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5 Guides to Make Money with Presentation Design

5 Guides to Make Money with Presentation Design

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Who would have thought if with PowerPoint and fine design skills, one could make $500 a day?

In this virtual age where everyone is more concerned with good designs, that sort of stuff is totally doable. According to Crowdspring, Good design is good business. According to Adobe, companies with a strong design outperform companies with a weak design by 219% on the S&P Index (a stock market index) over the span of 10 years. In fact, 48% of people surveyed by Tyton Media said that the website design of a business was their number one factor in determining the credibility of that business. So not only is good design directly tied to success but it’s also tied to trust.

Based on Metric Marketing, Apple did not become the first company in the US to reach their $2 Trillion market cap solely by coding and updating. They highly value and utilize design to make sure their products are the most aesthetically pleasing technology on the market. Their growth is based on beauty and design.

One of many ways to deliver a good design is with a presentation, pitching, and so on. According to Pitch, Presentations aren’t just for giving talks on stage or in meeting rooms. Today, they’re often used for information sharing, internal updates, and company documentation. If you’re not there to present in person, good layout and structure are your best form of nonverbal, effective communication. No wonder why there are more and more presentation design service agencies being built because that is a promising business.

According to 24 Slides, choosing the right presentation design agency can be a lot harder than it seems. There are so many options out there that it’s normal if you don’t know where to start or how to identify the best presentation design agency for you. Just a quick search on Google gives more than 200 million results for “presentation design agencies.”

And how to get started? Maybe you ask. Well, just follow our guides to make money with presentation design as follows:

1. Register a freelance account

Do you have some skills and supporting tools but have no idea how to use them? Worry not, there are millions of freelancing webs for anyone with 0 experience. The popular ones are Freelancer and Upwork. According to Upwork, In fact, an Upwork study revealed that 59 million American professionals were involved in freelancing in 2020—representing more than a third of the United States workforce. Sign up there and offer your redesign presentation services for individuals or corporations. By freelancing, you will compete with other freelancers so you will be challenged to improve your skills. After a while doing a freelance job, your professional portfolio will be built along with the clients who come to you.

Here is a tip for a new starter: don’t set your service price too high! In your first months, attract clients as much as possible at low prices. Afterward, increase your prices slowly. That is just how it works. Look at the results in less than a year, you will be a slave to do a freelance job and have no more wants to do a regular office job!

2. Sell presentation assets

After you are leaving a blueprint in freelance platforms and gaining more trust from clients, you may have more confidence to sell the other things. Let’s call a design product. Then, what products can be sold from presentations?

You can sell templates using trending scopes, infographic assets, vector icons, and so on. Creative Market is a promising platform to begin with. Rather than opening a redesign service, this step may be a bit difficult because it takes a lot of market research, and you will require to learn more techniques regarding the PowerPoint features per se. It is important so you can make templates that contain hundreds of slides as your best-selling item. Take a look at this premium template as an example.

3. Make an online course

If you are just too lazy to deal with clients and keen on teaching, you can make an online course. Start with a Webinar or YouTube channel then give presentation design tips for dummies. According to Ewebinar, you’ve created an online course that can deliver lots of value to those who enroll. You’re probably wondering what the best way to market your course to potential students is. Facebook ads can be costly, and social media posts only garner so much organic engagement. There’s another method that can help you demonstrate your course’s value to many more eyes: creating a presentation that sells at scale as an automated webinar.

Using live webinars to market courses has become a popular sales method, but creating a presentation that can be fully automated with opportunities for engagement will help you generate more sales of your course with less effort.

Indeed, you will not earn money immediately, but as you keep going and being consistent, you will begin to get benefits. Who knows you will be invited as a seminar speaker? Or someone recruits you for your public speaking skills out of nowhere?

4. Start your own agency!

This particular guide to making money with the presentation design requires extra effort. Or maybe, more and more extra efforts. Why so?

To start an agency, you will need a team, not big, but a small yet reliable one. Since you will not be able to work alone, you will need a marketing specialist, web designer, social media manager, even a proper co-work space! In that matter, the founder of an agency typically needs at least 5 years to develop a sustainable team.

Nevertheless, all those endless efforts will pay off while you are having a better, guaranteed service rather than the freelance ones. You will have your own marketplace and set prices whatever you want, and the best of all, your revenue cycle will also be more expeditious!

5. Be a broker or subagent

If you neither have a design skill nor equipment, but you have good networking or are in an environment that needs an immense presentation design production, those can be your resource.

As a broker (we usually call it as a third party), you will practice being aware of opportunities around. You also need to be clever at math in order to get a profit. According to Investopedia, Brokers provide that service and are compensated in various ways, either through commissions, fees, or through being paid by the exchange itself. Investopedia regularly reviews all of the top brokers and maintains a list of the best online brokers and trading platforms to help investors make the decision of what broker is best for them. The last thing to be reminded is, you have to maintain a good relationship with agencies or designers who are working on your project. Bring huge respect to them, say thanks and be honest about everything you do, because here and then, you can be resourceful with their works.

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A presentation is so much more than a simple stack of slides with text and images on it. Presentation design is important because you can envelop your ideas, narrative, visuals, data and statistics all into one place and tell a compelling story that leads your audience to the conclusion you want them to reach.

Those are our guides to make money with presentation design. Hopefully, you find this article helpful. If you have opinions or ideas about this topic, kindly share it with us! Let’s help each other to succeed.

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