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How to Announce the Opening of Your New Store in Style

Ulfah Alifah
Ulfah Alifah
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Opening your new store is indeed exciting and you should make a true celebration of it within your local area. Of course, your first week of trading should include some discounts for customers stopping by and making purchases. 

However, celebrating your launch day can be made just as profitable. For instance, if you’re opening a candy store, having some of your choice products available for customers to try and placing orders for in the evening, is a good start. Another good idea could be to give goodie bags to everyone who places orders and leaves a deposit. 

But to get the maximum amount of interested people to visit you on your launch day, you’re going to have to make them aware that it’s happening. There are, of course, several ways that you can do this.

Send out invitations 

There’s nothing that gets attention more than being personally invited to a business launch, especially if it’s suggested that there could be samples to try, discounts to take advantage of, and goodie bags to take away.

Of course, it’s not just the local residents that should be invited to your launch, but also local businesses too. Holding your launch outside normal business hours is likely to encourage more interest from those who are only able to do their shopping in-store at weekends, as it’s unlikely that they’ll get time off just to attend a launch party during work time.

Of course, to pull off a large-scale mailing, you’re going to need some help, and businesses such as full spectrum print media will be able to help you with this. They’ll not only be able to make sure that your invitations are printed on carbon-balanced paper and are printed by carbon-neutral printers but that they are also cost-effective for your business needs.

Write a newspaper or magazine article

Of course, it’s a good idea not to just leave it to your invitations to do all the hard work. You could endeavor to reach people who are a little further afield and perhaps invite them to a virtual store opening evening so that you’re not only launching your physical store but also your online store. 

Using old-school newspapers and magazines could get your new business the attention that you need. Most newspapers and magazines are not just available in print, they also tend to be available online too. This makes any articles that you choose to submit a very worthwhile project. Of course, you may find that you’re subject to an interview with a journalist, or you may have to submit your own written article to be edited by the magazine editor.

Use posters in windows and make use of message boards

Most local areas and community centers have message boards that you can take advantage of, although you may have to get permission or pay a small fee to have your information displayed. Alternatively, you can ask local stores (that are not your competitors) to display a small poster in their windows advertising your launch date. 

To sweeten the deal, offering those business owners additional savings, freebies, or ordering privileges could go a long way in securing a positive and firm business relationship.

So, to wrap it all up

You’ll need to think big for your store launch. Include bubbly drinks and small nibbles for visitors to try, along with samples of any edible merchandise that you’ll be selling. Think of customer encouragement when making up goodie bags or offering your initial discounts, and have plenty of flyers available for your visitors to take away with them, either to keep or pass on to their friends and family. Ensure you have your website or online store details clearly printed to encourage your potential customers to buy from you online as well as in-store.

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