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PowerPoint Design Service Is Not Presentation Consulting, You Should Know the Differences Between Those Two

Ulfah Alifah
Ulfah Alifah

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PowerPoint design service is different from presentation consulting, even though what’s done in those two services appears to be the same.

You have 31 missed calls from your boss who wants to ask you about tomorrow’s presentation to your biggest client. The problem is, you have not prepared your PowerPoint presentation design because last night you had must-win rank-up matches.

Who do you call in this situation? An agency that provides a PowerPoint design service, or the one that offers PowerPoint presentation consulting? Or an agency that says PowerPoint design service is presentation consulting itself?

Since there are differences between their works, most of the time you have to choose only one. But again, choosing between PowerPoint design service or presentation consulting can often become tricky since both services offer something almost similar.

We got you here, and we will tell you about the differences. First thing first, you have to write it down: PowerPoint design service is not presentation consulting. Write off the agency that said both of them are the same thing.

PowerPoint design service is about…

Design. The service is a self-explanatory one, and most likely, you have met tons of agencies providing it. We will not talk about the non-professional ones because it would lead us out of context, so we will speak of the professional works that the agency can do.

Just like the name, PowerPoint design service is all about the visual aspect of your presentation. The service aims to attract your audience’s attention using only visual elements and provide them with something to look at while presenting.

The designers may use various items to visually attract the presentation, starting from backgrounds, color palette, icons, fonts, animation, or graphic illustration. Even though it sounds simple, it requires a lot of creativity and experience to fulfill a client’s request.

The designers may also use their saved (old) presentation design and retouch it to update the job. They can also provide you with some preset designs to retouch and purchase from them without knowing how you would use them. In this case, those who offer PowerPoint design service is also discoverable in marketplaces.

While presentation consulting is about…

The presentation itself. A presentation consulting agency is all about professional consultation, thus the name. You can say that the professionals working in a presentation consulting agency as presentation consultants, just like how you call the ones working in a business consulting agency business consultants.

The consultants do all about how to help you create an outstanding presentation, starting from its visual design, content arrangement, the combination of both, and how to spice it up with small details.

A presentation consultant needs to understand well about presentation design, contents, and the face-to-face presentation itself. Therefore, as a consultant, you need to know what you are doing intensely, and because of that, there are hardly any unprofessional presentation consultants out there.

Consequently, you might find it hard to look for them when you need one if you don’t already know one. You know that’s the case with many other professionals because they are rare, and many people need them.

They may do the same works in…

Designing the presentation. As a presentation consultant and PowerPoint designer, you have to work with the visual design of the slides. But why do they both work on the visual aspect of PowerPoint presentation? Of course, because it is crucial.

What makes it essential? Because human brains tend to pay attention to visuals better than texts. When you put a page full of text, your audience tends to ignore the whole thing. However, if you put just a line of text with a great visual explanation, your audience will get more of a hold.

Moreover, the audience’s engagement is the thing that you want to harvest during your presentation. Putting attractive visual aspects can maintain their engagement to what you are delivering both orally or written in the slides.

Good visuals will make your audience pay better attention to your delivery and help you explain things better. Most of the time, using the right color palette can help you explain things better than putting a short horror story about what you want to say.

PowerPoint design service is similar to presentation consulting service in this aspect.  Both of them work with visual elements of the presentation to make sure your messages are delivered and help you. Also, your messages can reach the audience more effectively with the help of visual objects.

But their differences will show when…

Building the contents. This is the point that you need to pay attention to because it would prevent you from making the wrong decision in critical moments. Even though they both work with PowerPoint presentation design, they do it for different reasons.

PowerPoint presentation consultants work with the design of your presentation because it is part of their whole job. They will combine the design with the contents of your presentation, so both aspects have good synergy in delivering information.

On the other hand, the PowerPoint design service is not working on the contents of your presentation. Instead, the visual appeal of your presentation is the whole thing they would catch a grenade for (or most likely see a cold for).

In this case, you can hope for a perfect and eye-catching PowerPoint presentation design from the designers. However, sometimes you might have to work a little bit extra to put what you want to say into the slides to maintain the beauty of your presentation.

While for PowerPoint presentation consulting work, everything is going to be worked on. You can relax when working with them because the consultants will also help you make your contents significant in your slides. However, sometimes it may sacrifice the aesthetic aspects of the slides.

PowerPoint design service is a better option when…

Visually aesthetic slides are all you need. As we mentioned above, because PowerPoint presentation designers pay their full attention to the aesthetic side of presentation only, sometimes their work is vending their jobs in marketplaces.

In this case, you don’t have to hire designers for your current project, even though you can do that as you wish. Since you need their design, you can purchase one good design in their marketplace and put the last pieces of the puzzle by yourself.

It is more practical if you already have excellent content waiting to be copy-pasted in visually aesthetic presentation slides. Not only can it save more of your time, but it can also even give you more control over the arrangement of your presentation.

Another benefit it offers is a lower price. Many items sold in the marketplace are as affordable as one double-cheeseburger. If you are under a tight budget to do this presentation project, getting a PowerPoint design service is a great option.

And presentation consulting is what you need when…

You want to work with the whole aspects. Whether you are dealing with a vast client or your presentation will determine your career upgrade, presentation consultants will work their best to help you achieve that.

Presentation consultants accept your complex request for presentation slides because it is one of their jobs to bridge and manage every single object and aspect of your presentation. Not only that, by working with them you will be guaranteed that everything is in its proper place like Radiohead’s song.

Presentation consultants will often also communicate with you intensively so that the contents they put in their design are not misplaced or trimmed in the wrong length. Of course, the visual aspect matters, but what does it mean when it has to sacrifice the comprehensibility of your presentation.

They are also the best choice you can consult to, as they are called consultants when you are in a last-minute panic about your presentation. You can give those presentation consultants a short brief about your presentation, and they will work on the whole slide with their hearts.

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Since now, you know why PowerPoint design service is not presentation consulting…

Let’s go back to the scenario above. You pick up the 32nd call from your boss and say that professionals have handled the presentation slides. What kind of professional do you choose? It depends on which aspect that you need the most.

PowerPoint design service is when you need an immediate final draft on a tight budget, while presentation consultant is the choice when you need a riskless result. And if you are still confused between those two, why don’t you ask the agency to provide both services like us, RRGraph Design?

Here, we provide both services, but we can also explain the difference between both services. Furthermore, we will generously guide you to choose which one that you need the most. Even if you don’t need any of those two, we can even guide you to our other services.

Let’s visit RRSlide to download free PowerPoint presentation templates with many categories. But wait, don’t go anywhere and stay here with our Blog to keep up-to-date on all the best pitch deck template collections and design advice from our PowerPoint experts yet to come!

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