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5 New Mindsets in the New Normal

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New Mindsets in the New Normal to create

The post-pandemic way of living, the so-called New Normal, takes up the world’s attention. According to Pew Research Center, about 47% of respondents who described what the “New Normal” would look like in 2025 said life for the most part will be worse for most people by 2025 than it was before the pandemic, while 39% said life will be mostly better for most people in 2025 than it was pre-pandemic.

Another 14% said most people’s lives in 2025 will not be much different from the way things would have turned out if there had been no pandemic.Among the 86% who said the pandemic will bring about some kind of change, most said they expect that the evolution of digital life will continue to feature both positives and negatives.

In recent weeks, we have been signaled by the government to shift the way we functioned thoroughly since it is predicted that there will be other more enormous yet inescapable events we will face sooner: climate change and the civilization leap to the internet of things. In such a world, the ability to think creatively, to imagine novel solutions to survival threats are proven to be our vital asset. That is why people from Rakuna are thinking about creating campus recruiting software. That is true. Many businesses are starting to change their mindset to prepare for an uncertain and complex environment. According to McKinsey’s B2B Decision-Maker Pulse survey, 96 percent of businesses have changed their go-to-market model since the pandemic hit, with the overwhelming majority turning to multiple forms of digital engagement with customers.

In a post-pandemic world, we hear a lot about “the New Normal,” and what life will be like. So what does this all mean? As restrictions are lifted, the way we live our daily lives will change as we venture out into the world. Masks and social distancing in public places are the first obvious differences. Still, how can we adapt and adjust to the New Normal? The answer is: changing our mindsets in the New Normal.  We compile those mindsets in the New Normal as follows:

1. Adapt

It is no longer a secret that since stone-age, we mend to thrive on adapting to survive. The evolution of the brain is the most obvious example of how we evolve to adapt. Now, with planetary warming plus the virus spread, human adaptability is likely to face its biggest test. Every societal component regularly wears masks, works from home, distancing, applying excess sanitization and screening protocols.

Those customs will be part of the new picture, and nobody knows whether those will remain forever or not. So we better make a long-term plan. With that, we can achieve more significance, remain relevant, and even transform ourselves with long-lasting success. If we can’t keep up with such a lifestyle, there is a chance that our presence won’t last.

2. Deconstruct old system

Pandemic forces us to replace rules, regulations, and habits that we glorified in the past. Let’s say a 9-5 WFO routine. We have all had to acknowledge the benefits of flexible working, and to the naysayers’ surprise, it works pretty well. In many cases, WFH is more efficient. According to Business New Daily, Allowing employees to work remotely can increase their productivity. Research shows that employees working remotely can save $4,500 on commuting costs annually. We have all clawed back time that was sacrificed to the daily commute, and despite the challenges of home educating, the benefits to parents have been indisputable.

Our courage to the swift policy is the key since a new problem will never be solved with an old method. Do we want to return to the old business norm that produced millions of workers who only paycheck away from bankruptcy? Should we re-embrace the fragile economic model that it crumbled as soon as city centers are locked down? Are we delighted with what we had before? Rapid changes in economics, science, technology, and politics due to coronavirus have ensured that none of us has seen a stable, steady-state in our lifetimes.

3. Improve the tech-centered experience

The experience here isn’t merely in a virtual way, but rather, the real one. Equipment like earphones, laptops, smartphones, software, streaming media, and wi-fi connection is now inseparable from our routines. By upgrading those techs, we can scale up our performance so our tasks can be done more quickly. Tech provides us education or career growth benefit, and to some extent, it fills in a hole in an emergency or business continuation strategy.

The transformation within our tools certainly can protect us because there will be an excess challenge in the future. It is also essential to know that something critical to our daily use won’t work on old hardware anymore, and the stuff we were using is suddenly too slow.

4. Investment pivot

We need to think twice in terms of spending money on an investment. If you are a business owner, it seems that you have to reconsider before building a perfect workspace for your employees. Instead of throwing your revenue stream for such assets, just like Google, you can facilitate your employees with grants of $1000 for their better small space.

Businesses that don’t invest in what is worth in the 21st century will have a hard time keeping up with the competition. Whether a startup or an established small business, both should always be on the lookout for the next significant innovation, not just to stay in the game but to build the next billion-dollar company.

Next, an emergency refund has taken an important place. This crisis has shown us how fast a job loss or health setback can occur, and such events can wreck-havoc on our financial lives. It is in line with the way debt works, which means it is always best to get out of debt as quickly as possible, and the less debt we have in an economic crisis, the better. That, namely, debt management indeed will lead to a solid balance sheet. When things aren’t going well, with a solid balance sheet, a company can cover its dividend for at least a short time during a temporary disruption to its operations.

5. Set the screen-life balance

We have to understand our mental state. Among us, some may be struggling with fatigue, frustration, sadness, grief, ongoing headaches, eye strain, sleep disturbance, and anxiety of adjusting.  The so-called FOMO and always online culture are the thresholds of those issues. A complete 21% of youth are heavy media users who spend more than 16 hours with digital media a day. We are bored to death staring at screens, checking messages compulsively, and undergoing glitchy video conferences. Then there, a heightened sense of euphoria involved in computer and internet activities is unquestionably bad for our well-being.

To make this easier, we can create a list of off-screen activities that make us feel good in the New normal situation. It’is one of mindsets in the New Normal. For example: going for a walk, meditating or praying, playing an instrument, cooking, or reading a book. All in all, despite this extraordinary circumstance, doing an outdoor activity and making a close bonding with our friends are still relevant.

A few tips from experts regarding the idea of shifting your mindsets in the New Normal are listed below.

  1. Optimism : according to Psychology Today, optimism refers to the belief that events or experiences will generally have a positive outcome. You can gain joy by having an optimistic attitude, and you may be more likely to achieve your goals if you do so. Positive aspects do not disappear completely, but we can choose to focus more on the positives than on the negatives. 
  2. Developing Self-Compassion : the concept of self-compassion is treating yourself as you would treat a friend or someone you care about who is going through a difficult time. When we are in pain, three core elements emerge: self-kindness, common humanity (everyone makes mistakes), and mindfulness. In spite of our perceived inadequacies, we can gain strength and courage by responding to our own struggles, by embracing ourselves
  3. Gratitude : one of my favorite tips to share is showing gratitude, since I have experienced the benefits of doing so. When you practice gratitude, you spend some time appreciating things or people in your life that you are grateful for. You can even be grateful for what you have done or where you are in your journey. By expressing, showing, or sharing gratitude, we can increase our happiness.

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The New Normal takes up the world’s attention. A set of mindsets in the New Normal are created to prepare us for such complex environment. There has been much discussion about how things will never be the same, how disruptive and painful the adjustment will be. It is all correct. In RRGraph, we follow a set of health protocols, formulate hybrid work regulations, and move forward. How about mindsets in the New Normal situation? What are your strategies or mindsets in the New
Normal? Drop it in the comment below.

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