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20+ Awe-inspiring Icon Sites for Presentation Design

Ulfah Alifah
Ulfah Alifah

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Icons are endless. They are a beneficial and visible way of easing people to understand your content. Designing icons can be very time-consuming when looking for the precise one that you want. Without further ado, we have selected a list of the 33 best icon sites for presentation design to get free icons to reduce your time and effort. Let’s watch this!

1. Flaticon

icon sites for presentation design

Website: https://www.flaticon.com/packs

Formats: SVG, PNG, EPS, PSD, and BASE 64, Marketplace

License: Limited free plan & premium plans from $9.99/month

Flaticon has such a robust reputation that you will run into this platform almost every time you look for new icons. And for good reasons, Flaticon is a byproduct of the FreepikCompany organization specializing in producing stellar visual experiences for everyone worldwide. The vector icons are also editable. For a Mac user, you can download the Flaticon OS X application and browse icons without using the web browser.

2. Jam Icons

icon sites for presentation design

Website: https://jam-icons.com/

Format: SVG, CSS

License: Free, MIT

Jam icons have a set of more than 800 handmade icons. This icon pack comes along with both SVG and font versions. You can you the icons as SVG files in your web, print, or application development projects. Plus, you can use them as a font with the given CSS stylesheets. There are 16px, 24px and 32px sizes. Moreover, you can also choose to fill or stroke icons.

3. Fontisto Icon Pack


Website: https://fontisto.com/

Format and Type: CSS

Price and License: Free, MIT

Fontisto is a vector icon sites for presentation design. You can instantly customize the icons like size, color, drop shadow, and anything that can be accomplished with the power of CSS. The product doesn’t need Javascript. Fontisto icons are available in vector format, which means they will look great on high-resolution monitors.

4. Iconmonstr

icon sites for presentation design

Website: https://iconmonstr.com/

Format and Type: EPS, SVG, PSD and PNG, Marketplace

Price and License: Free

This site icon is one of our beloved sites for quick, easy, and customizable icons. The maximum pixel size for PNG’s is appropriate for 240×240 pixels. Still, you will always find a good assortment of basic icons here. Iconmonstr’s collection of icons has more than 4400 icons. Every icon set provides outlines and filled versions of the graphics to ensure they can be applied to many design applications. Every icon on this site is available in such formats as SVG, AI, PSD, and PNG for free. Lastly, the files can be utilized for free and commercial purposes.

5. Pixsellz Material Icons Library



Website: https://icons.pixsellz.io/

Format: SVG, EPS, PSD, FIG, PNG, Material design

Price and License: Apache License Version 2.0, Free

A massive bundle of 1000+ icons includes 16 various categories. The free icon pack is motivated by Material design and presented into three distinct visual styles: rounded, outline, and two-tone. Additionally, the set is ready in six different file formats to use the icons in your selected design software.

6. Entypo

Website: http://www.entypo.com/

Format and Type: SVG

Price and License: Creative Common License 4.0, Free

Entypo is an SVG icon family package, carefully crafted a few years ago by Daniel Bruce in Sweden. These icons are magnificent: in terms of freebies, they’re really high-end. The product comes as SVG with 411 icons, and it’s free based on a Creative Commons License.

7. Evil Icons

Website: https://evil-icons.io/

Format and Type: SVG, Sketch

Price and License: Free, MIT

This pack is huge, and it comes with everything you need — including SVGs and the source files. That means you can get SVGs along with files for Illustrator and the .sketch files for Sketch. Every icon matches the thin line style, and they’re perfect for most presentation projects. The fact is you can edit the source that makes them even more valuable.

8. Streamline Icons

Website: https://streamlineicons.com/


Price and License: Free to $411

Streamline Icons is an alternative attractive and versatile free icon pack on the web market. The tool is built into 53 categories with more than 30000 vector icons. This is one of the icon packs optimized for Sketch, making it easy to control the stroke widths and colors. Plus, built-in Sketch features such as symbols and shared styles can reuse elements, like icons, to be more accessible. Quick and easy.

9. Freebies Bug

Website: https://freebiesbug.com/psd-freebies/icons/

Format and Type: PSD, AI, Sketch, Figma, Code

License and Pricing: Free

This is a good choice of free icon sets to browse, along with many freebies for graphic designers, like fonts, mockups, app designs, and numerous other templates in different file types. For exclusive commercial licenses, you can contact the author. Also, this website is Royalty-free icons for personal use. 

10. Design Beep

Website: http://designbeep.com/category/freebies/icons-freebies/

Format and Type: AI, EPS, Sketch, SVG, PNG, Web Fonts

License and Pricing: Free

This design blog offers plenty of freebies from their friends, inspiration, and even design tutorials. Designbeep offers freebies from external sources but remembers to read each post carefully, and some might only show a free trial.

11. Iconshock

Website: https://www.iconshock.com/free-icons/

Format and Type: AI, SVG, PNG

License and Pricing: Free & Premium

Iconshock is run by Unusual Minds, an organization that specializes in modern graphic design and develops software. These guys have been working as graphic designers for more than a year and have arranged to gain more than 2 million original icons for their Iconshock platform. Apart from having a library of 2 million icons, Iconshock also specializes in custom styles. Specifically favorites like Material, iOS, Flat, Modern, and countless others.

12. Pngtree

Website: https://pngtree.com/so/icon

Format and Type: SVG, PNG

License and Pricing: Free & Premium

Pngtree has acquired millions of unique graphic design resources like illustrations, vectors, templates, backgrounds, and icons in just three short years. All icons are categorized in providing seamless and speedy access to a design that meets your needs.

13. Iconstore

Website: https://iconstore.co/

Format and Type: SVG, PNG

License and Pricing: Free 

Iconstore is different from most of the icon sites mentioned in this post. It is because Iconstore focuses on unique and ready icon packs from well-recognized design agencies. Therefore, what you get is choosing more than 230+ special packs of amazingly designed creative icons. You can specialize your search results based on filters like Colored, Glyph, or Outline.

14. Iconfactory

Website: https://freeware.iconfactory.com/icons

Format and Type: SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS

License and Pricing: Personal use only

Iconfactory concentrates on many gaming-related icons, with a much more design depth than what we commonly see in font icons or web-based icons. Having said that, it’s an excellent resource that you can seek once in a while and perhaps find a fit for any design project you’re going at it. I would suggest these icons to anyone in a heartbeat!

15. UXWing

Website: https://uxwing.com/

Format and Type: SVG, PNG, Font Icons

License and Pricing: Free

UXWing began as a personal project but has since extended into quite the resource for downloading free icons. The best part, we can use every single icon on UXWing for business purposes. The most well-known categories are objects, maps, emojis, user interfaces, business, finance, learning, social media, people, cuisine, and a lot more in terms of multifariousness.

16. Free icons

Website: https://freeicons.io/

Format and Type: PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, and BASE 64 formats.

License and Pricing: Free 

Free Icons is committed to focusing only on the most crucial Icon Packs. Each pack composed of up to 100 icons, and most are incredibly well-crafted. The overall theme looks to be oriented towards tech-related icons for the most part.

17. Smashicons

Website: https://smashicons.com/

Format and Type: JAR, SVG, AI, SKETCH, Marketplace

Price and License: Free to $149

Smashicons gives a comprehensive collection of icons with over 219000+ icons in their archives. Smashicons works separately from others: their cost is based on a monthly plan of $5/month. It means that for $5 a month, you get way to their whole collection of existing icons as well as any future icons they publish.

18. Icons8

Website: https://icons8.com/

Format and Type: SVG, PNG, PDF

License and Pricing: Good Boy License, Free to 19.90 per month

The icon sites for presentation design set from Icons8 are ready with more than 120000 icons that include specific categories, from business and office settings to people, cooking, and social media icons. The icons are crafted to imitate the look of a particular operating system. You can download them in Windows, iOS, and Android versions.

19. Icomoon

Website: https://icomoon.io/

Format and Type: SVG, PNG, PDF

License and Pricing: Free to $139 per month

Icomoon comes as an excellent tool for iconography and icon management. The product has a high-quality resolution for editing and managing icons. The Icomoon icons have been handcrafted on a 16X16 grid and are available in SVG, EPS, PSD, PDF, and AI formats. The icon set is also regularly updated by its creators.

20. Glyphish Icon Pack

Website: http://www.glyphish.com/

Format and Type: SVG, PNG, PDF, PSD, Glyph, Icon font

License and Pricing: Creative Common Attribution, From $25 to $99

Glyphish offers many different icon packs. Every pack comes in various formats, including PNG, SVG, PSD, and AI. The primary icon pack is available for $25, while the ultimate one is available at a regular $99. The free demo includes 50 icons. Designers can easily edit all icons.

21. Ionicons

Website: https://ionicons.com/

Format and Type: SVG and Webfont, Icon font

License: MIT

The Ionic team decided to release their icons as a web font called Ionicons. Naturally, they’re free and available on GitHub. Additionally, you can add these icons directly to your site using the CDN version of the stylesheet. It fully supports SVG and web fonts.

22. Material Icons

Website: https://material.io/resources/icons/?style=baseline

Format and Type: SVG, Webfont, Material design

License and Pricing: Free, Apache License 2.0

Material Icon is a free icon pack from Google. If you need to assure readability and clarity, these icons have been optimized to look great on all platforms and displays. These material icons are free and accessible on GitHub. This icon pack is massive, with over 1,000 icons, including a wide array of interface features.

23. Linear icons

Website: https://linearicons.com/

Format and Type: SVG, Webfont, Icon font

License and Pricing: Free to $59, Common Creative License

Linear Icon pack is one of the best icon packs for personal or commercial purposes. The linear Icon pack comes in both free and premium versions. The free version of this fantastic icon pack comes under the Creative Common license. There are also different packages you can choose from for your needs, such as the Desktop Package.

24. Feathericons

Website: https://feathericons.com/

Format and Type: SVG, Webfont, Iconfont

License and Pricing: Free, MIT License

Feather is one of the most widespread free icon sets. These are freely accessible icons that have been designed on a 24X24 grid. The icons are ready in SVG format. It’s supporting the MIT license, and there are about 250+ icons. The icons are editable, clean, and crisp — regardless of size. They were crafted as an icon font first, so it’s meant to be inserted as a web font.

25. Iconfinder

icon sites for presentation design

Website: https://www.iconfinder.com/

Format: SVG, PNG, ICO, Marketplace

License and Pricing: From $9 to $49 per month

Iconfinder is one of the most popular icon sites for presentation design. It supplies over 4 million icons, giving users many search options, including icon format, price, size, background, etc. There are some monthly payment plans — from $9 to $49. You can also pick the “pay as you go” system.

26. The Noun Project

icon sites for presentation design

Website: https://thenounproject.com/

Format and Type: SVG, PNG, Marketplace

License and Pricing: Creative Commons License, From $39.99

The Noun Project is one of the most famous icon archives available on the web. Most of this site’s icons are ready in SVG and PNG formats and black and white styles. The site’s library is made up of icon files designed by many independent designers. It’s a spot where creators and creative experts can cooperate in selling their designs and find an apparently unlimited library of premium icons.

27. Font Awesome Icons

icon sites for presentation design

Website: https://fontawesome.com/icons

Format and Type: SVG, PNG, Icon font, Marketplace

License and Pricing: SIL OFL 1.1

Font Awesome is the most famous icon font set around. It is also the default icon set for the team at bootstrap. It is also accessible as SVG icons, among other formats. The license is open and easy for anything, commercial or personal use. Here, you can change colors, shadows, background gradients, and anything else using pure CSS3. Another cause of this website is that it’s fully optimized and has no compatibility issues because it doesn’t require JavaScript.

28. Line Icons

icon sites for presentation design

Website: https://lineicons.com/

Format and Type: SVG, Web font, Icon font

License and Pricing: Free

Line Icons also give free CDN with clear documentation, which makes it easy to start. This icon pack is entirely free and comes with 450+ line icons. It includes every single necessary icon you require for the presentation project from different categories. It comes with two other scalable packages — WebFonts and SVG files you can use depending on your presentation project needs.

29. Dryicons

icon sites for presentation design

Website: https://dryicons.com/

Format and Type: JPG, GIF, PNG, ICO, ICNS 

License and Pricing: Free

Dryicons includes a broad range of themes and categories, so there are many options, but you can instantly narrow it down to the style and theme you want. Remember to verify whether the icons fall under a free, regular, or extended licensing agreement.

30. GraphicBurger

icon sites for presentation design

Website: https://graphicburger.com/icons-set/

Format and Type: JPG, GIF, PNG, PSD

License and Pricing: Free

Visit GraphicBurger for anything and everything! Graphic Burger will often have some unconventional icon sets available to browse and download.

31. Pixeden

icon sites for presentation design

Website: https://www.pixeden.com/

Format and Type: PNG

License and Pricing: Free, $6 a month

Pixeden premium features come for $6 a month, but they have a page full of downloadable and royalty-free icons. Each free icon set comes in PNG format of up to 512×512 pixels.

32. Captain Icon

icon sites for presentation design

Website: https://mariodelvalle.github.io/CaptainIconWeb/

Format and Type: PNG

License and Pricing: Free

These icon sites for presentation design are available to download freely. It would be great to look for something a little more unique and informal for your presentation project—free vector icons for commercial use or personal use.

33. Good Stuff No Nonsense

icon sites for presentation design

Website: https://goodstuffnononsense.com/

Format and Type: SVG

License and Pricing: Free

These 22+ free icon packages are organized into functional themes with no attribution asked. Plus, this website is available with free vector icons for commercial use or personal use.

Five pros of using icons

Additionally, when it turns out icon design, this is an excellent way to display designer requirements. A sweet icon pack is a perfect exhibition of the designer’s work and a powerful tool to build your trustworthiness.

Here are some excellent benefits of using icons in your next UX design project.

• Icons help to build the sites or apps’ readability.

• Well-made icons help decrease text volume. 

• Using icons makes your message readable without text.

• Icons can add personalization to your product.

• Icons can be a good starting point in getting to know the outcome.

• Icons help users intuitively understand the application both at the first awareness and during the following use.

In this write-up, you will find a selection of some of the best icon sites for presentation design you can use for your presentation project, even if you’re not a creative artist. In this article, the products shown in this article may be used on daily websites in primary cases in more complex and specialized ones.

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Closing words

All in all, there are seemingly more than 5-6 million unique icon sites for presentation design here that you can discover. But, it’s not just about the quantity. Speaking about the quality, some of the best sites in the world where you can find, modify and download icons for free.

Our teams are massive fans of many of the platforms mentioned in this post above. If you know of any other websites, please recommend them in the comments without a second thought. Freebie sites and such are welcome. Apart from that, please enjoy these icon sites for the presentation design that we have shared, and we look forward to seeing you in the next roundup!

Let’s visit RRSlide to download free PowerPoint presentation templates with many categories. But wait, don’t go anywhere and stay here with our Blog to keep up-to-date on all the best pitch deck template collections and design advice from our PowerPoint experts yet to come!

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