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How Much Does It Cost for PowerPoint Presentation Services?

Ulfah Alifah
Ulfah Alifah

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PowerPoint Presentation Services have very high scheduled hours. As we see, PowerPoint experts are responsible for summarizing, writing, and editing textual content and critical messages aside from having a creative design manner. Automatically, they must have those abilities to create the perfect presentation design for the clients. However, creating a high-end graphical presentation is time-consuming. Designing PowerPoint is never easy for almost all people can work. Sometimes, it can be a dark hole of endless edits and a dull spinning wheel. 

To fulfill the speaker’s need, we as the presentation agency must be careful from A to Z. Besides, and we must consider the elements like layout, color palette, and graphic complements to convey the messages. Besides, we need an extraordinary blend of time management, testing, and user experience to create engaging yet straightforward presentation templates. Moreover, we should estimate and specify the budget as it is our main discussion to talk with you.

The ten parameters we consider first to determine prices as PowerPoint presentation services

Everybody looks for a cheaper, faster, and high-quality presentation. Every presentation has a variable and fixed design cost for it. We often receive a question: How exactly do we determine the price of our services? Below are the ten factors that we consider before giving the clients a range or number and what each price range typically entails.

1. Preliminary work

Suppose you lack an existing structure or content in general. In that case, we need to spell out more work to devote extra time for complete understanding. Secondly, we can digest our content before starting the presentation, synced-up like reducing the details and giving additional hours to emphasize the content storyboard. 

2. Depth and complexity

Is the actual presentation that you’re looking to revamp cluttered overly with numerous paragraphs and diagrams? There is a chance that it will cost more simply because it takes more time to solve and simplify the content.

3. Approval and revisions

Typically, the standard projects include two steps of revisions. We often anticipate the additional modifications to be involved in the original estimation or billed separately if the revisions occur from the agreed scope.

4. Timeline

Next, we strongly suggest that clients come to us early with the work they expect needs done. So, we need to have adequate time to explore more ideas for a better product. Naturally, things are not always working out the way we expect. Our team can put in extra time to deliver a reliable product for tight deadlines. However, this action can require additional rush fees.

5. Animations

The standard offerings come with simple and subtle transitions that work for most presentations. Indeed, we should require more sophisticated animations for our client’s production, and the higher the cost may be possible. Animating elements to move in-sync across the deck is one of the most tedious parts of the process; we need the additional fees in this case.

6. High-quality images

Suppose you want to set high-quality images into your presentation. In that case, you can give them to the designers. But keep in mind that anyone can purchase high-quality images free from Freepik, Behance, Dribble, Unsplash, etc.

7. Original template

Original presentation themes or templates may add an extra charge to your presentation project. The reason is your designer will also put additional effort into art and photoshop.

8. Slide amount

The total slides in a deck may affect our consideration of the price. The more slides you have, the more time it will take us to set our sights on the existing presentations. We suggest fewer and briefer slides that increase your message rather than dominate it. Hence, prior curation is essential.

9. Customizable content, style, and design elements

Several types may give you a preview of the upcoming final presentation outlook. Every PowerPoint design agency may have its kind, and you may ask for help to choose from them. Thus, they need to work from scratch, and this should serve you a great deal. With a general look and feel of the presentation, PowerPoint experts can understand the theme you want.

10. Target audiences

Who is your target audience? What designation support, sector or industry, and age group you know? The more you maintain those things, the less work and the price they charge for presentation design.

All kinds of workers in all types of companies have continually spent thousands of hours. We might not even realize it. But, we can see that all those efforts and time can be evidence of whether the PowerPoint design agency cost is high and professional or not. Now, are you ready to know how much PowerPoint presentation services are costing you?

The typical cost of our PowerPoint presentation services

Crazy it sounds, a professional PowerPoint presentation service is cheaper than you think. Outsourcing PowerPoint design is more viable than doing mediocre presentations by yourself. You can make your offer fastly by uploading your project and telling your PowerPoint experts what you expect. You finish the job!

If you are still unsure, here at RRGraph Design, we provide you high-quality results yet affordable price lists. We determine the PowerPoint presentation service cost according to how much effort you ask for and the urgency you want us to deliver the final presentation. Despite everything, how much we cost for our PowerPoint presentation services will depend on your request!

PowerPoint presentation service price based on pay per slide

Our presentation design agency has arranged the cost based on two aspects; they are effort and urgency. This pack is perfect for individuals with a few-scale presentation demands. The goal of this first pack is to get your presentation project done seamlessly in your hands. 

1. Effort

We calculate PowerPoint presentation service cost depending on how much work you want to spend on your presentation design. In RRGraph Design, we divided the price list per slide into three categories: fix-up, redesign, and redraw.

a. Tidy-up

Tidy-up is exactly a quick reparation. Our PowerPoint experts will do their magic to make any slide clean and watchful by modifying letter and font sizes, fixing the layout, and adding any design elements you demand. With 4$, you can:

▪ Adjust text, image, and features.

▪ Match your brand guide.

▪ Get editable source files​ and commercial use.

▪ Use an existing template.

Tidy-up is the lowest price you will get if you choose it. 

b. Redesign

A redesign is the most popular offer by our clients. This item includes everything that fix-up does, but our PowerPoint experts will also add stock images and create customized icons and illustrations to make your presentation appear unexpectedly. Here, you can:

▪ Adjust text, image, and elements

▪ Add vector illustration and icons.

▪ Match your brand guide.

▪ Convert data to chart/infographic.

▪ Use editable source files​ and commercial use​.

▪ Use an existing template.

▪ Create a new brand template​.​

Get this Powerpoint presentation service cost for this option for $6 only.

c. Redraw

Redraw is our most comprehensive option with exclusive benefits. Overall are the same as the Redesign option; however, the difference is our PowerPoint experts will create your project from zero. By choosing this option, you can:

▪ Adjust text, image, and elements

▪ Add vector illustration and icons.

▪ Match your brand guide.

▪ Convert data to chart/infographic.

▪ Use editable source files​ and commercial use​.

▪ Use an existing template.

▪ Create a new brand template​.​

Per slide, you will only pay 10$. You will be happy with only sending anything to us, and our presentation designer will change it into a marvelous presentation!

If you feel confused about all those comparisons, check out our PowerPoint design service prices. Here, you will find visual examples of the differences between fix-up, redesign, and redraw!

2. Urgency

PowerPoint Presentation Services

Aside from the effort side, RRGraph Design also offers four turnaround options. The sooner you’re expecting to get your presentation delivered, the more costly it will be. Still, it will be more cost-efficient than working on it by yourself.

a. 24-hour turnaround

A 24-hour turnaround is suitable for those with a tight schedule. Our presentation designer will make sure you have an outstanding presentation for the very next day. 

The calculation: 24-hour= 1.8 x price

b. 48-hour turnaround

The 48-hour turnaround is the second. If you have a close deadline, but it’s not too urgent, then this one is a perfect choice.

The calculation: 48-hour= 1.5 x price

c. 72-hour turnaround

The third is a 72-hour turnaround. If you can stand to wait for a few days, you’ll see that our PowerPoint design agency can give you highly low-cost. For more than 72-hour (96+ hours), you will get no additional fee alias free.

The calculation: 72-hour= 1.1 x price

Furthermore, to make it easy to determine the price without any confusion, you can use the “Calculator” option to calculate quickly. Worry not; all you need is in there! Our presentation designer will go through your slides and pick whichever option will work better for you. Then, one of our project managers will contact you to show the designers’ proposal and final budget. Rest assured that we’ll always confirm the final price with you.

PowerPoint presentation service price based on a bundle pack

PowerPoint Presentation Services

It is a viable package for executive teams or start-up companies. You can save your time to custom PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides presentations and focuses on more important matters. We have three three package options to execute every business meeting like a boss! 

a. Package 1

With this, you can get 45 slides for 250$ only per package. All the benefits you will get are five bonus slides, matches your brand guide, commercial use, and NDA request. 

b. Package 2

Secondly, if you want to get 90 slides, you only pay them with 450$ per package. What is the best part of this package? You have no expired date! Get ten bonus slides and other benefits by purchasing this second package. 

c. Package 3

The last one is you can buy 175 slides for 800$ per package. The benefits are mostly the same as the previous package. The difference is the bonus slides themselves. You will get 25 bonus slides without an expired date. This third package is the most efficient cost that we recommend you to buy. 

So, do you have an idea what package you will give the ok to? Perhaps you can click here for full comparison details. 

PowerPoint presentation service price based on a dedicated team

PowerPoint Presentation Services

If you want to make many presentations monthly or even weekly, a great option to lower your PowerPoint design costs subscribes every month. This feature includes a pack of slides, starting at 100-300 slides per month. Even better, you will get a dedicated team that can discover all your brand specifications and works on customized presentation designs unique just for you. 

a. Growth Venture

In the growth venture, we provide 100 slides included in 1 month for $955. With 15 max. slides per day, you can adjust the timeline and get a fast turnaround. 

b. Agile Team

In an agile team, you will get 200 slides. The price is only $1700 with a max of 20 slides per day. Plus, you can choose your PowerPoint experts and adjust the timeline. Indeed, you can also get a fast turnaround.

c. Big Corporate

For the last one, you can choose 300 slides and 25 max. Slides. With only $2100, you can get all the benefits like choosing designers, adjusting timelines, and getting a fast turnaround.

What’s more, this feature can invite your team members and new capacity to turn around to the next month. If you’re someone who needs new slides done continuously, professional Powerpoint presentation service subscriptions can help you save up your slides cost!

The different pricing plans by top companies

Lastly, Below are the pricing comparisons and capabilities of all the available PowerPoint presentation services worldwide.

PowerPoint Presentation Services

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Are you ready to outsource your PowerPoint presentation service costs?

PowerPoint presentation service costs more than you think at first look. It requires time and effort for workers that have to learn how to make stunning presentations for themselves and clients. Working on presentation design means much energy and time managed from main tasks that maintain business growth.

Briefly, outsourcing PowerPoint presentation services costs is a great way to reduce costs. Some big corporations and even startups of every size and field can benefit from hiring side service providers to transform their presentation design into a professional-looking presentation design. RRGraph Design offers all those options mentioned above, so you know the final cost is yours. You can decide how soon you need it and how much work your slides want!

Let’s visit RRSlide to download free PowerPoint presentation templates with many categories. But wait, don’t go anywhere and stay here with our Blog to keep up-to-date on all the best pitch deck template collections and design advice from our PowerPoint experts yet to come!

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