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7 Best LinkedIn Video Examples That You Wanna Steal in 2021

Guest Writer
Guest Writer
7 Best LinkedIn Video Examples

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7 Best LinkedIn Video Examples That You Will Want To Steal in 2021

You wish to throw a party for your friends during the weekend. And you want to try a new Italian dish this time since you & your friends love Italian cuisine. 

What would be your next step? Probably, browse through the internet for delicious recipes for Lasagne or finger-licking pasta. You will come across dozens of websites with various recipes, all promising to be the best. 

But the last thing you want to do is read through a detailed blog where the writer demonstrates each step while boring you throughout its course. It will be a lot simpler & quicker if you watch a video of a person cooking the same dish that you wish to prepare instead of struggling to read the entire recipe. 

A video is easier to consume and understand, as it expresses more effectively. The human brain processes visual content quite faster. Visuals convey information 60,000x more quickly than text. As per WordStream, social media videos create 1200% more shares than text & images. Additionally, people retain 95% of a message once they watch a video about it.

7 Best LinkedIn Video Examples

These statistics indicate how video is taking over every platform, no matter the niche it talks about. Videos help the audience learn & understand a process, idea, or message more easily while convincing them to take the next possible step. 

If you are not showcasing your brand or business on social media, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to capitalize on your video content on it. 

When we talk about social media, the first thing that strikes our minds is Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. After all, these are the leading and highly visual social media channels. But, video works as a beneficial format for LinkedIn too. 

LinkedIn acts as a robust platform for marketing and promotional purposes. According to Eventige, LinkedIn has 61 million senior-level influencers of which 40 million are the decision-makers. For the Millennial demographic alone, there are 87 million registered members, and 11 million of them are in a decision-making position. It’s an ocean of professional networking opportunities.

Even though it’s not as widely used as Instagram or Facebook, LinkedIn helps marketers & businesses connect with their audience while generating leads. However, it works exceptionally well for interacting with niche audiences. An explainer video can also be an effective idea for generating leads through LinkedIn.

So, in this article, we walk you through the 7 best LinkedIn video examples that can inspire you for your next video campaign.

1. Oatly

This video by Oatly, the Swedish oat drink company, tops our list of the 7 best LinkedIn video examples. Sometimes, you play it safe, while at other times, you are bound to say it as it is. This video chooses the latter way. The video criticizes Amendment 171, which the European Parliament has disapproved of. 

Take a look at what makes it brilliant:

The one-minute video is quite sassy and confrontational. This will catch your attention and leave you smiling. The visuals feature colors like pastel blue, black, and white, which aligns with the brand. Anyone familiar enough with the brand would instantly recognize the colors used in its packaging. 

1. Talking about the audio, the music & sound effects are attractive. A sound effect (or audio effect) is an artificially created or enhanced sound, or sound process used to emphasize artistic or other content of films, television shows, live performances, animation, video games, music, or other media.

2. It is pretty informative and explains the whole point effectively. This means the video doesn’t prove its point without any explanation. It highlights all the flaws of the amendment with relevant examples and bizarre visuals. 

3. In the end, the video requests people to sign the petition. 

2. Squarespace

The audience expects a brand to be vocal about social issues. A brand must be sensitive enough and should be able to take a stand. As per a study conducted by Clutch, 75% of consumers prefer shopping from brands that support the social causes they believe in. 

When a brand expresses its support for a social cause via videos, it catches the audience’s attention in a much better way. Squarespace’s Pride Month video campaign is a perfect example of this. It is more effective than tweeting about it. 

Many brands post rainbow pictures on their social media accounts or products to capitalize on Pride Month. But it reflects laziness and makes it evident that a brand supports Pride Month just for its sake. 

However, Squarespace’s take on it is pretty creative and refreshing. 

Here’s what we loved about their video on Pride Month:

1. The technicolor, and innovative visuals make any viewer stop and take a look at it. The company opted for a different but relevant range of colors rather than the usual rainbow colors. 

2. The video offered a platform to all those people belonging to the LGBTQ+ community.

3. The campaign is composed of bite-sized videos, which are not more than 10 seconds long, as shorter videos can be easily retained and shared with others. Even when someone is having a hectic day, they won’t have a problem watching a 5-10 second video. 

4. Adding hashtags to your post makes it more discoverable on social media platforms. This campaign added #ComingOutToANewWorld, which perfectly suits the video and its theme. 

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3. Slack

Getting the right talent is the secret behind the success of an organization. While LinkedIn is becoming popular as a social media platform for generating leads, it is also a valuable recruiting platform. 

Currently, it has more than 660 million registered users. 

These days, a lot more than the salary package is required to attract & hold employees. People are interested in knowing the ethics and culture of a particular company before accepting a job offer. So, it becomes essential to create attractive videos. 

This video called ‘14 reasons to work at Slack’ is one of the 7 best LinkedIn video examples. It offers a unique insight into the organization to potential employees.  

Some of the best points that we noticed were:

1. The video begins with upbeat music while setting a positive tone for the rest. 

2. The speed of the video is just perfect, neither very fast nor too slow. The types of fonts and colors that are used make it easily readable. 

3. The best part about the video is that it features real employees of the company. Since Slack is a multinational company, the video shows employees from around the world. 

4. Additionally, we appreciate how the video doesn’t force its employees to speak in English. And, this is an effective strategy to display their diversity. 

5. The video is spectacular & meaningful. It doesn’t even feel once the actors read lines already provided to them as the employees have recorded in their homes and have effortlessly expressed their real & genuine thoughts about their workplace. Therefore, it doesn’t look scripted. 

4. Headspace

Cross-promotion is a social media strategy where customers of a particular product or service are targeted by promoting another related product/service. 

It’s important to cross-promote your content on various social media platforms for the effective marketing of your business. 

This video by Headspace is another 7 best LinkedIn video examples where it advertises its latest series on Netflix. 

The video talks about how the 8-episode series shows the uses of meditation in daily life. 

Here’s what makes an excellent promotional video:

1. The visuals are calming yet intriguing, and thus ideally represents the brand. Through this video, Headspace highlights its core aesthetic perfectly. 

2. There is no text in the video, which again truly represents the brand. And the video also features well-spoken and smart narrators as the company offers instructional meditation classes. 

3. The narration and visuals slow down as the video continues, and the meditative background score begins playing. This offers a sneak peek into what’s there in store for the viewers in the new series. 

4. The video is hardly a minute long, which makes it easy to watch. 

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5. Spotify

Spotify is the most popular music-streaming app in the world. According to Business of App, with over 350 million users and 150 million subscribers. It mainly caters to teenagers and older people. 

However, music appeals to kids too. So, Spotify decided to conduct a study on how children use the app and created Spotify Kids. 

So Spotify came up with a video that eventually became one of the best LinkedIn video examples. The video explained the science behind their new app ‘Spotify Kids.’  

Here are a few great ideas that you can use for your next video campaign: 

1. Rather than demonstrating the concept through text, the video features creators of Spotify Kids. 

2. Though it is specifically meant for parents, the video still uses hand-drawn animations to maintain the fun element. 

3. You can watch & understand the entire video muted as it also includes subtitles. Subtitles are pretty essential and will prevent you from losing a considerable amount of your audience without them. 

4. Moreover, the video also showcases screenshots of the app, which tells the viewers what it looks like. 

6. HootSuite

Often, businesses refrain from creating video content due to the efforts, resources, and expenses. However, videos can still be produced on a budget. By this, we mean that your video campaigns do not necessarily have to be a giant production. HootSuite proves this point by creating a video. 

Here’s why it looks impressive:

1. The viral nature of TikTok is unmatchable. And this video steals its format from TikTok. As we are aware, capitalizing on trends is an essential part of social media marketing. TikTok might not suit your brand as a platform, but you can create a similar LinkedIn-style video. 

2. The video has its style, yet it is informative. The narrator efficiently introduces the influential change-makers of the LGBTQ+ community. Besides the narration, there are images and text which make it more understandable. 

3. Talking about the music, it changes as every new person is introduced. This prevents the video from appearing monotonous and keeps the audience engaged. 

4. The caption is quite simple but impactful. The video ends with a question – ‘What else would you add to the list?’

5. It is a one-minute video that distracts the audience from reading lengthy blog posts. 

7. WeWork

If we talk about trends, the content on social media platforms must be driven by the latest subjects gaining popularity in your niche. 

The pandemic has completely transformed the way companies operate. More and more organizations have shifted to remote work and are considering continuing it in the future. 

Hybrid work has become quite the trend, and WeWork explained this through a video. 

Below are a few things that make this video captivating:

1. Hybrid work is a new term that many people won’t be familiar with. The video has an intriguing caption that gives a brief overview of the model to the audience. 

2. Hybrid work means employees are getting the flexibility to work at their own pace when they are most productive. And they get the option to work remotely or with their colleagues. This video describes the concept with much ease. 

3. The way the video is edited creates continuity in front of the viewers despite regularly changing scenes. 

4. WeWork has created its own co-working spaces besides other remote-working places like apartments and cafes. They talk about their services without making it a promotion. 

5. The video uses a vertical format, which plays well on smartphones and other social channels. 

6. Unlike the other 7 best LinkedIn video examples mentioned above, the video doesn’t use any narration. On LinkedIn, videos play without sound by default. This means that viewers have to turn on the sound to hear what’s playing. So, make sure your video also has subtitles besides narration. 

8. webdew

Indeed sharing videos on LinkedIn is easy but creating the correct type of video for the respective platform is not a cakewalk. Organizations hire the best video production companies to convert complex ideas into visuals in an appealing way. Videos have the potential to build your brand over the web. 

Here is one example of a promotional explainer video that can be shared over LinkedIn and generate excellent results. 

The video is created by webdew for one of their client, icon, which helps make a deeper connection with potential customers. The animation, audio, and editing are done to display the objective behind creating this video. 

The video style is informative and appealing, which suits both the brand and the platform. Every single second of the video explains something informative. Also, the content displayed in the video help audience to understand the concept more easily. 

So, do you want to create something similar for your brand? Feel free to contact webdew.

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To Sum Up

Cooperating video content in your LinkedIn marketing strategy is superb to promote your brand/idea to your target audience. As people’s attention span constantly shrinks, using visuals is imperative to get some attention on your business. 

A well-crafted video campaign will help your customers visualize and perceive your brand in a better way. Besides being more effective in giving out information, videos are more memorable. 

So, what are you waiting for? Do not waste your time, and start making videos right instantly. 

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Pavnendra Bhadhuria is the founder and CEO of Essence Studios, India’s top explainer video production company. When he is not busy running the business, he shares his knowledge and experience in digital marketing through blogs. He is also an avid follower of cricket.

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