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Pitch Deck Design: 20 Things You Need to Know

Nurma Febriana
Nurma Febriana

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Are you confused about how to attract investors? Yes, the solution is pitch deck design.

A pitch deck is a short presentation that provides a brief but informative summary of a company or startup, such as your business plan, product or service, fundraising needs, and key metrics such as value, target market, and financial goals. Examples of pitch decks are PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF, or Slidebean.

What makes a good pitch deck design? What are the components of a good pitch deck design? How will pitch deck design help you get the funding you need? Let’s take a closer look at this article.

What factors should I consider when hiring a pitch deck designer?

The correct times to make a pick deck include attending global startup-related events, going for future meetings with potential investors or partners, Going to startup-related events, Pitching for competitions, and so on.

  • Price: How much money to find the service do you need?
  • Review: See the reviews first or contact other customers for feedback.
  • Design: Check out the various designs and quality of pitch deck designs.
  • Effectiveness: Effectiveness includes the type of pitch deck, the level of the pitch deck design for your business, and the purpose of using the pitch deck.

The cost of working with a field deck design specialist varies based on the size of the project.

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The pitch deck design format

Generally, the pitch deck design format must include:

  • The opening slide includes a company cover and shows your organization’s potential. Naturally must captivate the reader.
  • Your vision and value proposition contain a brief, one-sentence summary of your business and the value you provide to your clients.
  • Problem slides to discuss the problem you are trying to solve and the solution. The issues in this slide can help investors better understand your business and goals.
  • Swipe the market to describe your ideal customer and how many there are.
  • Solution slides to describe your product or service and how it solves the problem you are solving.
  • Product slides should describe and define your company’s product or service and uniqueness.
  • Marketing and sales strategy define your marketing and sales strategy.
  • Traction slides to verify the company business model by displaying monthly sales and supporting growth.
  • Team slides to highlight outstanding team members, their past successes, and the core skills they bring to the table.
  • Competition slides to explain your position in the market and how you differ from your competitors and alternatives.
  • Financial projection slides to view your finances, including sales projections, income statements, and cash flow forecasts.
  • The slide asks you to explain why you need the money and how you intend to use it.

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Some things we need to make a good pitch deck design

Here are some things we need to make a good pitch deck design.

Consider your audience

You have to make sure that you are offering the right people, namely the people who are most likely to invest in you.

For example, suppose your business focuses on changing the world for the better. In that case, you’ll want to target all companies willing to invest and make a social impact, like City Light Capital or The Impact Engine.

Visual images

Embed visual images in the Pitch deck design, such as animations, videos, and charts. We know that pictures and infographics express concepts faster than text.

Label your slides clearly

Give each slide a catchy title to make it easier for your audience to ask follow-up questions.

Tell stories to convey your ideas, product, and problem

Explain your concept using a sample story. The purpose of this story is to engage the reader, help pinpoint the need for your product or service and make the pitch deck design appealing to the audience.

You can define the problem by telling a story. Tell the real story as possible so that more investors will understand your business and goals.

You can describe your product or service and explain how customers use your product and how it solves the problem you described in slide two. You can use pictures and stories to explain your solution. So, this is something we need for a pitch deck design.

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Use bullet points on the slide

Explain the information points in detail and briefly so that the pitch deck design will attract the audience.

Don’t add long text

The slides should be sharp and have clear points. It is better if the test on the pitch deck design is short and clear. Because a lot of text on the slide can make the audience bored, this causes a loss of focus and inappropriate delivery to the client or audience.

Don’t use small fonts

Your client must be able to read the font and understand the content. The right font can make a pitch deck design attractive.

Pitch deck according to the plan

The pitch deck must be appropriate according to the scenario planning and strategy to influence the client’s decision. Pitch deck design always focuses on the most critical aspects.

Avoid abbreviations and jargon

It’s a good idea to use standard, simple language throughout your pitch. Don’t use jargon and abbreviations.

Don’t make too many slides

A good pitch deck design contains enough slides because many slides will make investors/clients/audiences bored and unattractive.

Short and straightforward vision and value proposition

It contains a short and simple overview of your business and the value you provide to your customers.

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Target market and opportunities

Use this slide to broaden your target market and opportunities. You can talk about the scope and scale of the problem you solved.

That way, investors will see that you have a particular and affordable market. So, this is something we need for a pitch deck design.

The revenue model or business model

It would be best to talk about how the product or service makes money. For some businesses (content sites, for example), you can also refer to competition and discuss how your prices fit into the larger market.

Traction and validation/roadmap

You can talk about sales or early adopters using your product, and talk about your achievements and plans.

Marketing and sales strategy plan

Use this slide to outline your marketing and sales plan and detail the main tactics you want to use to get your product out in front of potential customers.

Highlight the team

You can highlight team members such as their success at other companies and the critical skills they bring to the table.

Financial details

You can describe your financial details such as sales forecasts, income statements (also called income statements), and cash flow forecasts.


You can adapt to the competitive landscape and how you differ from competitors and alternatives in today’s market. You can also explain how you are different from other players in the market and why customers will choose you.

Investment and use of funds

This pitch deck isn’t about actually getting funding. But you should explain why you need the amount of money you are asking for and how you plan to use that money. It would be best to talk about those other investors and why they chose to invest.

It would be best to show them how you plan to give them a return in the form of an “exit strategy” slide—for example, having IPOs and going public for several high-growth startups.

My favorite pitch deck designs

Here are some favorite pitch deck designs and win investments:

Airbnb Pitch Deck

Below are the characteristics of the Airbnb pitch deck:

  • Their pitch deck gives them a lot of help. It is ten slides long, and each slide contains only a tiny part of the information. On the first slide, they outlined its mission in just seven words.
  • Each slide uses a different graphic to order information and create interest. 4. AirBnB has used color to highlight important points and plenty of negative space to make sure it stands out.
  • AirBnB avoids using detailed illustrations or overly complex graphics. You can download some free icons or clipart for your pitch deck.

AirBnB presents itself as a professional organization, builds trust, and gives confidence to investors.

Mixpanel Pitch Deck

Mixpanel provides an exciting introduction to their problems, solutions, and missions. As the design is so simple, Mixpanel slides are very focused on one chunk of information. In order to convey key points, Mixpanel uses clever typography.

Dwolla Pitch Deck

Dwolla’s pitch deck helps them tell their product story, so Dwolla is longer than Mixpanel and AirBnB.

Dwolla uses consistent colors and fonts. They managed to avoid this by using a mix of icons, graphics, flowcharts, and text to add interest and variety.

This pitch deck design is less formal. Simple icons, don’t distract from the information and add character. But They brought this informal atmosphere home by including the trivia section as their final slide.

Foursquare Pitch Deck

Foursquare uses actual images products. Their branding is solid and consistent all the way through. The use of subtle branded colors, fonts, typography, and graphics reinforces the brand image.

Buffer Pitch Deck

Buffer is one of the most popular social media scheduling apps like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. It also contains the user base, annual revenue, application integration, and data-number view.

Facebook Pitch Deck

An example of a successful startup promotion deck is Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin rely on data and statistics such as client base, user engagement, and growth measures to market ideas to potential investors.

Sequoia Capital Pitch Deck

Sequoia Capital offers any startup an idea of what they are looking something.

Uber Pitch Deck

Uber’s pitch deck can solve problems in a few short terms using everyday language, so this pitch deck design is beautiful to investors.

Start developing your pitch deck design

A pitch deck design can provide a detailed picture to attract investors. Understanding the essential elements of a successful pitch deck can help you get one step closer to the funding you need.

So, ready to get started? 

Let’s visit RRSlide to download free PowerPoint templates. But wait, don’t go anywhere and stay here with our Blog to keep up-to-date on all the best pitch deck template collections and design advice from our PowerPoint experts!

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