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Good Presentation Design Tips and Tricks to Develop

Nurma Febriana
Nurma Febriana
good presentation design
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Table of Contents

Presentation Design Tips and Tricks to Develop

Looking for the best presentation design? You’re in the right place.

Creating a good presentation design can be frustrating, especially if you want to stand out and look professional. Presentation design must be to the point and easy to understand. So, what differentiates a good presentation from a poor one? Content and design. While your speech may be flawless, the pictures you display can greatly diminish your message whether you’re using Visage, PowerPoint, Keynote, or good old PDFs.

Are you ready to create a good presentation design? We’ve put a beginner’s guide to understanding all about presentation design.

What is the presentation design?

Presentation design is a part of the presentation that interests an audience or client and gives information in various methods, such as audio, video, text, animation, graphics). Those elements should be informative and exciting to the audience by understanding the principles of presentation design skills. The presentation design consists of an introduction to the final slide.

The principles of PowerPoint design

Here are the principles of presentation design to an audience to avoid boredom. There are: 

1. Simple

A simple slide consists of text briefly without bullet points. Text that is too long will make it difficult for the audience to understand and remember well.

2. Visual

Visual media conveys information and material such as images, graphics, icons, diagrams, videos to make presentations look exciting and less tedious.

3. Contrast

The contrast can also help our audience pay attention more quickly and focus on one main message.

4. Repetition

This repetition also creates a consistency of slide. You can do it by repeating colors and layouts.

5. Alignment

The way each element on a slide relates to each other to form a harmony is called alignment. Each component must be placed in the correct position.

6. Proximity principle

You must group several related items to be more pleasing to the eye.

Five presentation design ideas 

Based on Superside, there are five presentation design ideas:

Idea 1

Use your brand guidelines when presenting your company.

Idea 2

Use extraordinary illustrations and sketches, which help bring presentations to life.

Idea 3

Use color to interest attention and explain important points.

Idea 4

Use visuals to mark new themes/topics.

Idea 5

Be bold and concise when using words, statistics, or pictures to convey a certain point.

Type of presentation design

Various types of presentations can be considered when creating a good presentation design. Let’s check it out!

1. Educational presentations

An educational presentation can improve your public speaking skills. It allows getting up in front of a group of other members or adults and showcasing your knowledge. It improves self-confidence, organizational skills, and the ability to convey a message successfully. You can find a resource at the library, on the internet, from teachers, parents, or your community.

2. Investor pitch decks

An investor pitch deck is a simple presentation that provides investors with an overview of your business, such as showcasing a product, sharing a business model, giving a look into a monetization strategy, and introducing a team.

3. Webinar presentations

Webinars are online presentations. Webinars involve participants. We can use webinar purposes to communicate content and promote something. Webinars require platforms, such as Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams and PowerPoint.

4. Sales presentations

Sales presentations are part of a sales promotion. This sales presentation is used to get a lucrative deal. Sales presentations involve something, such as meetings, demos, and team coordination. 

5. Report presentations

A  report presentation is a presentation to offer a subject to a person or group of people. The presentation displays visuals, such as a chart or slide show. To present a presentation report, one must choose an appropriate subject and research it thoroughly.

6. Keynote presentations

Keynote is Apple’s presentation tool for iOS. We can use Keynote presentations to speak up to the audience. Keynote presentations consist of the main point. Keynote presentations also have many templates. Users can create slideshows that include images (from the device’s camera roll), text, and charts, and they can select themes, fonts, styles, transitions, and animation from a range of options.

Based on several types of presentation designs described above, users must also understand the trends in 2022, as described in our blog. We hope that a good design presentation can attract the audience by knowing this trend.

Tips and tricks of presentation design

The following are tips and tricks to create a good presentation design from various types.

a. Tips and tricks of presentation design in educational  presentations

Tips for creating an academic presentation design: 

You can defend the information presented in your presentation because it is essential. It should be factual and from reliable resources. Before we do tips and tricks in educational presentations, we need an understanding of the standard rules and regulations that would make your presentation creative.

We have sourced from rrgraph.com the standard rules, such as planning, organizing, using key phrases, avoiding using too much text, limiting the number of slides, and being consistent with the theme. Importantly, we can use educational tools in 2022 like Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slide, Prezi, and Keynote. 

b. Tips and tricks of presentation design for investor pitch deck

Tips for creating a presentation design for the investor Pitch deck: 

Sourced from Coxblue, tips and tricks of presentation design for investor Pitch Desk are: 

1. Use slide templates by theme.

2. Ensure that there are no more than ten slides according to the rules that Guy Kawasaki quite well knows, the presentation time is not more than 20 minutes, and the font size used is not less than 30.

3. Deliver a broad and brief explanation of the company at the beginning of the presentation.

4. Describe the company’s products with videos or photos.

5. Explain the company’s idea to compete with other companies.

6. Convey how the ideas can get income for the company.

7. Include graphic elements to describe the target market.

8. Convey critical points, such as financial projections, technical information, competitive analysis, marketing, branding plans, and teams.

9. Build consistency and confidence.

c. Tips and tricks of presentation design in Webinar presentations

Tips for creating a webinar  presentation design: 

1. Use slide templates by theme.

2. Use the available templates to save time. Webinar templates provide a consistent layout.

3. Summarize information effectively on the webinar slides with the core message.

4. Simplify slides to stimulate the audience and keep them engaged.

5. Use appropriate charts and graphs. Charts and graphs can explain a piece of data.

6. Attach a brand in a web presentation design to introduce and strengthen your brand.

d. Tips and tricks of presentation design in sales presentations

Tips for creating a sales presentation design: 

1. Use slide templates by theme.

2. Create an attractive cover slide. The cover slide includes visuals, colors, company logo, and title. Simple typed title. The cover page affects the entire presentation.

3. Establish an emotional relationship with clients to buy our products.

4. Use color on slides to encourage the client’s emotional response to the sales presentation.

5. Make a simple slide containing the main points to be presented.

6. Conduct remote presentations due to the Covid 19 pandemic if it is impossible to make face-to-face sales presentations.

e. Tips and tricks of presentation design in report presentations

Tips for creating a report presentation design

1. Use slide templates by theme. Choose a theme while still using a simple theme that will explain the content to be presented.

2. Use data that is easy for the audience to understand.

3. Simplify the slides that are offered.

4. Choose the right font in the presentation report slide. When determining the font size, we must understand that the text must be readable by people in the back of the room.

5. Utilize good visuals relevant to the topic of the presentation.

6. Make a presentation with a clear voice to attract the audience.

7. Provide insights on slide report presentation.

8. Include photos of us to help them remember us.

f. Tips and tricks of presentation design in the Keynote presentation 

Tips for creating a Keynote presentation design:

1. Choose a theme while still using a simple theme that will explain the content to be presented.

2. Attach images to each slide layout to interest the audience and support your narrative. 

3. Attach the text as the title and the content, and we can use Sans Serif.

4. Add content with text and font size according to the level of importance. This level is called the content hierarchy. When determining the font size, we must understand that the text must be readable by people in the back of the room.

5. Use no more than six lines.

6. Use colors no more than five on the slide to make a good presentation design. 

7. Use contrasting text colors to interest the audience’s attention.

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Thank you for reading our article. Those tips and tricks to creating your presentation design can benefit your performance, like getting the audience’s attention, making compelling information, and getting a company or business profit.

Oh yeah. For more insightful articles, you can discover our blog by drinking a cup of tea. 

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