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Holiday PowerPoint Templates Ideas for Business Trips

Ulfah Alifah
Ulfah Alifah
Holiday PowerPoint Templates Ideas for Business Trips

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Holiday PowerPoint Templates are ready to bring the season’s spirit into your business plan by our creative designers. Must check them out!

The holidays are around the corner, from Christmas to the year-end time and every holiday in between. Every special event requires a special presentation template to make the community or someone you invite interested in the program you are making. Thus we create a holiday presentation template special for you. Here are some of the best special event and holiday PowerPoint templates:

1. Airate Holiday PowerPoint Template

Airate is a traveling presentation template. This template’s colors are perfect for bringing an eye-catching and exciting holiday vibe. This holiday template is very suitable for any business travel and leisure. We will find some features like motion slides, light and dark versions, color schemes, modern icon packs, master slides, infographics, and section break slides. Besides, you will have 60 unique slides that really help you to present your projects, such as the introduction, the holiday image, timeline, mockups, maps, and way more. Create your memorable trip with this holiday template to make your presentation quite fun and impressive!

2. Christmas Holiday PowerPoint Template

Holiday PowerPoint Templates Ideas for Travel

Many people want to celebrate Christmas Day. They invite family or friends to take part in the Christmas event made. This Christmas template is also suitable for the Christmas business event. You can hold a Christmas event and design it. You can present it to the client and audience who are interested in Christmas events. The Christmas asset presentation template is a template suitable for offering the Christmas event you are planning. Many elements in the template match Christmas. So that Christmas assets are ideal for you to use in Christmas assets. The color of the template is also very supportive, which is red. A supportive design, coupled with exclusive features, is the best template. You can present your Christmas project like business statistics, a Christmas pricelist, Christmas trees that support you in delivering your Christmas business. What are you waiting for? Use this template for the presentation about your Christmas event beautifully and eye-catching.

3. Travelast Holiday PowerPoint Template

Fun, trendy, creative template are things that are suitable for describing a traveling presentation template. Indeed, your audience will not feel bored at the first moment when you use Travels. Clear fonts also make this template more engaging when presenting your traveling exhibition. Plus, this template has many elements that make the slide appearance more relaxed. Specifically, this template provides a timeline project holiday, your team profile, mockup, image layout, and more. This presentation template has full features and is wrapped in a beautiful and productive design.

4. Brightness Holiday PowerPoint Template

Brightness is perfect for presenting your beautiful moment with your family and friends. This template provides image layouts to attach a photo of your special moment. What’s more? We can use this template for exhibitions and trade fairs, conferences, corporate events, and business trips. The primary color that fits perfectly with the holiday theme, namely yellow, combined with light blue. Pink and light blue give the impression of pleasure, cheerfulness, and relaxation. A beautiful layout makes this template perfect for your special moments.

5. Triveroona Holiday PowerPoint Template

Have you imagined starting a travel agency? Regardless of the company, you will need Triveroona to make a business plan, find a niche, and do market research. Also, you will have to build your business model and your marketing strategies, and your financial plan. This template includes aesthetic green color, minimalist style, and traveling illustrations that help you impress your audience. With this template, you can get started in the travel agency industry. Let’s work on something you love!

6. Utendors Holiday PowerPoint Template

Vendors will take your audience to your destination. Green and white-colored elements will inspire you and help you have a safe journey. Big titles, image backgrounds, graphs, and icons are available in this template. You have everything you need for your presentation to be attractive and exciting for your audience for the whole trip. The photos will help you transform your data into a story. A calm color palette will give a harmonious and elegant look to create an incredible presentation.

7. Elevations Holiday PowerPoint Template

Suppose your company’s goal is to connect the customers with nature by participating in outdoor activities, then you can use Elevations. Using this template, you can present your company’s profile and talk about your history, services, and locations that encourage hiking with some inspiring pictures. This template can turn your presentation into a captivating journey where your audience won’t stop listening to you and watching the slides by featuring some inspiring camping and hiking pictures. You will find a very creative template with a beautiful presentation and with a modern layout. The images’ presentation is unique and not as usual, and fonts also increasingly support the template’s beautiful side. This template provides many image layouts, perfect for those who will present many images in it. All the color choices available in this template are very pleasing, eye-catching. Each element is integrated and harmonious. The elevations presentation template is a template that you can use to present your traveling business.

8. Adventurous Holiday PowerPoint Template

The holiday is coming! The waves are calling, and you want to dazzle everybody with your surfing seminar. Then Adventurous is all that you need. It is a super fresh design. The pictures have a chilly feeling so that you can attract your customers with this presentation. Can you feel it? This template presents that sense of freedom when you are holding the waves. On top of that, it is no wonder that the water is all around us, so the color palette focuses on blue. By the way, the typography and all elements help us a lot since we can customize them. This template has a clean background, and the font is obvious to see, so what you present will be stand and stunning. If you really like and love blue, use this template. The blue color is perfect, paired with this template. But you also have other color choices that are no less good and stunning. Currently, many are looking for templates for traveling and photography businesses. This template is suitable for both. You can display portfolio results from your photos here with a beautiful presentation. You can also present your traveling business here. Download this template to catch everyone’s attention while teaching them how to be a fabulous surfer!

9. Authentic Holiday PowerPoint Template

Holiday PowerPoint Templates Ideas for Travel

People who love exploring and going on escapades are lucky here. Authentic is a modern green landscape presentation template. If you are looking for a high-quality presentation template to promote your business trip, this is the perfect template for you to create. Since this presentation template is yours, all design elements are customizable. This green landscape presentation template uses a green color palette. Try coming up with journey activities or relive a previous trip with these elegant slides.

10. Bosque Holiday PowerPoint Template

Holiday PowerPoint Templates Ideas for Travel

When summer is just around the corner, everybody needs relaxing moments to break away from the daily routine. It is the perfect time to promote your tour and travel business and attract potential guests. With the Bosque template, you can feel the good vibes all over the country. This template also includes several lifestyle photos that will catch everyone’s attention in no time to make a fabulous impression. In addition to this, the design highlights geometric shapes, mostly squares, so it is helpful to arrange your message just in a minute. Let’s start your business and give them the vacation of a lifetime.

11. Famous Holiday PowerPoint Template

Holiday PowerPoint Templates Ideas for Travel

Is your bags ready? Famous is a journey presentation template with good design and taste to showcase your message. Do you want to catch some potential clients? If so, let’s travel! This template is perfect for the presentations whose topics spin around traveling. Still, every element is very customizable. The big images will make your text completely legible all the time, so your audience won’t run from the route. Now, you have everything at hand, such as icons, graphics, and maps. Let’s go on a journey!

12. Mountain Holiday PowerPoint Template

Holiday PowerPoint Templates Ideas for Travel

Do you really like mountains? If you want it, you are strongly recommended to use this presentation template. Many elements use triangle shapes, according to the template name, mountain, triangular. Clean, beautifully designed background, presentation of features, and layouts that are creative, stunning, cool animations are words that can describe mountain presentation templates. You can choose light and dark versions, according to your favorite. Not only beautifully designed, but you can also enjoy the exclusive features in this template. Some parts are master slide layout based, fully editable vector elements, drag & drop image placeholder ready, light & dark versions, modern icon pack, complete infographic, and 80 unique slides. Very exclusive and lots, right? Catch your audience’s attention quickly by using this excellent template now.

13. Free Ocean Days PowerPoint Template

Holiday PowerPoint Templates Ideas for Travel

Although you can see premium Holiday PowerPoint Templates, we also provide some freebies to get them freely. Earth is the planet we survive. Make your users aware of why we should protect the seas and aquatic life by applying this Ocean Day presentation to explain your strategy. There is no more solid color than azure to talk about the oceans, but we must play with the contrast. So, you will also find some orange tones here and there. Besides, we provide several pictures that will help you draw such an important message regarding the ocean. The typography is quite robust, and it is proper for screens. You can customize every detail of this template, which you can use in PowerPoint and Keynote. Let’s begin working together to build awareness of ocean pollution!

14. Free Trekking Holiday PowerPoint Template

Holiday PowerPoint Templates Ideas for Travel

Give your adventuresome team this Trekking presentation. The color schemes and the photos can help you present data with an extraordinary result. This free template has natural vibes with various compositions to create your own project for PowerPoint or Keynote in minutes. This template uses mostly countryside areas and connects them to nature, but you can modify it based on your needs. If you need to present everything related to nature, this template is the professional look you’re looking for.

15. Free Traveller Holiday PowerPoint Template

Holiday PowerPoint Templates Ideas for Travel

Do you maintain a travel agency? Speak about your services and products using maps, timelines, and infographics with Traveller. With this oceanic and minimalist template in blue hues, people who love traveling are lucky now. Plus, we can try coming up with tour activities and add all about it to these elegant slides. Nature vibes and some geometric layouts are covered to amplify the visuals of your report.

16. Free Avia Holiday PowerPoint Template

Holiday PowerPoint Templates Ideas for Travel

If you want to plan a happy vacation around Asia for your travel destination, use this Avia Tour template. Show the beauty of many tourism objects in Asia, talk about famous monuments, add some places to stay the night, and offer your best prices. All of this can be done instantly in these beautifully decorated layouts and slides.

17. Free Travelling Holiday PowerPoint Template

Which tourism object do you want to visit next? If you work in the tourism sector, you can benefit from one of the Holiday PowerPoint Templates in your presentations with this Travelling template. All elements are editable such as suitcases, airplanes, famous monuments, backpacks, maps, and other related features. You’ll find calendars, timelines, graphs, and much more in this template. Make your vacationers happy with their journey!

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Your special moment will be presented using the holiday PowerPoint templates above. You can edit and change colors according to your favorites because those holiday PowerPoint templates above are very easy to custom without special skills. What are you waiting for? Choose your Holiday PowerPoint templates that suit your needs and your favorite style only on RRSlide.

Let’s visit RRPicks to download free PowerPoint presentation templates with many categories. But wait, don’t go anywhere and stay here with our Blog to keep up-to-date on all the best pitch deck template collections and design advice from our PowerPoint experts yet to come!

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