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Modern Portfolio PowerPoint Template for You | Download Here

portfolio powerpoint template
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Table of Contents

Each individual will need a Modern Portfolio PowerPoint Template to present their works. A company or an artist will need a portfolio pitch deck to present their best work to clients. The photographer will need to present the photos that have been taken. An artist will need to present a collection of the best works from an artist that is held for gallery purposes.

For you, fellow designers and photographers, this is our top Modern Portfolio PowerPoint Template. All these bundles contain fully editable slides and come at very affordable prices!

1. Portrayal Portfolio PowerPoint Template

Modern Portfolio PowerPoint Template

Portrayal presentation template is a template with a very artistic appearance. Each slide has its own uniqueness in the layout or shape used. Forms that are used abstractly and vary according to the impression of art. The appearance of this presentation template also adds an ink form presentation that is useful for adding artistic and abstract impressions to this presentation.

A very artistic display of portrayal presentation templates will be very supportive of painters or art exhibitions. Consider this template as a digital gallery that displays your art. Portrayal presentation templates provide very complete features, such as available slide masters, stunning animation, light and dark versions, free icons, vector infographic, and color schemes that you can choose according to your favorites. The presentation also presents 55 unique slides, which are very suitable for arts, namely cover, the introduction from painters or art exhibitions, slides that can contain works from painters, slides about an art exhibition, date of an art exhibition, slides for pricing plan of your paintings, mockup slides, infographic slides, and more.

Save your time by using this template, insert the content you will present to this template easily, get your audience to be interesting to your presentation you have prepared!

2. Uncover Portfolio PowerPoint Template

Modern Portfolio PowerPoint Template

Photography is a bit tricky. Displaying good photos isn’t easy too. Uncover presentation templates give a clean design look that suits your photographs. This causes the material you present with this template to be very visible, stand out, and the audience will focus on your presentation.

Uncover presentation templates are perfect for photographers. Photographers need to present photos that have been taken to the client. The presentation of your presentation will be very influential with client decisions. A complete, beautiful, and attractive template is needed to present beautiful photos. This template presents features that are very complete for you, such as 55 beautiful slides, light and dark versions, color schemes, motion slides available, and more.

In addition, this template presents features namely grouping photos that you take, for example, travel photography, personal / branding photography, wedding photography, food photography.  The content in this template is very complete, such as cover, introduction, your company mission, your company vision, a team of your company, services of your company, testimonials, the timeline of your company, mockup, infographic, and more.

Make an impressive and interesting presentation to improve the appearance of your presentation and the quality of your photography business with Uncover Modern Portfolio PowerPoint Template presentation templates.

3. Project Alpha Modern PowerPoint Template

Modern Portfolio PowerPoint Template

Project Alpha Presentation Template is one of the templates that greatly emphasizes the creative side of the abstract. This style of presentation is very suitable for things the smell of art. The shape placement really gives a very dynamic impression, with the right placement makes it more eye-catching. This template looks fresh with the new style displayed.

If you need a Modern Portfolio PowerPoint Template presentation template to present your art or art exhibition results, this template really supports your work. Good design combined with existing features and facilities, a combination that is very perfect. This template has many image layouts that help you to display art images or art exhibition photos that you have ever held. In addition, the features are very complete, namely amazing animation, drag & drop image ready, vector icons ready to use, masters slide layouts based, editable vector infographic, light & dark versions, breaks slide section, and 58 unique slides that have many purposes. Illustrate your concepts and make an awesome PowerPoint design quickly!

4. Serenity Modern PowerPoint Template

Modern Portfolio PowerPoint Template

A creative minimalist template that gives the impression of being clean and neat but still eye-catching, elegant, and pleasing to the eye. You will need serenity presentation templates for you to present in various places, can be formal, semi-formal, or informal. Flat design is increasingly developing now, including designs that are used serenity. Flat design always has the advantage of being simple but still attractive with the color, layout, and simplicity of the making.

Are you looking for the presentation template that you need for your portfolio and showcase? Serenity presentation templates have advantages in this regard. This template provides various very complete features, and 64 unique slides that give you slides for slide covers, introduction slides, picture layouts, featured ones from your art products, art exhibitions or shows, your team, your project, your timeline, analysis swot, mockup, infographic, maps, and more. If you love the elegant and clean style, you can use this template for your current project presentation. The audience will enjoy and catch the main point of your presentation.

5. Minim Professional PowerPoint Template

Modern Portfolio PowerPoint Template

Clean, soft, pastel, elegant is something we want to highlight in this minimal presentation template. This template is suitable for professional templates because there are not many shape or character elements given in this template. If you idolize the clean and neat design, use this template. Design that is comfortable to look at and nice to read the content. Your portfolio and showcases will look very easy to read. In addition, you will also easily combine your portfolio images into this template. Everything you combine will still look eye-catching.

Many layout images, the infographic will support you in presenting your portfolio and showcases. This template can present your project, your service, break section, your team, your client review, statistics of your project or your business, and more features you can enjoy with this Modern Portfolio PowerPoint Template!

6. Backdrop Creative PowerPoint Template

Modern Portfolio PowerPoint Template

Black and white is a combination that is very multipurpose, and easy to use. Monochromatic designs with images presented will flow beautifully from one element to another, thus creating a classy and sophisticated design. The color scheme of the image with black and white and combining it with the appropriate minimum layout can make your design cleaner, compact and integrated. Monochrome themes will never miss style, so your secret weapon if you want to create a timeless and stylish design. Monochromatic themes, clean images, wide margins, and a very simple type, the combination looks fresh and very stylish.

Stylish design combined, cool layout, and great features make this template suitable for you to use as your presentation template when presenting your portfolio of artwork. With a monochrome design, the elements that you will intentionally display will stand out more. Even with a black and white design, you don’t need to worry, because this template still provides complete features such as drag and drop image ready, amazing animation, editable vector infographic, stylish slides such as image layout, your team, client’s feedback slides, slide that tells about your new events, new projects, mockup slides, and more. Backdrop presentation templates make your content outstanding and the audience focuses on playing the message that you present.

7. Initiative Portfolio PowerPoint Template

Very special, your audience will be interested, not sleepy, and very curious about the portfolio and showcase that you will present. Creative, a little abstract, good looking, interesting, dynamic combination of shapes, all cool words wrapped into one in this template. Initiative presentation templates deliberately create variable templates that are color variables and variable shapes to create your mood. Research shows that lighter. So, use this template to create a positive mood in your presentation room.

The initiative presentation template gives you a great opportunity to present a portfolio of developments in your business or company. It will be very complete information about the development of a business that you provide if you use this template. The slides available in this template help you to present your portfolios, such as about your company, your product, pricing plan, detailed chart, mock-up, infographic, typesetting of your company, and more features you can get!

8. Modera Portfolio PowerPoint Template

Creative, eye-catching, modern, trending style, are a few words to describe this template. Colors that have a unique gradient style, very creative layout placement, very out of the box shape elements, and morph animations that increasingly make this template trendy and modern. If you are looking for a modern template, use the Modera presentation template.

Modera presentation templates are always a highly recommended template for presenting your material with a creative appearance. This template gives you the layout, image layout, and features that are very complete. Portfolios about your business, office, or artwork and paintings, you can present with this template. This template has 60 unique slides that have many features and uses, such as explaining about your company, your project, your team, price table of your product, mockup slides, infographic, and more. All of that will help you make your portfolio about your company or your business easier. Every graphic designer, the graphics are very unique and cool.

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You only need to choose the Modern Portfolio PowerPoint Template above when you are in a hurry to make a portfolio of business, office, painting, photography, art exhibition, and something else. You only need to choose the one that you need with your favorite style. The template above has different and unique ones. So, choose your favorite!

Let’s visit RRSlide to download free PowerPoint presentation templates with many categories. But wait, don’t go anywhere and stay here with our Blog to keep up-to-date on all the best pitch deck template collections and design advice from our PowerPoint experts yet to come!

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