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NordicPrime – Norway’s Best IPTV Provider


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IPTV is a brand-new approach to watching TV. You no longer need an antenna or cable TV to access it. With NordicPrime, all you need is an internet connection of at least 30 Mbps, an APP or box with smart TV, and a data transmission that will take less than a minute, and you are all set. It’s even feasible to stream via PC, smartphone, or tablet. Even better, it works everywhere.

We have all of DPLAY’s channels for the Eliteserien and the OBOS league

Tired of having to pay thousands of kroner a year on cable TV to receive a restricted number of channels? Want to stream HD channels from around the world? Check out nordicprime.net today! While you are a few clicks away from the hottest and latest movies, TV shows, and live streams whenever you want.

Our IPTV service makes it easier and faster than ever to watch all your favorite TV shows with a fantastic, clear picture. All you need with one of our IPTV subscriptions and an internet connection is your phone and a device, and you can choose from the most diverse selection of IPTV channels anywhere.

Children’s films and children’s programs for young and old

Coming in the New Year, we are opening a whole world of fun and games, from new and classic movies to shows the entire family can enjoy. For movie fans, you can check out Pippi Longstocking or the newest Lion King. Our family’s movies will surely be a hit with everyone you care about.

Why should you choose us?

Premium channels

Headlined by HBO, Netflix, and Viaplay, we broadcast thousands of channels worldwide. We send video content for broadcast from Netflix, the CMore JV, and the Viaplay PPV system.


Our servers are only in the United States, China, Azerbaijan, and Luxembourg. The Swedish government has no right to access our servers, and we will guarantee your complete privacy with them.

Payment only

Bitcoin or card payment are great options for rapidly paying for goods or services.

User support

Whether you are in the comfort of your home or office, we will start working immediately at 10 am and finish at 10 pm. We are here for you without warning from when you visit our website until you leave contented.

Stable Server

We are the foremost provider of on-demand streaming television streaming on the market. Our channels, movies, and series with 100 percent active members are incomparable. In addition, we’re adamant about not compromising quality.

Fixed prices

Enjoy an ever-increasing variety of premium channels, television programs, pay-per-view movies, and display channels played in the best resolutions for a fixed price.


NordicPrime is the best IPTV provider in Norway. We offer premium channels, user support, a stable server, and fixed prices. Children’s films and programs are available for young and old alike. Safety and secure payment methods are also guaranteed with our services. You can enjoy the best of entertainment with peace of mind by choosing us. Start your journey today and join thousands who have already experienced the best of NordicPrime!

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