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Automate Your Marketing Campaigns with These 14 SaaS Tools

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To be a competent marketer in this contemporary era, you must know how to balance your workloads and find the best possible way to accomplish them within deadlines. Long ago, it was more challenging and complex to execute only after the emergence of different marketing automation tools that provide convenience within your reach. 

With the following free marketing automation software, you can make your campaigns easier and hassle-free, making your company earn more profit and attract prospective clients promptly and efficiently. So, if you want to know more about some top marketing automation tools, continue scrolling and have a good read! 


According to Pedalix, 72% of successful marketing and businesses employ marketing automation tools in their day-to-day campaigns and other marketing endeavors. This marketing data indicates that profitable businesses embrace marketing automation tools almost four (4) times as frequently compared to those failing companies to boost their lead generation and client retention. Thus, marketing automation software users are lauded with better results and growth in digital marketing.

With marketing automation tools, you can automate your typical email marketing tasks, segment your targeted audiences, measure your ROI, boost lead nurturing and scoring, personalize your web pages, and generate landing pages. Aside from that, these top marketing automation tools effectively impact your team’s collaboration in different setups and time zones since everything happens instantaneously online. 

The impact of marketing automation on digital marketing

To give you more information about what this free marketing automation software can do for you, here are some of its positive impacts that you can experience when you delve deeper and learn more in this article. 

Increased Efficiency

Most marketing automation examples will introduce you to a different world of digital marketing by making your daily tasks more bearable. You can efficiently achieve your goals by utilizing these various marketing tools since they reduce the amount of work you and your client must perform and instantly save all your central data storage. From conceptualization, assignment delegations, appointments, and other customer-centered experiences, these automation tools will never let you down and boost your effectiveness as a marketer, breaking the barriers and easing tedious collaborations you encounter along the way.

Improved Lead Conversion

One key advantage of employing automated marketing systems and services for your company and brand activities is the capacity to enhance lead generation drastically. When marketing automation is applied correctly, the number of clients and online visitors to your website or business can be swiftly improved. However, consistent, well-managed, organized, and supervised marketing strategies can only be highly efficient if your primary audience has been minimized and more targeted. This point will surely bring you to a different level of success when it comes to growing lead conversions once you understand the essence of these marketing automation tools in digital marketing. 


For individuals who want to expand their company and web platform in the future, using marketing automation tools, methods, and programs is the best choice. You may significantly manage and keep track of all your tasks, such as document-related materials, products, services, profit, and even client and customers relationship, with the assistance of many automation tools available within your reach. 

More Effective Spend

If you’re invested in cost-cutting, marketing automation tools can enable you to realize that. Marketing automation is generally cost-effective since it provides an invaluable understanding of what is functioning, what needs improvements, and which marketing endeavors are not achieving any returns. Most examples of marketing automation tools can make it easier for you to produce productive initiatives rather than wasting time and resources on various ads or other marketing materials. 

Improved Workflow

Indeed, this impact is something that anyone wants to experience. Nothing can beat you if you have an improved workflow, and that’s a fact. Providing precise information about what your intended audience is doing at any given moment and adding more data sources to your marketing strategy can make your job easier. That is why big props to marketing automation tools because businesses can utilize this input information through various channels to explain their client’s needs better and deliver suitable content at the right time. Besides, marketing automation doesn’t stop there, though. These tools promise to turn your life as a marketer 360 degrees – better, hassle-free, and more structured.

14 marketing automation SaaS tools

Renderforest: Automation Tool to Create Videos, Mockups & Websites

“All your design tools in one place.” This slogan sums up what Renderforest wants to share with every marketer out there. As a marketing automation tool, Renderforest wants you to access a number of online editing tools that can help you expand your business through excellent marketing campaigns, visualization materials, advanced websites, motion graphics, music, graphic designs, and mockups.  

As of today, Renderforest publishes around 30 million projects every year and has an estimated 10 million users all over the globe. With these high figures, you can tell that this marketing automation software is a reliable tool to create superior videos and animations, broadcast-quality materials, and progressive and modern websites without the fuss and hassle of clicking. Renderforest also champions constant updates of its features to remain relevant and serve its users’ needs, making it the best online tool for your creative ideas. 

After all, Renderforest is now dominating cyberspace, making it a go-to platform for every creative to take their outputs to a different level. That is why, if you are a marketer looking for the ideal automation tool for your campaign deliverables, you only need to visit the website and unleash Renderforest’s fullest potential as a marketing automation software. 

Removal.AI: Automation Tool to Remove Image Background

If you want to eliminate unnecessary backgrounds from your photos instantly, then this is the perfect time to discover and maximize the power of Removal. AI. This is the best background remover for people from different walks of life because even non-creatives can use this free marketing automation software. 

Here, by the name itself, you can efficiently remove the background and other layers without manually modifying them because of Removal.AI’s powerful and advanced technology systems. Therefore, the only thing that you need to do is upload your photo and receive the results afterward.

Aside from that, Removal.AI also offers various photography enhancements and modifications because of its highly innovative software. This advanced removal platform for images has years of retouching competence, ai application improvements, and modernized sophisticated photo editing tools. Removal.AI also mastered integrating knowledge-based systems and accurate data-driven approaches to building outstanding and distinct designs for every marketer like you.

The features of this free marketing automation software are updated regularly to remain relevant. More than ever, it became easier to recognize the main object of the image, mask images, and automatically remove unnecessary items without hassle. Besides, you can instantly publish your photos if you choose directly from the site. This top marketing automation tool can undoubtedly save you money and effort. Besides, reach out to them by filling up the form on their website if you have any concerns. 

Text Blaze: Automation Tool to Speed up Typing

Text Blaze is a great time-saving solution when you need to repeatedly type the exact text and avoid errors in your work. With Text Blaze, you can have templates that are simple to use and have sophisticated automation. By enabling users to save customizable text snippets and enter them using shortcut keys, this marketing automation tool boosts your productivity and affords you expediency. 

Snippets under this marketing automation software could be text but can also encompass no-code app integrations, dynamic business logic, and real-time activity. For an efficient task routine, you may add this software to programs like Google Mail, Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, Google Docs, Chrome, or any other browser. By employing Text Blaze’s formats, dynamic formulas, and site integrations, you may optimize your marketing initiatives and reduce the resources you need to handle while working rapidly. That is why Text Blaze’s top users saved more than 28 hours monthly, equivalent to $10,000 savings per year, because of the productivity and efficiency that this software has provided. 

Furthermore, Text Blaze is also one of the best platforms for collaboration since it can act as a central hub for your most effective team messengers, emails, and other group communication and activities. Plus, you may positively collaborate on making different deliverables wherever you are by setting up a shared folder that anyone from the team can access. So whether you need to jot down notes or complete other tasks, Text Blaze is the tool to go. 

AI Writer: Automation Tool to Write Content

Writing is demanding, especially in marketing. Every day there is something to write about and share with your teams, clients, and customers. Hence, as a professional in this field, you should expect a significant number of writing-related outputs you need to produce for different purposes. The objective can be for formal announcements, letters, campaigns, social media postings, and many more. Therefore, you need intelligent and efficient marketing automation software to streamline your writing tasks. The AI Writer, an impactful and free marketing automation tool, can help you with this problem. 

The AI Writer can write any content for you. This technology can produce helpful, on-target, first-rate write-ups within a few minutes. By simply entering a headline or keywords, this AI Writer technology can complete the task for you at high speed. 

This marketing automation software also allows you to enhance and strengthen your writing skills since it can give you an idea of how to start and organize thoughts. You can therefore generate trustworthy, attractive, and SEO-friendly material using this application. A list of references is also provided to you, allowing you to check the data’s integrity and edit the material if you wish to do so. For convenience, you can also immediately upload your AI-generated content to different sites like WordPress. All these advantages and many more are available to you, so escape the hassle of writing short or long-form content from scratch! 

Designstripe.com: Automation Tool to Create Illustrations

Freelancers and other digital professionals always utilize DesignStripe, a global design firm that aims to aid marketers with its editable templates, mockups, and first-rate editing tools. In light of the intense competition across numerous industries, creatives and other stakeholders in digital marketing should respond to and fulfill the demands. DesignStripe can definitely support you on this. 

This marketing automation tool, which saves time and money in determining where to launch your design ideas, can help you organize your design flow by accessing numerous editing features for color, composition, illustrations, and customizable templates. Besides, you can access their various styles and themes, PNG and JPG downloads, and other customizations for free. 

Marketers can now concentrate on showcasing and improving their abilities rather than starting from the ground, such as designing, assembling icons and features, and selecting color palettes, because of DesignStripes’ user-friendly editing controls. Hence, marketing professionals like you can now work on your specialty areas without thinking that remote work is challenging since DesignStripe can administer you in automating your creative outputs. 

Kittl.com: Automation Tool for Design & Branding

A marketing automation tool called Kittl has a ton of modifiable templates that you may leverage for your campaigns. You can conveniently maintain this top marketing automation software because it is a browser- and cloud-based, making it accessible and easy to navigate. Kittl is also an excellent platform that puts forth a shot to minimize all the workload that goes into producing original content and streamline all your graphic-related elements.

Another critical advantage of Kittl is its extensive toolkit, which gives you a wide selection of brands, pictures, typefaces, and themes, to enable your team to excel in every campaign asset you plan to create. With the power of its advanced tools like texture customization, magic recoloring, and pre-made templated designs, you can achieve high-quality visual designs that attract audiences online. You can also immediately morph and alter the colors of any text in real-time edits. Some of its strengths include the elimination of software installation prerequisites, an illustration library, free photographs, logos, element designs, and accessible explanatory videos on its webpage. 

Therefore, this marketing automation software and its outstanding qualities make it the ideal design solution to meet your creative marketing needs. Kittl can effectively assist you and your staff in creating captivating, trendy, and engaging media content that will help you gain more audiences and profit. 

Vloggi.com: Automation Tool for Video Creation

The ultimate marketing automation tool with a video specialization is Vloggi. Only with a few minutes, you can quickly and easily acquire licensed video materials and incorporate them for various purposes. Users may immediately collect, organize, and produce videos from diverse channels using this top marketing automation software.

With the help of Vloggi, organizations may amass the most reliable user-generated video content for use in social media marketing and sales and then download the consent report. You can conveniently share a hyperlink with your team members to allow them to access the resources with pre-branded thumbnails, which will improve your cooperative project and make your results more beneficial and impactful.

Apart from that, you can also find the most accessible approach to enable your customers to share their experiences with you whenever they want, from any device, using the Vloggi uploader tool. With this feature, you can gather video evaluations, greetings, client testimonials, and other materials. There is also a particular hyperlink and QR code for you to employ. You do not need to consider different dimensions because Vloggi acknowledges any resolutions, orientations, and file formats. Additionally, this technology may speed things up 1,000 times faster while reducing the expense of making videos by 100 times. 

Flexitive: Automation Tool to Generate Visual Content in Scale

When you want an easy-to-use design production technology, Flexitive is the one for you. With this platform, you can always strike a balance between enabling fast creative to be created for one-off campaigns all the way to fully automated campaigns through DCO technology that promptly crafts many iterations of material using one base creative and can personalize them whenever needed based on what the audiences want and prefer. 

Flexitive can also expedite the creation and application of various omnichannel designs with its modern responsive design solutions. Due to its fundamental functions, which you may use for free, this marketing automation tool is designed differently from other online applications. This platform also abides by the pixel-perfect global brand guidelines for all consumers. 

Aside from that, Flexitive can also accelerate the collaborative process among your team through several tools, including  Global Assets and Shared Libraries, that can help you develop alternative content variations for your marketing campaigns. Additionally, you may efficiently construct assets using Flexitive’s design technology in various programmable systems, types of files, and formattings, such as JPG, GIF, HTML5, and MP4 for video. As a result, this top marketing automation tool can automate many processes for you and your marketing team. 

Dreamdata.io: Automation Tool to Analyze Marketing & Sales Data

Convenience and swiftness of results make Dreamdata.io an ideal marketing automation tool. You should visit and discover more about this software if you’re looking for a go-to-market performance solution to streamline some tasks. Dreamdata gathers, assembles, and cleans up all revenue-related data to provide an accurate and valuable analysis of B2B revenue sources.

Through Dreamdata, marketers can learn how to increase what works for them or cut expenditures hindering their business growth. By carefully reviewing each campaign, platform, and experiment, you may raise your return on investment and know what you can improve, change, and develop. Dreamdata.io also allows you to examine the journey of a particular B2B audience, giving you an entire scene of their touch points from purchasing, feedback, and repurchasing or withdrawal. With this marketing automation tool, you can also get crucial B2B attribution data, demonstrating the efficiency of actions in producing revenue throughout your campaigns, funnels, and channels. 

In addition, Dreamdata’s B2B attribution analytics always aims to consider the solutions on your application framework as well as consumer traits and web traffic, resulting in a unique understanding of the B2B customer experience and expanding around what works best for you and your team. As a marketer in the market landscape, Dreamdata thus offers the assurance that you can analyze and grow your B2B revenue without sacrificing tons of resources and time because of its automated systems.

Socialbee: Automation Tool to Manage Social Media Campaigns

Socialbee is one of the most popular social media-centered platforms available online. This outstanding marketing automation tool endeavors to help you manage, create, schedule, publish, and analyze your posts using many features. Using this program to monitor your social network accounts may save a lot of time and increase your online presence. 

One of its key features is the ability for you to create unique creative work with the help of Socialbee’s integrated Canva feature. This tool can also be used to schedule posts and arrange your online calendar. In addition to assessing your position and data after the ideation and execution phases are finished, Socialbee enables you to follow the history of your presence on social media by frequently supplying crucial data insights. 

The promise made by Socialbee to all marketers like you is summarized by the phrase, “More leads, less work.” This point manifests from its wide array of efficient tools, like an option that allows you to reuse your posts by editing them. You can also set a deadline date to prohibit further redistribution if the item is published immediately. Additionally, you may modify your material from a single location to meet the requirements of many platforms depending on hashtags, keywords, dimensions, and more. You can also preview the output as you write it to see how it will appear on the social network pages of each platform as you go along. These advantages make Socialbee an intuitive platform for many social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google Profile, TikTok, Instagram, and even Pinterest. Therefore, check out this best marketing automation software because it offers all of these perks. 

Missinglettr: Automation Tool to Create & Distribute Social Media Content 

Missinglettr is the perfect solution for any digital marketer who wants to stay ahead of the curve on social media. It allows users to create stunning, professional-looking posts for each of their pieces of content, making sure that the right message is delivered to the right audience. On top of this, Missinglettr also makes sure that your post is posted at the best times for maximum reach and engagement.

What’s more, Missinglettr also offers access to additional features that help you take your social media game to the next level. You can easily add calls to action to your posts, customize the look and feel of each post, integrate with your existing analytics and tracking tools, and much more.

Bigmailer.io: Automation Tool for Email Campaigns

BigMailer.io enables businesses to send email campaigns quickly and easily. It offers a wide range of features that make email marketing easier for businesses of all sizes. It supports various email automations such as drip sequences and RSS-to-email campaigns, allowing businesses to provide relevant content to their customers on a regular basis. BigMailer also includes features such as A/B testing, segmentation and personalization, allowing businesses to tailor their campaigns to better target their audience. 

Additionally, the platform provides detailed reports and analytics that allow businesses to track the performance of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions. With BigMailer, businesses can save time and money while still producing effective campaigns that reach their target audience effectively.

Tailwindapp: Automation Tool for Social & Email Marketing

Tailwindapp is the perfect marketing solution for any business looking to supercharge their strategy and take it to the next level. With this tool, businesses can unify their social media and email marketing into a single solution that simplifies the process. The platform provides an extensive range of features that make it easy to plan, execute and track your marketing campaigns.

Its powerful analytics tools give you insights into customer behavior that can help you refine your strategies and optimize your campaigns for maximum performance. One of the biggest advantages of Tailwindapp is its marketing plan, which helps users design a strategy that can be implemented quickly and efficiently. With this feature, you can create smart marketing goals and target the right audiences to ensure maximum ROI. 

Easil: Automation Tool to Design Print & Digital Marketing Materials

Easil is an intuitive and powerful design platform that makes designing beautiful marketing materials easy, even for those with no experience. It allows users to create stunning visuals that are on-brand and visually appealing, without the need for complex coding or expensive software. The tool offers templates for digital and print formats, and a drag-and-drop editor that makes changes to templates quickly and easily.

Teams can collaborate on projects and create designs with speed and accuracy. The platform also offers a library of over two million stock images, fonts, and backgrounds that can be used to create designs quickly and effectively. With Easil, there’s no excuse not to have professional-looking designs that capture the essence of your brand.


What are your best marketing automation tools now that you know more about these design solutions? If you still need to make up your mind, you can still visit their websites and carefully examine their resources, costs, and compatibility with your marketing campaign and other objectives. After all, choosing what works best for your design projects is still up to you. The marketing world is fortunate to have this free best marketing automation software that essentially stays around the corner of your online technologies. So now, optimize their usefulness and produce the best media material through them. Good luck, choose wisely, and employ them strategically! 

Author’s Bio: Jenn Pereira is the co-founder of SaaSLaunchr – a strategic SaaS SEO Agency. She is always looking for the next challenge; she loves discovering new strategies and tactics that will propel businesses further.

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