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35 PowerPoint Night Ideas to Try That Will Steal Audience’s Attention

Nurma Febriana
Nurma Febriana
powerpoint night ideas to try

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Do you want to do something entertaining like PowerPoint night ideas? But you don’t have to leave the house or worry about facing large crowds. Now, we revert to every activity we did at the beginning of the lockdown (other than the aimless Zoom happy hours, please!). 

We should be grateful to Omicron for being present with us. You’re not alone if you’ve done a virtual game night or movie night in the past couple of weeks. 

There are plenty of ways to plan an entertaining PowerPoint night with your friends. They’re easy enough for you to run virtually.

A PowerPoint party is a breakthrough for the participant to create and present their topic choice at its core. You can make topics as funny, fun, or niche as possible using Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slide. Also, you can now convert jpg to ppt PowerPoint file using online JPG to PowerPoint
converter if you want to represent your images in slides.

Creative ideas for TikTok users include the way they present the material (lots of pictures, hand gestures, outspoken honesty, and even costumes). PowerPoint night videos are all over TikTok now; they will improve your hangout. It would help if you tried it.

If you have a lot of friends, limit the number of slides so it doesn’t feel like a three-hour lecture. And if you have a built-in group of roommates, you can take turns presenting on your TV screen using an HDMI cord or Chromecast. It is a straightforward way to keep yourselves busy for the night (add wine and make it a drinking game if you wish). 

Get fancy with your PowerPoint skills—we’ve got you covered with these PowerPoint night ideas

The key is to be creative with the topic you present or a specific topic about the Taylor Swift conspiracy; you and your friends can create a competition, create a score sheet and award the grand prize winner at the end! Ready to play?

Here are the top fresh PowerPoint night ideas for your next PowerPoint night that will steal the show.

Your friend as the Shrek character

Cast everyone as all creatures from afar, like making a pretty solid group Halloween costume.

Friends group trivia game

You can see if everyone at GC can answer the most obscure questions about each other. You can have everyone send it to whoever made the presentation.

Predictions of who Pete Davidson will date next

Your job is making a case for Pete and Jason Momoa. According to memes circulating ft, Pete is with a newly single Jason Momoa. 

Explain that image

You can dig through social media archives by dragging random photos from V far back in everyone’s Facebook history. You provide details about the photo-taking (who/what/where/when/why).

Everyone’s worst ex

It can be a conversation starter. Then you need to know your group of friends and their history very well.

Taylor Swift’s song describes everyone

Someone would be “Teardrops on My Guitar,” and someone would be “ME!”.

American girl doll rice purity scores

Just so you know, this virtuous Doll serves as our childhood material mentor, but in the words of wisdom from Cobra Starship’s hit song, “Good Girls Go Bad.” We also know Kit Kittredge isn’t that innocent; he’s just pretending. But the blonde bob, lavender cardigan, and flat-panel floral skirt fooled no one.

Recasting your friends as high school musical characters

Each group of friends has Taylor Mckessie and Sharpay Evans. This topic will always be a hit on PowerPoint night ideas for you, a basketball athlete, or a theater kid.

Your friend’s celebrity lookalikes

You will be on top of PowerPoint night ideas if you understand this topic and put together pieces that your friend looks precisely like Buford from Phineas and Ferb (true story) because cartoons can be a target too. Start thinking!

Who will you play in Shrek live-action?

Shrek is in a funny category, and this topic is a winner. This topic is a genius idea. Shrek did a lot of comedy on presentation night. In addition to the Shrek cast, there are also Ratatouille, Madagascar, and Ice Age actors.

Which reality TV show each friend would thrive on

Do you want the presentation night to be golden? Reality TVs are PowerPoint night ideas. Take the topic to reflect on some of the most “qualified” and “talented” TV personalities.

What cartoons would each of your friends best fit?

This topic takes physical similarities by adding substance to the argument. In this topic, personality plays a role.

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Five best nights on campus

This Idea is sure to become a fan favorite. Because this Idea will spark conversation, laughs, and a mutual agreement that your PowerPoint was the best of the night. Compile your most iconic Snapchats and epic videos to make people remember your PowerPoint presentation night.

Which side of TikTok will be the former US President?

As everyone knows, TikTok can be weird because of the many segments and avenues that can lead you to content you never imagined you would see. So, this brings us to your PowerPoint evening idea.

With the people hyping up the Y2K trends, this Idea allows you to take a trip down memory lane. I talked to my roommate about how I wore jean shorts over my pink leggings in high school. Then, I paired it with a green top to look like a watermelon.

The only trend of the 2000s was Lip Smackers. This Idea would be fun for you to come.

Disney characters you would not let hold my drink at a party

You can use Disney characters in your PowerPoint night ideas, like mystical and magical Disney. You might be able to name five to 10 slightly sketchy Disney characters. For example, you can use the Baboon character from The Lion King. Now activate that Disney+ account and explore those childhood classics!

Predicting your friend’s futures

You can get creative and make each of your friend’s future starter packs for your PowerPoint evening. It is an easy and fun topic to dive into & test your best friend’s knowledge.

Rating your friend’s drunk snacks

You can include ideas, for example, when you open the refrigerator. You will find some food for reference ideas.

The spicy Cheetos are the only thing that will make the night right for some. There was a pizza roll and a bag of Skittles. For example, make a literal video of someone eating a bowl of turkey with a spoon or eating a piece of bread.

Whatever floats your boat, put it in PowerPoint night ideas.

Rating the most attractive fast-food mascots

This topic is entirely out of the box. This Idea is a new contribution to the world of PowerPoint night ideas.

Rating your friends as getaway drivers

We all have friends who are currently driving like runaway drivers without being asked (the sound of a car swerving). Now is the time to allow them to maneuver quickly in traffic without causing accidents. Channel the “Driver” idea in this PowerPoint night!

Which old flame of Jose Rizal would your friends’ date?

Jose Rizal is more than just a revolutionary writer, sports fan, and lover. Rizal likes many of these women for different reasons. According to him, every woman is a unique individual.

Recasting Four Sisters and a Wedding, but it’s you and your friends

This iconic film will have you laughing at one scene and crying the next because there are more characters than just the four sisters—and you might relate to one feeling a little more than the other.

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An in-depth analysis of your friend group’s reactions to different types/amounts of alcohol

You can use PowerPoint night ideas with varying types of alcohol according to How I Met Your Mother episode 22 of Season 6, entitled: The Perfect Cocktail.

Different people react to alcohol (and other types of alcohol) differently. Therefore, take this opportunity to use all the photos and videos of your friends, but in an analytical, scientific, research paper way.

Which atomic model best suits your friend’s personality?

We are all material, so it’s time to get personal on this PowerPoint night’s atomic (and perhaps philosophical) level. Everything that occupies space and has weight is called matter. The matter consists of atoms.

What would your friends do if they were on ASAP?

ASAP has provided entertainment for over 20 years with a variety of shows. What would your friends do if they were on stage?

Apart from roles, it also takes a hard-working and dedicated crew to produce such a show. Maybe you can take PowerPoint night ideas to another level and turn them into a variety show. 

The Taylor Swift song era that best describes your friend’s romantic past and present (or lack thereof)

The Powerpoint topics are specifically for everyone out there. They travel down memory lane and rediscover past emotions. Meanwhile, Taylor and his fans are preparing for the release of Red (Taylor’s Version).

Ranking who would most likely help you hide a body (and what their plan would be)

Are you and your friends For-Lifers? (For this purpose, it is a joke only for entertainment among friends)

What art period/movement would your friends in thrive?

Interesting Bob Ross Powerpoint topic is suitable for art. Be it in self-created art or the world scene during the period/movement.

Do you give off “Sinigang” or adobo energy?

The topic of Powerpoint Sinigang or adobo to explain it to some people gives a different vibe.

Who your friends’ perfect ka-love team would be (and if they would end up dating off-screen)

Celebrities are constantly trying to develop the on-screen couple with the best chemistry. Stars or your group of friends can do the match.

History drunk

The presenter selects a historical figure or event as the topic of the evening’s PowerPoint. For example, asking everyone with their personality or period style to drink alcohol before a presentation is fun.

The greatest ever

Each presenter selects a movie television show, game town, or food town in the same genre to encourage a friendly contest.

Theorems about conspiracy theories

Choose alternative conspiracy theories to convince everyone.

Writing characters

Presenters choose groups: dogs, characters from television, movies or books, and food, and explain who will be in each group. For example, the presenter can describe the Harry Potter characters.

Superlative, adult edition

Give each of your friends the best adult version, e.g., the Irish are going out of the party, they might order takeout even after an entire Trader Joe’s ride, etc.

And those are 35 topics for PowerPoint Night Ideas that can be your reference.

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What are the most creative PowerPoint night ideas? 

PowerPoint night ideas are a trend on TikTok that involves you and your friends creating funny slideshows about hot takes, ratings, and other nuances, then presenting.

The whole point of PowerPoint night is to be as creative as you want to be and have fun with your topic.

Let’s visit RRSlide to download free PowerPoint templates. But wait, don’t go anywhere and stay here with our Blog to keep up-to-date on all the best pitch deck template collections and design advice from our PowerPoint experts!

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