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Great Design Team Management Tips to Avoid Your Work Exhaustion

Nurma Febriana
Nurma Febriana
great design team management

Table of Contents

The design process has changed fundamentally. The old design process was one person requesting a limited amount of content.

The design process now is that multiple people such as vendors, salespeople, partners, and employees create marketing & sales materials on behalf of your company and create content across various channels for audiences.

Nowadays, consumers are aware and intelligent about graphic design.

Building a great design team management is not an easy task.

Sometimes, People from creative professions often feel criticism painfully.

Currently, remote work only exacerbates the situation as a team manager must look for unique skills, experiences, and personalities to create the best user-friendly products.

We must pay attention to two things to design a team designer. First of all, form a team of skilled individuals.

Second, according to Google, “there is no secret formula for teams to succeed” when managing and building teams.

The perfect team does not exist.

How can a great design team management meet higher content, fast, and quality demand

We will talk about the secrets to having great design team management. 

What are the secrets to having great design team management?

Some related tips get the most out of great design team management to meet higher content, fast, and quality demand. Here are: 

Train the team to be more creative

To be creative, original, and inspiring on-demand every day. They practice hierarchies, grids, typographic theory, best practices, etc.

There are some secrets that we can do, namely:

Hone their skills

Encourage your team to expand their knowledge base with tutorial programs like Skillshare, Lynda, Udemy, Netflix, and YouTube.

In addition, some podcasts can be a great source of inspiration. Finally, we can read a graphic design book.

Another way is to join conferences such as Adobe Max, HOW Design, AIGA, and Brand New.

In addition, we can attend local gatherings that offer many of the same experiences.

Exit the design zone

To create an excellent design team management is to learn a new hobby, try a new sport, or seek new cultural experiences.

We can’t get the best work if the team constantly stares at the computer.

The best jobs let them take a break from their ongoing task.

Connect with customers

The best learning experiences come from maintaining our booth and meeting potential customers.

Usually more enthusiastic about serving them and making better decisions.

Simplify the process

As a great design team, management must simplify the entire design process.

So, what we can do is:

  • Goals must be clear
  • Give your team one clear goal because creative work cannot realize without a clear plan for a project,
  • Ownership should be clear
  • Remove creative summaries

The design team process shows that the creative team spends a lot of time doing regular work and revisions.

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Integrate your design process

Integration makes the whole process more efficient.

The secret of great design team management in a company is that they need a new design process that is more inclusive, efficient, and intelligent.

Here are several tips to help great design team management integrate the design process.

  • Informed, collaborative, and integrated design
  • Integrated design means that everyone in the company is educated about brand standards and committed to enforcing compliance
  • Prepare to participate in design revisions
  • Everyone is involved effectively and collaboratively, thereby significantly reducing revision time
  • Organize training sessions to review brand standards
  • Improve your brand guidelines
  • Do the design process once and correctly

As a great design team management, it is to prepare vital and easily accessible brand guidelines. One of the strong living brand guidelines is Lucidpress.

It stores brand logos, colors, fonts, and other assets so designers can quickly make updates and sync them across the company.

As a great design team, management should focus on delivering great creative work, not wasting time doing the design process.

One solution that we can use is a cloud-based template that we can lock.

So that all employees can create and update branded content.

Transitioning into design leadership

To realize great design team management, a manager, it is necessary to take the following steps:

Build new skills

We must see what skills the group needs to manage a great design team.

If possible, then safe training is required.

Building new skills can make great design team management. 

Hire the right people

To realize great design team management, a manager must find the right person with skills, talents, personality, and experience for the culture, values, and product goals.

Things to consider when selecting design team members include:

  • Do they work the same hours as other people?
  • The skills they bring to the team
  • How well do they follow the guidelines
  • Can work towards a common goal
  • Manage the design team

As a manager, avoid micromanaging or bossing people around.

So, that is the secret to having great design team management. 

Make the design operational

To realize great design team management, managers must ensure the design process runs smoothly, efficiently, and effectively.

In addition, managers need to pay attention to communication tools and strategies to have the right system.

Support collaborative work

Managers should work collaboratively both within and with other teams in the organization.

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Focus on the story

Designing a product is like a storytelling process, like using PhotoShop or InVision.

Understand your work

Understand the job well so you can manage other people properly. Then, figure out what to do. Your progress indicator is your team’s achievement.

So your job is to inspire your group to become great design team management.


Communication includes communication of your role, company goals, and concerns. Tell your team what your job responsibilities as a manager are.

And tell your team about company goals, big-picture projects, and plans with employees.


Maintain office morale with motivation because it is a big part of excellent design team management.

We know that low morale can lead to decreased concentration and increased mistakes.

Give designers the freedom to make decisions

Give space so the designers remain creative, not bored, and lose interest.

Make an inventory of everyone’s skills

As you go through the design phase, it’s good to know everyone’s skills because not everyone will fill all roles during a team design project. 

Choose a management methodology that suits your team

Each procedure has different characteristics. Here are some of the elements:

  • Agile makes design projects more flexible, and there is feedback for continuous improvement
  • Scrum uses design sprints that usually last a week or two
  • Kanban visualizes workflows with the status of tasks in a project

Each design team needs to use a management methodology that fits its needs. Methods such as Agile, Scrum, and Kanban.

Set precise tasks and deadlines

You can integrate straightforward task and deadline arrangements into the management methodology.

This way makes excellent design team management.

Celebrate the achievements of your team members

Use positive reinforcement to keep team members motivated.

You can say, “Good job on that layout.” This way makes excellent design team management. 

Invite feedback from as many people as possible

Cognitive dissonance can make you see what you want to know when you’re working on something long enough, so it’s worth fighting cognitive dissonance by asking people outside your design team project to give you feedback.

An example is UXpin. UXPin makes it easy to get feedback by sending a link to anyone. Don’t forget about feedback.

Develop a feedback culture within your team as it influences the motivation of a designer. Don’t leave any questions unanswered.

Use tools that offer features for collaboration

This feature is suitable for employees and freelancers in remote positions.

This feature is perfect for bringing your team together in one place to collaborate face-to-face.

UXPin also makes it easy for design teams to adapt to remote collaboration by giving everyone a virtual environment to work together in real time.

For example, we can use Google documents and the UXPin feature for remote collaboration.


When a design director builds a great team, values and communication are as important as design skills and experience.

Designing excellent team management is an exciting challenge and opportunity for a leader.

Perfect design team management allows you to shape a product, user experience, and how clients and customers perceive a product.

We hope you found some interesting tips on managing to become an excellent design team management that meets the demand for higher content, fast, and quality.

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