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How PowerPoint Tools Can Wow Everyone Secretly

Ulfah Alifah
Ulfah Alifah
powerpoint tools can wow everyone

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How can PowerPoint tools wow everyone secretly? It is not something new that most people have underestimated PowerPoint tools. They think this software is just a Microsoft product with tacky and boring slides. They don’t know PowerPoint’s real potential, and they tend to use other tools. Not surprisingly, those naysayers don’t understand widely how the tools work. 

Anytime you want to get the point over to your clients, chances, or employees, it can help create a presentation. Presentations often include slides and other visual content designed to complement spoken communication. You can use them to pitch a new product or service, show your team how to complete a specific task, or introduce a new initiative across your company.

All we need to do is to dig more about PowerPoint, discover its hidden potential, and implement it for multi-purposes. By doing so, your PowerPoint tools can wow everyone quickly. Below are four powerful things we must know about PowerPoint to change our negative perceptions.

Designing social media posts

Suppose you are familiar with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. In that case, you will notice that more and more agencies are developing their brand using social media visuals to establish a brand, spread know-how, share how-to’s, or tell followers about the latest promotion.

Lately, there has been a flood of great design tools for both desktop and mobile for creating social media posts, such as Adobe Photoshop and Figma. Now, we want to re-introduce our readers with a simple platform, PowerPoint. It is a great tool for creating a carousel-like RRGraph Design and Design Spective, for instance. 

Suppose we are trying to develop our brand, run advertising, or just spread tips and tricks; PowerPoint is a great tool to create social media visuals without being a graphic designer. Plus, there is no requirement to acquire new tools if you don’t want to.

Creating short footage for a YouTube content

A common purpose we create videos is to post them on YouTube or other social shares. When we don’t have some videos, placing together images and audio as stories can effectively produce excellent video content. And the question is, should we need a professional to edit the videos?

When talking about video graphics, we can use PowerPoint as a simplistic way to create graphic files for our video packages. This platform has bundles of fonts, shapes, and editing tools in an accessible format. Besides, the standard widescreen templates are pretty much stable for most video editing packages. With this, we can also export the single slides as images. 

We can discover the tools whenever we want without a professional. In case you use a MAC, then Keynote is also a good option. Still and all, PowerPoint is the most effortless way to help us improve our video editing skills from scratch.

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Have you tried LinkedIn’s document-sharing feature to create LinkedIn carousel posts for boosting your engagement? If not yet, you should!

Let me tell you that LinkedIn carousel posts are fantastic. LinkedIn’s top influencer like Gary Vaynerchuk uses carousel posts to make an engagement, increase brand awareness, and create community.

He has a great designer to help with this, but Gary hasn’t spent any ad dollars. He can create seven slides with 26,252 likes and 1,662 comments. It is significantly proven that LinkedIn’s document-sharing feature allows us to generate carousel posts organically.

We can get a ton of organic engagement if we do it right. His post gives you realistic examples from some of the savviest LinkedIn marketers & experts and their easy-to-follow methods. 

Insert the webpage in slides to present content interactively

Have you ever demonstrated a live website with a PowerPoint? People barely know that they can embed a live webpage into a PowerPoint to show the exact content to be presented.

Often we need to show the audience information from the internet. We could always create a screenshot of the webpage we are demonstrating, but the screen capture may be outdated when we give it in our pitch deck.

A better answer is to show information interactively from the web in our presentation. PowerPoint doesn’t support inserting a live web page, but we can easily do this with the LiveWeb add-in.

Putting it all together

When it comes to visuals, we can do almost anything with PowerPoint. The tool lets us use audio, video, and our design expertise to wow audiences. In the clever beholder, PowerPoint certainly may overlap with other devices.

Briefly, the benefit of PowerPoint skills can help us in many ways. Hopefully, this write-up about PowerPoint Tools Can Wow Everyone really can bring usefulness to everyone here and there.

There are hundreds of tricks you can do on PowerPoint. But these powerful PowerPoint tricks covered in this article will help you improve your presentation design skills. You can finally bid farewell to ‘death by PowerPoint’ and start wowing your audience with your fantastic presentations.

Table of Contents

If just a few years ago it was enough to have a university degree, minimal work experience, and a desire to work to develop your career.

Today it is not all that employers want to see in candidates for vacant positions.

Every year, the skill set expands. Earlier you could impress someone with your second language skills, but today you need to know at least one additional language at an advanced level.

Equally important are computer literacy, teamwork, and motivation.

But let’s talk about 10 possible skills to build your career in the 21st century.

Writing skills

We learned how to write in school, you might say. However, this skill is somewhat broader than the basic one we learned at our first school.

A good employee must know the corporate ethics of correspondence, be able to produce written translations of this or that material, and quickly produce reports on each activity he or she has been engaged in.

Those who work with customers are involved in business correspondence in one way or another.

A competently written language requires not only knowledge of the rules, but also practice in writing all kinds of letters, reports, and documents, understanding the differences in style and nature of texts of this kind.

That’s why employers pay high attention to the writing skills of their future employees.

Fortunately, it’s possible to ease the task thanks to the “write my paper” request at WritingAPaper. This service saves time by providing writing and editing of any papers.

The helpful tool is used for preparing creative writing, critical thinking, presentation, and even a business plan. It’s like wow. Hundreds of users are ready to share their thoughts on the essay writing service Reddit, to help you choose the greatest service ever.

In such a way, you get superior paper writing, which definitely increases you as a specialist and adds chances to get a promotion. So first of all, the modern specialist has to improve writing skills primarily or at least find a service, which can trust to. 

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Computer literacy

The notion of computer literacy has expanded: the ability to switch on a computer and work with Microsoft Word or Excel, which was enough before, has been supplemented by the ability to work with e-mail, for example.

Not only do you need to know how to set up an email account and open and read emails, but you also need to know how to set up templates, signatures, forwarding, and other important options.

The more popular e-planners become, the more often candidates are required to be proficient with them.

Corporate communication has long migrated from messengers and team scheduling to task creation and distribution software.

They vary from company to company but still takes some time to learn the basic algorithms of working with such servers. And, of course, don’t forget about working with the World Wide Web and creating backups.

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Working with large amounts of information

In any work environment, there is a significant amount of data, articles, analytics, and books that can be useful. In addition, many jobs involve processing and analyzing large amounts of data.

And if this is not your main responsibility, you will need to handle the information quickly and competently to meet the other tasks of the day.

More specifically, this skill involves reading large amounts of text and information, filtering information according to its importance in each specific situation, creating valuable extracts, structuring data, etc.

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The ability to adapt quickly

Where previously it was sufficient to define your job duties and stick to them for decades, now the rules of the game can change very quickly, even within a single position or profession.

A good specialist needs to be able to react quickly to information, adapt to circumstances, make compromises and update his knowledge, and acquire and improve his skills independently.

Otherwise, he will be quickly replaced.

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Knowledge of foreign languages

Competent knowledge of English as well as a second language has long since become a basic requirement.

After all, the market of goods and services is getting wider and wider, and more and more companies and organizations are cooperating with foreign companies, investors, partners, or clients. And to communicate well, understand effectively and build business relationships, you need to speak the same language.


Although companies set up a specific plan to encourage and motivate employees, no one is going to engage in your inspiration every day.

Therefore, employees are required to be willing to grow further and learn new things, which on the employer’s part should certainly be noticed and rewarded accordingly.

The development of positive thinking is useful for self-motivation. We do better at what we are passionate about.

Companies reward their employees in different ways, but it tends to be quite irregular, piecemeal, or even unexpected. So don’t hesitate to point out your achievements to your manager.


Pretty things work better. Today, competition in any industry is extremely high, and it would seem that absolutely everything possible has already been created and developed.

However, this is not the case. And to get a good job, and to be able to develop a successful career in the future, you need to prove it.

Creativity, creativity, and thinking outside the box are important in any field, whether you are an artist, a lawyer, or a household goods retailer. If you can think outside the box and get your consumers excited about it, you will increase your chance of success.

Leadership skills

Leadership skills do not mean that you should aspire to be the head of a department, going head over heels despite everybody and winning everybody over. It is the ability to assert and prove your point of view, the ability to take responsibility and show your credibility. Plus, it is the ability to set high goals for yourself and to strive purposefully to achieve them.

Presentation: creating and delivering the right information to the audience

With long to-do lists in the day and the amount of information we need to assimilate and digest, the ability to create presentations and deliver information to an audience concisely, quickly, and compactly is more important than ever before.

In addition, we use the term ‘presentation’ in a broader sense: it includes presenting oneself as a worthy candidate for a vacancy, presenting a report to colleagues, or presenting an idea to one’s boss.

Being able to do this creatively and informatively at the same time is important, though not easy to achieve.

However, you always can ease this process by using the best college essay writing service, and just relax, while proficient writers do everything instead of you. If the presentations aren’t your strong point, direct your forces into another field. 


Nowadays, putting personal qualities like responsibility, punctuality, stress resistance, teamwork, and others on your CV is considered formulaic and unnecessary. But their presence is not excessive.

You can put them into practice by, say, showing up for an interview on time, and thoroughly preparing for it, which can be indicated by your neat appearance, awareness of the company’s activities, and so on.

Bottom line

Everyone ought to possess all the skills. Of course, it’s impossible to be professional in each skill on this list. At least you should understand your strong points and weaknesses to make you an expert.

Basic critical thinking should come first, followed by abilities like creativity, and interpersonal communication because they are all useful in any workplace.

Let’s visit RRSlide to download free PowerPoint templates. But wait, don’t go anywhere and stay here with our RRGraph Design Blog to keep up-to-date on the best pitch deck template collections and design advice from our PowerPoint experts.

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