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Big Players Are Outsourcing PowerPoint Presentation Design: Should We Do That Too?

Ulfah Alifah
Ulfah Alifah
outsourcing powerpoint presentation design

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Outsourcing PowerPoint presentation design is a must for big companies because it gives them many more benefits than doing it by themselves. The question is, should we also do that individually?

A good presentation is when your audience gets the whole idea of what you are showing them. Big companies, and their big players, are most successful in this. That’s why a good PowerPoint presentation can become an identity of success.

To have a good presentation like those big players, astonishing PowerPoint presentation design plays a significant role. But if we compare them with ourselves, who still use default templates for our PowerPoint presentation, can we even compete?

As the title said, big players are outsourcing PowerPoint presentation design to maintain the quality of their presentation. In this case, the question is, should we compare ourselves to the big players who are outsourcing PowerPoint presentation design?

You should at least try. Yes, try to consider using the works of PowerPoint design experts. To give you at least one good reason, here we provide you with some considerations and insight.

Budget for outsourcing PowerPoint presentation design

When we talk about outsourcing PowerPoint presentation design, the first thing that comes to mind must be the price. “They often do it for big companies. Then it must be costly, isn’t it?”

Maybe you are missing the point here. Big companies and big players don’t spend their money like crazy because they also have calculations. The price they pay should be worth the benefits they get from their orders.

That’s why the price between one PowerPoint presentation and another can differ greatly even for the same company. This case also applies to you. If you only want a simple yet aesthetic PowerPoint design, you must not pay the price of a multibillion company’s yearly commissary reports.

Still don’t believe that you can afford the design you need? Just visit our works in the marketplace, and you will be surprised. Most of them are cheaper than the bottle of vodka you brought to ease your stress when your boss asked you to make a sophisticated PowerPoint presentation design.

How much time do we have to design from scratch?

The second thing you should consider is the amount of time you need to invest in making such a complicated yet aesthetic PowerPoint design. It is not an easy job for newbies, and often you should learn new things in the process.

It would be best to learn many things to make a PowerPoint presentation comparable to what experts make. The color palette, placement of elements, graphic design, shortcuts (this one is also important), and balance are among the most important things to be considered in a good PowerPoint presentation.

Big companies usually hire someone with such experience instead of having their employers learn those things from scratch. While for you, you might have time to discover for yourself about those things. However, when the deadline is in the next 24 hours, asking for help might be the better choice.

We consider you have visited and read about the price of outsourcing PowerPoint presentation design. Now, try to view whether the price you pay should include the time you have saved in dealing with those things.

Without having to concentrate on making the design, you can focus on the contents instead. You can focus your attention on that other important aspect which will also determine the quality of your PowerPoint presentation.

Sometimes it is about pride and competition

Imagine you are going to present in front of your future investors. But in this scenario, you have to compete against someone with an equally exciting proposal. You can make your spoken explanation as to your primary weapon in this fight, but what if the difference between you two is the quality of each’s presentation design?

Imagine the scenario when your competitor uses professionally designed slides while only bringing slides made with the default template. Without a doubt, your future investors would choose your competitor in the name of logic.

Such kind of thing is stuff you cannot argue in big games. That’s why big companies prefer to ask for help from professionals in the name of pride. Now, again, the question is about you. Do you need to ask for outside help?

 If you are giving 100% to make this presentation succeed or compete against somebody else, you might want to consider getting it. A good design can affect people’s consideration hugely, including in businesses unrelated to aesthetics.

But if you are only planning to show your parents why going to the beach is better than going to Aunt Bethany for this weekend, that’s a bit too much. Just ask your little brother to do the PowerPoint. He doesn’t like Aunt Bethany that much, anyway.

Do we have an identity to protect?

You have watched at least one Ted Talk video. You can see that many of their speakers use PowerPoint slides to support their flow of ideas and make things easier to explain to the audience.

Do you think that those speakers work on the slides by themselves? Of course not. Chances are they hire professionals, or the Ted Talk team itself has a professional to protect the quality of the slides. Both the producer of the show and the speakers want to keep their profile high.

That is the special condition with Ted Talk. But what if we only want to present our homework in front of our class? If you hire professionals to do your PowerPoint presentation homework, you will be recognized as either a rich person or an ambitious one.

You should be aware of how people see you even after the presentation. Big players may make it worth hiring professionals, but high school and college students should have reasonable consideration before doing so. Then, what should we do just in case we want to make a classy PowerPoint presentation without outsourcing PowerPoint presentation design? We will show you how at the end of this article.

Determine how important our goal is before outsourcing PowerPoint presentation design

Spending all afternoon making a PowerPoint design about romantic places, with their pros and cons, to celebrate your wedding anniversary sounds fun. Indeed, that’s important, but you might want to save your money for dinner instead of hiring a PowerPoint professional to work on it.

The case is different when you are promoting your startup company idea to future investors. Even though you may create an appropriate PowerPoint presentation, you still lack some details that investors prefer.

Another reason why big companies always hire professional PowerPoint designers is to minimize mess with the details. It makes sense when professionals work with professionals because they trust each other for their work.

Back to the selling startup idea scenario, if you consider that your goal is essential, you might want to reconsider creating the slides by yourself. On the other hand, for that love dinner presentation, you should reconsider hiring professionals.

Your goals should determine your decision above all things. Big players understand this matter well, and they have good considerations based on their own experience. And if you lack experience in this, you can try to follow our suggestion at the end of this article.

Outsourcing PowerPoint presentation design for individual use

While you might be hesitating about outsourcing PowerPoint presentation design initially, you should have learned something at this point. As you can see, there are many logical reasons for asking for professional help to create your PowerPoint presentation design.

Indeed, you need to make up your mind first about the importance, urgency, and effectiveness of your decision in doing that. But as you can see, there are many additional benefits in outsourcing PowerPoint presentation design in addition to having a charming presentation.

Not only is the price lower than most people think, but it can also save them a lot of professionalism. Let alone outsourcing PowerPoint presentation design can also help you focus on other aspects you can do better.

Don’t forget that the ones working on your slides are professionals who deal with PowerPoint presentations 24/7, as we at RRGraph Design. With such experience, we can handle even things that you cannot do in the context of PowerPoint presentations.

So, the answer to the question “Should we try what big players do by outsourcing PowerPoint presentation design?” is yes. Yes, if you want to experience at least once presenting a professionally designed presentation.

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Freemium is worth trying

We promised you advice on how to make classy PowerPoint presentations without outsourcing PowerPoint presentation design. In RRGraph Design, we understand that many people still hesitate to purchase premium PowerPoint designs for individual use.

However, we also know that many people want to try at least once to present a professionally designed presentation. That’s why, in addition to our premium service, we also provide you a segmentation that we call freemium.

In our freemium segment, we still provide high-quality PowerPoint presentation designs. However, you can use it for free without having to hesitate about committing to the price. Of course, we have much better designs in our premium category, but you don’t need to rush getting to that point.

Just experience our freebies first, and if you are satisfied with what we have there, you can advance into becoming our premium users. We, RRGraph Team, are here to help you with what we are good at, so don’t hesitate to work with us.

Let’s visit RRSlide to download free PowerPoint presentation templates with many categories. But wait, don’t go anywhere and stay here with our Blog to keep up-to-date on all the best pitch deck template collections and design advice from our PowerPoint experts yet to come!

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