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Photography PowerPoint Templates for Amazing Portfolios

Ulfah Alifah
Ulfah Alifah
Photography PowerPoint Templates for Amazing Portfolios

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The photography portfolio presentation template is the perfect deck for wedding photography, fashion photography, portrait photography, and wildlife photography presentation. Try out these editable photography PPT slides.

Traveling and photography are something that we can’t separate. It is fantastic that the capability to capture moments in time has become an ordinary fact. Most people admit that photography is part of art. A sense of perspective and spatial perception is always essential. Those essences also apply to presentation design. Building a photography portfolio has never been easier. If you have a fashion, traveling, wedding organizing, or any business related to photography, you need to have a good marketing strategy, especially impressive portfolios. Then, you will need a photography PowerPoint template to support your business. Below are our best photography PowerPoint templates you can download right away.

1. Uncover Photography PowerPoint Template

Photography PowerPoint Templates

You find one of the best photography PowerPoint templates here! Uncover is one of the best photography and traveling PowerPoint templates. This template gives you many image layouts that you can present for your various photography fields, for example, travel photography service, branding photography service, wedding photography service, and food photography service.

Besides, you can deliver your mission and business vision, your team, your service, tell about your experience, price list, testimonial, timeline, infographic, mock-up, and more. Complete features, supported by a stunning design. Photography is identical to beautiful things and eye-catching; this template is perfect. Clean background and combined with shape, layout, color, and animation. A beautiful blend of aesthetics. You have never found this attractive template, like uncovering a presentation template. So, what are you waiting for?

2. Minim Photography PowerPoint Template

Photography PowerPoint Templates

As with the name of the presentation template, minim presentation templates are minimalist and professional templates. You will find a clean template with elements like shapes and other details, almost grayscale. Rectangle shapes are used to maintain a minimalist impression in the template. Clean, professional, do the business you present standout, simple layout type presentation. With a look like this, you will get the impression of being clean, the material you give becomes prominent, and your presentation will be more professional. It’s strange, it has a beautiful design but doesn’t have features.

The lack of presentation templates is out of that category because this template has your project, business, team, client review, infographic, and others. You can also use this template for traveling or photography presentations or other things that you have to present because this template is multipurpose. After all, it fits perfectly with your presentation. Are you ready to use a template with a minimalist design but with many uses? Try out this elegant predesigned photography portfolio PowerPoint template. This modern and creative slide deck will help you to present the perfect slideshow for your photography business.

3. Floaty Photography PowerPoint Template

Photography PowerPoint Templates

Cute, beauty, stunning, elegant, and minimalist are some words that describe this floaty presentation template. Clean, minimalist, and has elements that add beauty. The font used also supports beauty. It will be effortless to place the image you want to present because, with a clean background, you will easily combine it. If you are not happy with a clean atmosphere, you can use the color selection theme in this template. Use this template because this template is very eye-catching in layout and design.

You can perform all business matters or other things with floaty presentation templates, including your traveling and photography business. Although minimalist, it has many features. You can show many things, your introduction about your business, your service, your element, your team, swot analysis, the package, mock-up, timeline, infographic, map, and more. Download it now and use this template to make your presentation, cool projects, and other important information about your business.

4. Backdrop Photography PowerPoint Template

Photography PowerPoint Templates

Are you looking for a template that has the color black and white? Finally, you find it. The backdrop presentation template is one template that uses black and white colors. B & W is not dull but still can display the beautiful impression you want to highlight from this template. You can show your drawing by presenting a creative shape. Don’t worry, and you can also give a lot of material in this template. The audience will not be bored because this template is exquisite and attractive.

With this backdrop presentation template, you can show the photography, traveling business, or other things. Complete features, drag & drop image ready, fantastic animation, editable infographic vector, master slide-based layouts, modern icon pack, handmade infographic, light and dark versions, 55 unique slides containing slides that present your best photo, your team, your event, price list mock-up, infographic, and more. What are you waiting for?

5. Minimalistic Photography PowerPoint Template

Photography PowerPoint Templates for Amazing Portfolios

A good portfolio is a perfect tool when applying for a job. With this Minimalistic template, you will become the most creative person when presenting any project. Besides, the design combines minimalism and creativity. This template is designed with clean layouts, giving some simplicity to your presentation. The backgrounds contain some pictures related to snap shooting. We know this template will help you find your dreams. So, show people what you can do with your creations.

6. Kollase Photography PowerPoint Template

Photography PowerPoint Templates for Amazing Portfolios

Kollase is one of the most beautiful ways to express people and is reflected as art by many. It takes a lot of creativity and skill to connect with your audiences. With this template, you will show your portfolio and get everyone to accept your work. The backgrounds have a white and blue color with the images. To organize your creations, you can replace them with your own.

7. Endless Wedding Photography PowerPoint Template

Photography PowerPoint Templates for Amazing Portfolios

There are a lot of weddings everywhere. You can use the Endless template as a tool to demonstrate your marketing plan. This is the perfect and effective way you need as a wedding organizer. The layouts are very minimalist, and they contain some image layouts that help you place your portfolios. For a more elegant vibe, the font is a beautiful choice that is formal and provides a remarkable contrast. This template offers eleven color schemes and clean backgrounds suitable for a wedding event.

8. Weddio Wedding Photography PowerPoint Template

Photography PowerPoint Templates for Amazing Portfolios

Are you a wedding planner and want to promote your event? One of these photography PowerPoint templates will help you. Use Weddio to prepare a fantastic presentation. The serif typeface selected for this template is elegant and proper for the occasion with purple nuance. Like the font, the minimalist layouts will be crystal-clear for the wedding. Relax a bit and enjoy the bell rings of love.

9. Astute Wedding Photography PowerPoint Template

Astute is a perfect way to drop off your portfolio to the recruiters you want to work with. Plus, nothing’s more effective than this visual presentation featuring a simple and minimalist style. Recruiters always look for candidates that stand out from the crowd. This template is very friendly and honest to help you communicate your messages successfully. This template is customizable to modify every element according to your needs.

10. Mixart Photography PowerPoint Template

Mixart is a bold and modern mixing purpose presentation template. If you are looking for beautiful photography PowerPoint templates, this is the perfect template. What is the best part? You can change the colors and all elements. Plus, you can see all the pieces are so outstanding with magnificent photos and layouts. You will get something useful and be ready for corporate or any other topic as its option.

11. Portrayal Photography PowerPoint Template

Are you enthusiastic about art and paintings? Many people are, but sometimes they need some direction from a specialist like you. Show your studio and attract audiences to learn by using the Portrayal template with a fine art piece. The tone for this presentation is carmine, which reminds us of the excitement of the soul. Plus, you can see people enjoy drawing on the canvas where they can let their creativity run wild. The layouts contain white space, so everything looks more appealing and softer. Use your mind to turn it into a masterpiece!

12. Titanium Photography PowerPoint Template

Art comes in many aspects. We believe in the beauty of all art exhibitions, including our graceful presentations. We also want to say that a picture has a thousand meaningful words. So, would you try this Titanium template to present your business plan? For this moment, we’ve opted for a more artistic way. This means you need to include several inspirational photographs. Besides, the page designs are pretty minimalist and easy to grasp with amber nuance. Now, captivate your audience in a flash!

13. Project Alpha Photography PowerPoint Template

Project Alpha is a fully customizable template for any photography presentation. Worry not, and you can gather all the information to present. Want to know the best part? This presentation template is supported with many updates. This template has all the tools to give a fantastic presentation and provide images to show the big picture. Similarly, you can present your data using infographics. Indeed, infographics are great because they help explain data by visually showing the information rather than reading and hearing about it.

14. Serenity Photography PowerPoint Template

If you wish to land a job, you can’t stop thinking about it. We have provided a Serenity template for you! The first step is to create your portfolios and show them to your audiences. It is a very creative and minimalist template to showcase your photography work. Let your pictures talk within all the minimalist slides. This template will catch your audience’s attention with its beautiful color combination that impresses your audience, whether you pitch to investors or submit your task.

15. Inovable Photography PowerPoint Template

You can land a job you can’t stop thinking about with these templates. Or, you can be more innovative to create your portfolio better than others. But wait, the first step you do is modify all the elements, change the images, and customize the colors. This template is very artistic and inspiring and allows you to display your photography work. Let your pictures talk with your audiences within these minimalist slides.

16. Fleet Photography PowerPoint Template

Create some monochromatic slides to express your creativity without limits with the Fleet presentation template. Your business will stand out by adding pictures of your projects. Very stylish images are included in this template, and the arrangements are simple but classy. Reveal your experience and portfolio to be the next fantastic photographer for a magazine!

If you want to collect and present historical and cultural significance materials, this free Art gallery is where to acquire new ideas. Plus, you can showcase your art photography PowerPoint among the public, primarily travelers wishing to learn more about the foreign land they’re visiting. Attract your visitors to your gallery with this free template.

18. Molla Photography PowerPoint Template

Molla template is designed with a company profile theme and especially created for humanist photography to gain more visitors. With this template, you can see many aesthetic and incredible pictures. We also make the layout abstract and casual, as you see in the graphics. Besides, this template also includes the flow chart, infographic, company profile, etc. In short, it’s ready for you to jump in and start designing your work!

19. Elino Photography PowerPoint Template

Elino is a modern greyscale presentation template. If you need to support your ideas or any concept in your presentation, why don’t you try an Elino template with grayscale photos? This template conveys astonishing nuanced information and is suitable for art gallery businesses, photography businesses, and work portfolios. Now, let’s impress your audience with monochromatic vibes.

20. Vigaro Photography PowerPoint Template

We have one of the monochromatic photography PowerPoint templates; this is Vigaro template. This clean concept presentation template has all the tools to give the best presentation and provide all the information you need to present to your audience. You can add images to show the big picture and enhance their attention. Similarly, you can give your data using infographics. As a result, your presentation template becomes more stood out and analytic.

21. Impressive Photography PowerPoint Template

An impressive template is a minimalist style template. With over 60 unique slides, you will have plenty of room to add what you want about wedding photography. This template comes with icons, infographics, master slides, and more. You also can visually illustrate or emphasize what you’re trying to show. Besides, this template also comes with mock-up devices. So, you can show what your photographs will look like on many devices.

22. Edge Catalogue Photography PowerPoint Template

Edge is a photography PowerPoint template with 50 unique slides, enabling you to have a lot of space to add your work. You can easily edit this template and change all design elements. This template also comes with icons that will help you create exciting slides.

23. Inbeside Photography PowerPoint Template

Inbeside is a photography template with 55 unique slides. This template is very skillful and impressive. It combines blue and grey colors. Plus, we create fantastic illustrations and some pictures. You also easily add images to your layout template by dragging and dropping the image as your choice into the image placeholder.

24. Bride Wedding Photography PowerPoint Template

Prepare your wedding event with this Free Bridge Wedding template full of flowers and petals. Indeed, you can easily modify this template by changing the color background and font titles. The cream and gold colors are perfect for this wedding theme. What is the best part? The body texts are also easy to read, explicit, and intelligent. Save the date for the happiest moment of your life!

25. Creative Photography PowerPoint Template

Creative Proposal is a free photography template that you can easily edit to suit your needs. It also comes with infographics to help you visualize your point and clarify the data. This photography presentation includes vector icons that complement your portfolio pieces. Worry not; you can create your photography PowerPoint slides with ease.

26. Modera Portfolio PowerPoint Template

Creative, outstanding, modern, and trending style are a few words to describe this template. Colors with a unique gradient style, remarkably clever design placement, very out-of-the-box shape elements, and morph animations increasingly make this template trendy and modern. If you are looking for a modern template, use the Modera presentation template.

Modera presentation templates are always highly recommended for presenting your material with a creative appearance. This template gives you the structure, image layout, and features that are complete. You can present portfolios about your business, office, or artwork and paintings with this template. This template has 60 unique slides with many features and uses, such as explaining your company, your assignment, your team, the price table of your product, mock-up slides, infographics, and more. That will help you make your portfolio about your company or your business easier. Every graphic designer the graphics are unique and extraordinary.

27. Supply.Co PowerPoint Template

Do you want to present your design degree creatively, modern, and aesthetic way? Then, take a look at this template because it’s the solution you’re looking for. The slides have a minimalist design that combines a gold and navy backdrop and serif fonts to make it look like a design magazine. In addition, we have carefully added different pictures that match the slides perfectly. However, they are editable, so if you want to let your creativity run free, download this template and adapt it to the aesthetics of your project. Your future trainees are going to be amazed!

28. Vincent PowerPoint Template

A successful career in clothing design is waiting for you on these slides. To maximize the formal and professional feel, we’ve included several models as illustrations to boost the appeal of your portfolio. The title style is exquisite, combined with dark blue and gold colors, giving a slight luxury vibe to it. To make things easier for you, the structures are simple so that you won’t have any problems editing the slides and adapting them to your needs. Be the trendsetter for the following mass-market clothing, or create the most distinguished costume ever seen; the choice is yours!

29. Sollarine PowerPoint Template

One of our best photography PowerPoint templates is Sollarine. The houses you sell or lease can be the image people associate with your real estate, but how about your brand? Be corporate and edit this photography PowerPoint template to create your brand guidelines. Explain your logo, tone, company’s colors, and everything that defines you! Because the forms are minimalist, the focus will be on your message!

30. Passione PowerPoint Template

What makes you unique as an influencer? Your followers chose you because you’re fun, intelligent, have a strong sense of design, and because you engage with them! Being an influencer is a full-time job, and organizing all your projects is essential if you want to reach new audiences, win sponsorships, or get new clients. With this template, you can speak about yourself, your projects, social media accounts, and your community creatively to get new clients!

31. Catalogue PowerPoint Template

The importance of visuals in a portfolio is huge, more than anything else. To boost your image and the presentation’s overall look, we’ve used pictures that can inspire you when editing the slides. Want to show enthusiasm? Then our orange color scheme is the ideal choice. Want to be experienced? The included typography is refined and has a strong presence, which can help you highlight your best points. Want to be concise? Designs are simple enough to let your data and images speak for themselves.

32. Modern Minimalist PowerPoint Template

Minimalism is an art style that frees the canvas, letting the content stand out for itself. It’s a way of conveying modernism, simplicity, and elegance and can be the best ally in your next presentation. With this new design from RRSlide, your company presentations will be as skilled as your company with almost any effort from you (the only thing you need to do is add your information!). We have even assured you that your data is clear and easy to understand by adding many resources like maps, graphs, and infographics. You know, less is more!

33. Flax Creative PowerPoint Template

A design with a retro effect, along with the use of pictures and icons, will give a dynamic touch to your project. The titles have a serif typeface, so they’re the perfect example of modernity and legibility. The texts use a solid slab font, providing your message with the needed strength for this presentation. The color palette features a great contrast between the energy of the yellow, green, and red tones and the soothing feeling of the purples. This template is an excellent way to achieve this if you want to show how creative your agency is!

34. Laura PowerPoint Template

Photography PowerPoint Templates

Photography workshops are in great demand, as it’s a very creative and artistic discipline. With this template, you can use its slides to give some lessons, for example, on how to treat grain in pictures. The composition of the slides is virtuoso and straightforward at the same time. There are square shapes where you can enter your text. The backdrops are white, and we had to include photos! Remember to replace them with your own according to the workshop’s contents!

35. Glamorosa PowerPoint Template

Photography PowerPoint Templates

Having a good portfolio is essential for a photographer, just as important as how you present it. To help you with this task, we have created this elegant template to capture your work and highlight it. Its simple design with a white background and abstract waves gives a subtle touch without detracting from your photos. In addition, you can include the most relevant aspects about yourself, such as your experience, your training, or your values. You also can divide your work by projects and show on the map in which countries you have exhibited.

36. Pivot PowerPoint Template

Photography PowerPoint Templates

A portrait captures the essence of a person, the part of themselves that is open to others. It would be nice to hold a workshop on portrait photography templates, right? Now’s your chance to create a slideshow for it, so you can tell your students what they’ll learn or what things will be included in the classes. The slides have a minimalist background, and there are stains of paint in orange color. There had to be photos of portraits, and you’ll find several of them.

37. Simple PowerPoint Template

Photography PowerPoint Templates

Nothing says excellent design like our latest photography PowerPoint templates for interior designers. It fuses elegance, simplicity, and creativity for many presentations you can use to showcase your work. It has a portfolio template, and since it’s meant for interior design, this template uses photos extensively. For example, decorative pictures of leaves and plants are used to embellish the background. We’ve chosen to go formal on the typography to emit a trustworthy tone.

38. Urban Fashion PowerPoint Template

Photography PowerPoint Templates

If you need to leave everyone speechless with a splendid fashion and photography plan, this one is a neat choice. Its theme revolves around fashion, so we’ve tried to achieve a beautiful result by using great photos, illustrations of humans, and an elegant sans-serif font. Model your presentation with this template!

39. Free Motret Photography PowerPoint Template

Motret captures the essence of a person, the part of themselves that is open to others. It would be nice to hold a workshop on portrait photography, right? Now’s your chance to create a slideshow for it, so you can tell your students what they’ll learn or what things will be included in the classes. The slides have a minimalist background, and there are stains of paint in orange color. There had to be photos of portraits, and you’ll find several of them.

40. Vibes Portfolio PowerPoint Template

Having a very creative portfolio opens many doors, more than you think. We’ve created this template for those who want to showcase their work and skills. The Memphis graphic style will always help you grab attention, and the pastel colors too! Mention your studies, add images of your projects and let your abilities shine through!

41. Free Arabesque Ballet PowerPoint Template

The level of coordination, mobility, flexibility, and grace required to be a successful ballet dancer is demanding, so the work done by these artists is admirable. If you agree with us, check out this new portfolio template, as it can be helpful in your career! Organic shapes convey movement, freedom, features suitable for ballet dancers, and, thus, the contents you might want to add to this design. In essence, you’ll also find white and black tones, several photos, and dotted lines.

42. Experience Art PowerPoint Template

Here’s a new template whose contents are entirely editable. It’s been designed for typography gurus, so the design combines many fonts. Since creativity is a word that defines them, we’ve used dark blue and pink and a good selection of layouts. Yep, you can add your information there and provide some images of your projects!

43. Visibility Artistic PowerPoint Template

Do you know what talent agencies do? You could say that they make their employees’ dreams come true. Finding the perfect photographer that will win many awards for professionals. If your job is to manage all these matters, you have an artist agency, and to keep it succeeding, you can use this template to present your company profile. It represents all your data through elegant style slides, including all the necessary resources to make your information clear, concise, and visual. All your employees will succeed in their professions!

44. Initiative Art PowerPoint Template

If you are looking for resources to help you teach colors to your portfolio in a fun and entertaining way, take a look at this template. Its pretty colorful background is perfectly complemented by the brightly colored waves, which will immediately catch the attention of the little ones. Thanks to the various resources we’ve added, your explanations will come to life, but the best of all comes at the end, as we’ve created interactive exercises for your pupils.

45. Formal Photography PowerPoint Template

If you are a photographer, you need to look at this photography project proposal template. Its design is a mixture of simplicity and professionalism, which, together with the orange and white colors, give it an extra touch of elegance. Use it to present your work to new galleries or get funding for new projects. Present it and explain the goals you are pursuing. Write down your upcoming events and expected income to keep everything under control. And, of course, include examples of your artwork. You can also highlight some critical clients you’ve had. You will impress them!

46. Bosque Photography PowerPoint Template

This month is the perfect opportunity to enjoy going out and taking some pictures! With this template about nature photography, you can speak about photography tips, the best locations or moments to capture nature or share your favorite pictures in a beautiful presentation that will captivate your audience’s gaze. The slides have a modern dark design and are completely editable!

47. Curve Portfolio PowerPoint Template

An excellent visual communicator will appreciate the importance of a well-designed portfolio. With this template, you can turn your experience, skills, and past projects into a fantastic presentation that will captivate the eye of everyone who sees it. Pictures, illustrations, a modern set of slides, and your content: it can’t get any better!

48. Famous Travelling PowerPoint Template

This template is the type of traveling where people want to discover nature and its true colors. This type of tourism is an alternative to the traditional mass tourism that so much harm is doing to our environment. Speak about your agency and the plan that you are trying to carry on with to make it more known with these beautiful slides full of illustrations and pictures. The cute design will give your plan a whole new dimension!

49. Aroma Photography PowerPoint Template

Aroma photography PowerPoint template is essential for a photographer, just as important as how you present it. To help you with this task, we have created this elegant template in which you can capture your work and highlight it. Its simple design with a minimalist background and abstract waves gives a subtle touch without detracting from your photos. In addition, you can include the most relevant aspects about yourself, such as your experience, your training, or your values. You also can divide your work by projects and show on the map in which countries you have exhibited.

50. Roowth Photography PowerPoint Template

Roowth photography template will catch the attention of all photographers! If you need a design to present your portfolio, that is, a document where you show all your training, experience, and examples of the type of photography you do, this is the perfect template. The backgrounds are entirely green and white so that the content stands out through the white typography and so that everyone can’t stop looking at the pictures. We’ve included stock photos (as we have plenty), but add your own and customize the portfolio.

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All of those photography PowerPoint templates above are made according to your favorite needs and design

Again, there will be no confusion in presenting your project using those photography PowerPoint templates for industry ideas. They have their characteristics, so you can use them as you want. Your presentation will be made very quickly in a short time because the template is easy to edit.

Let’s visit RRPicksΒ to download free PowerPoint templates. But wait, don’t go anywhere and stay here with our Blog to keep up-to-date on all the best pitch deck template collections and design advice from our PowerPoint experts!

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