting more work done.

Add a “done list” to your to-do list

Record them in a separate list next to your to-dos for extra satisfaction at the end of the day.

For example, on Sunday, review your achievements from the previous week and congratulate yourself on your success.

Don’t start with a simple task. It would help if you got used to organizing the studies you want them to be.

Because When you start with a difficult one, you will feel very relieved after finishing it, making you more productive.

Be a day early

Set earlier deadlines for yourself for more work supervisors.

Plan to deliver your work one day ahead of schedule because projects often take longer than you think.

Don’t answer right away

We should close emails or messaging apps to avoid distractions while working on high-focused tasks.

Distraction avoidance for getting more work done.

Before the meeting, determine the outcome you want

To ensure a productive meeting, provide a clear goal before the meeting, such as creating a plan and sharing it with meeting participants beforehand—the activities for getting more work done.

Schedule breaks between tasks

During waking and resting hours, the human brain goes through a cycle of the essential resting activity or BRAC.

The brain cycles between higher and lower alertness every 90 minutes.

After working at a high intensity for more than 90 minutes, we started using our emergency energy reserves to keep us going.

Schedule breaks at least every 90 minutes to maintain focus and keep your productivity high so that more work gets done because the human brain cycles work no more than 90 minutes.

Make the most of the waiting time

When we wait in lines, waiting rooms, airport terminals, train stations, etc., we should use the time to answer emails on our cell phones, catch up on missed calls and messages, stretch/exercise, relax or meditate, and read a book.

This method can increase your productivity as a worker.

Use apps to block distractions

Using your computer and phone’s “Do Not Disturb” function while working on focused tasks such as Airplane Mode, Self-Control, or Freedom can block websites and social media platforms.

This method is for getting more work done.

Use a time management app

The best way to manage your time is with a time management app.

A time management app to monitor your progress and analyze your procrastination patterns.

We can use Toggl Track, which offers comprehensive reporting for insight into your work patterns so that we can use more time to get more work done.

Avoid browsing tabs online

You should focus on only one job first on one window monitor.

Avoid opening multiple tabs to use more time; you are getting more work done.

Organize your email

Here are some quick organization tricks for email:

  • Archive emails that may contain some important info.
  • Use filters to automatically assign labels to incoming emails based on the sender or information.
  • Label all newsletters by setting up a filter containing the word ‘Unsubscribe.’
  • Enable Canned Responses.

Organizing email is a great way to spend less time navigating your inbox and getting more work done.

Turn your system into a habit

Turning ideas into sustainable habits requires hard work.

Habit setting can foster a productivity mindset.

Time management is also very influential, so don’t beat yourself up if time management takes time to become a habit.

Give up bad habits for a while

Leaving bad habits with more minor changes is less likely to trigger a physiological stress response, making it easier for your body and mind to accept and repeat them.

By abandoning bad habits, there is time for getting more work done.

Don’t multitask

Those who multitask have more incredible difficulty focusing because multitasking hurts productivity and can affect your cognitive abilities so that you can use the time to complete more work.

Don’t wait for inspiration — do it now

If you always wait for the right time, you risk missing out on valuable opportunities, so don’t wait for inspiration because inspiration comes when you start working.

Forget perfection

See every effort as an experiment, then forget perfection. Failure brings you closer to a successful outcome.

Don’t get hung up on small details

Focus on your priorities, don’t get hung up on the small details, and have no issues with your work.

Complete the most important tasks, and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Use your calendar

Calendar lets you block time, track deadlines, automatically add locations to events, and help you be in charge of your time.

Exercise often

Physical activity has a significant impact on productivity.

Frequent exercise is a 72% increase in time management and workload completion, so there is time for getting more work done.

Get a good night’s sleep

We can create lots of time to get more work done by sleeping.

A person is not easily distracted by a good night’s sleep, and delays work.

Schedule some relaxation time

Try activities like yoga or meditation to relax your body and calm your mind, as they have both a physiological and mental impact.

Because during a typical workday, we all perform tasks that require effort, so we need that relaxation.

Learn to say no

You have to say no if your friend invites you to do something pointless because you have to complete tasks and projects according to your goals.

Exercise the other side of your brain

Engaging in a hobby helps you solve problems faster and gives you more creativity to get more work done.

You can also increase your confidence and help you develop new skills, for example, by reading, cooking, dancing, gardening, meditation, learning a language, volunteering or improvising.

Have fun — no matter what

Don’t obsess over checking all the items on your to-do list.

Completing a big workload today is not worth the unproductive and exhausting tomorrow.

Work steadily, stay at your best pace, and don’t rush to complete tasks to reduce the quality of work and create stress.

Reuse previous material

Use what you already have to save time and deliver the best content when pressing for time.

Top speakers tend to give speeches on the same material repeatedly.

Make a conversation

You can save time by verbally sharing what you’ve done and communicating more abstract concepts.

For example, maybe your manager asks you to research a specific topic so you can take notes and then discuss your findings during a one-on-one meeting.

Speed ​​up your internet with a broadband connection and your computer

With a fast internet connection and computer, one can do many things like getting more work done in less time.

The Internet time saver is number one than the speed of your computer.

You can use dial-up and accelerators like Propel and SlipStream to double or triple your internet speed.

To speed up your computer, use the Windows hibernation feature to avoid slowdowns on exiting and restarting Windows. Or maybe, you can switch to a Mac.

With these time management tips, you’ll end procrastination so that it’s time to finish. 


You need to apply the tips that will help to get the job done faster, and you are getting more work done.

Because we only have so many things to do in a limited time.

The secret to overcoming is being able to do the best time management.

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