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Understanding Minimalist Graphic Design Rules, Why Less is More

Ulfah Alifah
Ulfah Alifah
Understanding Minimalist Graphic Design Rules

Table of Contents

What we need to know about minimalist Graphic Design is simply about monochromatic and whitespace.

Minimalism itself is more than that: it is everything we look at.

If less is good and more is better, then do more with less. This motto is covered in all aspects, including Design, architecture, literature, and lifestyle. That’s what makes minimalist graphic Design very versatile.

Apart from its simplicity, it is impossible to learn this concept in the blink of an eye.

Simplifying product designs might be the trickiest step as we need more preciseness than just picking a plainness. Importantly, we have to go for more minor but still meaningful without cutting the essentials.

Graphic designers have fully embraced minimalism in the past decade, and the results are significantly grown.

Not surprisingly, UI or UX designers can easily influence us since this trend is truly evergreen. By applying minimalist graphic Design to our brand, we can effectively contrive a clear and concise message to lead targeted customers from its experience.

Where does minimalism initially come from?

First of all, when Art and Architecture appeared before the 1920s, an Art Deco style was on the top to represent modernism. Its purpose was to create a voguish nuance that symbolized wealth and sophistication.

Understanding Minimalist Graphic Design Rules, Why Less is More
Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash

In addition, this style included both luxury and artistic patterns.

Understanding Minimalist Graphic Design Rules, Why Less is More
Photo by Yuxuan Wang on Unsplash

Thereupon, in the Arts and Crafts movement, the Bauhaus Art arrived.

Walter Gropius created it. It was known as a building house by its minimalist arts and crafts to influence modern and contemporary styles.

Understanding Minimalist Graphic Design Rules, Why Less is More
Started his own furniture-making business in 1917, Reitveld worked as a jewelry craftsman. His most famous work is “Red and Blue Chair.” As far as architecturally, Rietveld created “Rietveld Schröder House” as the face of the “De Stijl” movement.

This concept of “form follows function” was getting more glorious when De Stijl came over. Gerrit Thomas Rietveld created this minimalist building with his friends. He was an architect and designer. But, this style was still elusive for the people at that time.

Understanding Minimalist Graphic Design Rules, Why Less is More
Photo by Lisa Therese on Unsplash

In 1929, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich, the modern architects from Germany, also popularized minimalism. Their best art was Barcelona Pavilion with architectural structures and clean open space. This concept was in line with its motto, “less is more.”

As time flies, some artists reawaken this origin that makes minimalism still universal now. It calls into question, “How much can we eliminate scruffy elements without losing the identity?” Steve Jobs said, “Design is plentiful.

I don’t know what it means. So we don’t talk a lot about designs around here. We talk about how things work.”

Steve Jobs, a design pioneer of Apple, concerns with functionality instead of patterns. Without adding obsolete buttons and chaotic specs, make the Apple product look smooth inside and out. Let’s have a look at the images of an Apple product above.

History has proved the phases of art and Design from time to time, whether it is the chaotic style of the 80s or the minimalist style of De Stijl. Just like fashion, design trends are spinning around.

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Minimalism has influenced some markets by storm. We can see that so many start-ups declutter their brand to connect with consumers, for instance. Here are the three things why minimalist Graphic Design is the best way to go.

It transforms stuffiness into the freshness

Imagine we come home after work, and we only need a clean room to rest our bodies, but all we get is messy. It also comes up in Design, and everything will lose its importance just because of many distractions. Viewers may get dizziness after looking at the Design.

Minimalist graphic Design is about creating space to breathe to focus on what is necessary to us. It is in line with the philosophy that minimalism can help people get their value and give calmness.

It makes our Design more memorable

Don’t let ourselves use primitive graphic elements. It is somewhat silly and amateurish. It won’t feel so catchy in any way. Indeed, using clip art might be quick, but it won’t engage the audience’s eyes.

For those who assume a minimalist approach may lack energy and dynamism, don’t get it wrong! It can improve the visibility and embed it into the audience’s memory as our Design connects with the service or product.

It is the best way to persuade

When we talk about design elements, each of them has its own identity. Some bring many benefits, and some are not. We often get confused about choosing the best one and put all of them into our Design.

But minimalist graphic Design requires us to pick one to three elements and showcase them efficiently to get precise details. Contriving a persuasive message can make our audience understand the essence and functionality.

When should we implement minimalist Graphic Design?

Minimalist graphic Design certainly has downsides, but when using it well, it provides many benefits. It brings the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality and leads to an intuitive and open-ended user experience. Consider remembering these things for when we can implement the minimalist graphic design.

Attracting the targeted audiences

Like reading a book or listening to Lo-Fi music, minimalism in Design can leave room for viewers to think out of the box. They will impact others with their innovation, such as marketers, designers, and much more.

Utilizing minimalism as a brand strategy can create a robust tool to connect with targeted audiences. Essentially, this concept will lead them to “click” our brand faster later on.

Creating communication to approach audiences

Like public speaking rules, don’t try to input much information into your Design. Our brains are incapable of absorbing much information.

We listen more and speak less. Indeed, understanding our client’s needs can nurture their necessity for our product with minimalist graphic design. Fewer points mean there is less for us to remember. It is easier for the audiences to take in our brand.

Expanding design convenience and versatility

Minimalist Graphic Design is functional. Every element, such as shapes, color palette, and typography, are crucial things. A simple geometric shape can give the power to replace more complex objects.

Minimalism works because our eyes and brains only have a limited mass of attention to absorb details. By giving our eyes more space to look at, we provide more attention to the ones there. We ensure that minimalism is all-around, such as apps, logos, product packaging, printed books, and presentation templates.

How to implement a minimalist concept to design?

Minimalist Graphic Design focuses more on clarity and effectiveness rather than confusion. We can see this in action when designing user interfaces, for example. When it comes to our products, there are six principles that designers will use to accomplish their goals.

Use impressive images with proper grid

A design can already be professional by merely selecting proper images. However, for minimalist graphic Design, photos should be used rarely. If some images are used, then each one should be chosen carefully.

Understanding Minimalist Graphic Design Rules, Why Less is More
Download the template here.

The flat images without three-dimensional shading and lighting are ideal for minimalist graphic Design for style and layout. Those styles are helpful to establish a focus on balance, symmetry, open space, and contrast.

With this, we will keep all elements organized in the layout and group them appropriately. Plus, a grid will help us to create a simple design without making it cluttered.

Think typographically

Because minimalist Design has fewer points, typography will make it stand out and show lots of attention. So get creative with your font. Make it legible. And keep it down to one or two font types. Minimalist design can be successful with only two font types and well-selected typography.

Understanding Minimalist Graphic Design Rules, Why Less is More
Photo by Szabo Viktor on Unsplash

Since the text is one of the elements in minimalist space, it becomes more valuable as a graphic element. Let’s have a look at the typography used in iOS 14. Apple provides two typefaces, San Francisco and New York. Both typefaces can create a visual hierarchy with proper sizes. We can see that Steve Jobs never betrays himself from minimalism.

Not everything is black and white

Pick a contrasting color to represent the message and mood. A common assumption is that minimalism only works in grayscale. But this is a misconception. Even monochromatic is often used, this is not a measurement for minimalist Design.

Traditionally, minimalist designs are based on a soft color spectrum or consist of three colors. Another tactic is the use of grey shade, and another color tone can highlight critical detail. This color can also be a signaling color.

Explore minimalism with iconography

Icons are valuable elements that most designers use every day, from app icons, toolbar icons, CTA buttons, and symbols. They can improve accessibility, replace the amount of text, and guide users around the information visually. What is more, icons can be used in the world of minimalism as well.

Would you please look at how this website theme above by Avenir Clinic combines the icons around the page to navigate the information and explain their services?

Don’t be afraid of white space

Here is what we call minimalism. When everything is bare, white space is left around a graphic object. Otherwise, when a room has adequate white space, we will get a calming and relaxing feeling. It brings peacefulness to our minds.

Having the bare space can guide the viewer’s attention, specifically through minimalist graphic design. Some designers think that the area is also part of elements like the contents, the images, the icons, and the fonts. Moreover, this element can be more important to choose the proper graphic precisely.

Show your absolute consistency

Minimalist design is often highly artistic. There are no boundaries to unleash creativity. However, it is essential to think that the product or website does not forget its primary focus on information. The users should find their way around quickly and follow rationality.

The Design should not block the user experience.

Keeping a simple and apparent visual hierarchy is another principle of minimalist Design and creating consistency is a little bit complex.

But when we are optimistic about doing it frequently, it will lead us to better results afterward.

Minimalist graphic design in presentation templates

Choosing the best PowerPoint design to wow our audience can be a difficult task. To know the versatility of minimalist graphic Design, now you must explore this trend within our minimalist PowerPoint presentation to start your business. Here the minimalist PowerPoint templates come with ease to convey our message concisely and remove any clutter.

Inside Presentation Template

Balancing text and image layouts can create a captivating design.

Understanding Minimalist Graphic Design Rules, Why Less is More
Inside is a simple and simplistic template that will catch our viewers.

This template is excellent to use for any interior and exterior room business.

Sollarine Presentation Template

Are you looking for a clean and organized presentation for home decoration? Well, you have come to a suitable template.

Minimize your workload by downloading this minimalist presentation template.

Sollarine is a premium PowerPoint template with ready-to-use stuff for us to customize.

Vigaro Presentation Template

For a monochrome presentation with unique and modern vibes, we recommend you use the Vigaro Powerpoint template.

It could be used for personal and start-ups use.

Vigaro is a multipurpose template for businesses, conferences, and others to use for any presentation.

Minim Presentation Template

Simplicity is a great way when we are presenting an architectural project.

It will intrigue audiences with concise and organized information, no matter who they are.

Minim Powerpoint template is a great presentation template with a neat concept and minimalist style for the real estate business.

Free Property Minimalist

Free Property is a minimalist yet simplistic presentation template that will give our audiences coziness.

Then, We can use it for any property business, such as apartment, homestay, or real estate.

So, what are you waiting for? Impress your audiences with this fantastic presentation template.

Ending thoughts

The more patterns a design has, the greater its look. Still, when looking from other eyes, minimalist graphic Design can stay elegant, even plain. This is what Steve Jobs said “getting your thinking clean to make it simple.”

Doing more with less gives us room for more creativity. Plus, it prioritizes functionality outside the look for a successful brand. Indeed, minimalism is a visual belief that never goes out.

Let’s visit RRSlide to download free PowerPoint presentation templates with many categories. But wait, don’t go anywhere and stay here with our Blog to keep up-to-date on all the best pitch deck template collections and design advice from our PowerPoint experts yet to come!

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